Kalash 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
All are finding snake, Sakshi says it must have gone, Sakshi says Devika cant sleep in lounge now, Ravi says she can sleep in our room, Devika gets ready, Ravi thinks snake, thank you for this.
Navi is planning for party, Saket comes there and taunts her about challenge, Navi says you lost your challenges and taunting me about it? she says i have planned party for Ravi and will tell him that he is best employee then i will present him gifts then..
she brings in room and says today Ravi will be under my debts, i will make him get drunk so much that he will lose his senses, Saket says its true that women can destroy a man and you have those qualities, Navi says everything is fair in love or war and i can do anything to get Ravi, i can even kill Devika and unlike you my attacks will

not go void, i will get Ravi by hook or crook, Saket says i wont let anything happen to Devika but if you plan gets successful then i will take advantage of it and will see how she doesnt come near me.
Addy is watching video and laughs, he promotes Kya kool hain hum 3, he shows ad to Monty, he says i will book tickets for you and Sakshi, Monty says good idea, Monty leaves.
Sakshi is with Devika, they come in lounge, Devika touches Manju’s feet, Manju gets afraid thinking it maybe snake, Devika wishes her Lohri, Sakshi does it too, Devika wishes Shweta too. Pallavi comes there, Sakshi and Devika are happy to see it, Pallavi says Rekha have sent shagun for Lohri, Manju sees shagun and says what is this? these dresses are not nice, Pallavi says i will change color, Manju says you people can do this only. Ravi comes there and meets Pallavi, he says you brought gift for everyone but not me? Pallavi gives him gift, Ravi says Rekha sent such nice clothes for me? she maybe miffed with me but sent my choice clothes, i will wear these clothes today, he says to Manju that atleast they take care about these things, the much i remember, Shweta’s family didnt sent anything on her first Lohri, right? Shweta thinks that now he will taunt me? Ravi leaves. Pallavi gives dress to Devika, Devika says its very nice, Sakshi asks if Rekha didnt send anything for me? Pallavi says she sent it. Devika wears dupatta, it gets stuck in her hairpin, Ravi comes there and helps her to take off dupatta, he sets her hairs, Banjara plays, he leaves, Devika smiles. Ravi gets call from Navi and says shit i didnt go to office today, he attends call, Navi says i have planned surprise for you, you cracked a deal for me so i have given party today for you, important members will come so you have to be there, Ravi says i wont be able to come today, Navi says no? you have to meet business people, they will know about you today, Ravi says so nice of you to think all this but i cant come, today is Lohri and its important function for punjabis, also situation is not nice after Monty and Sakshi’s marriage so i have to attend this function, i hope you understand? Navi says yes, RAvi says you should come here and see how Lohri is celebrated, Navi says okay and ends call, Navi gets angry and says why things come between us, i wont lose hope and will bring Ravi to me, Ravi cant think about anyone else ever.

Scene 2
Lohri function starts, Devika and Sakshi are sad that their family is not there, Devika says dont worry, their blessings are with us, i am missing them too. Devika sees her family coming, Sakshi and Devika gets happy, Ravi welcomes them, DEvika hugs Rekha and says i thought you will not come, i thought you are still miffed with us, i thought you would not come, Rekha says i was not coming but i got invitation from Ravi, he called me and was pleading me to forgive him, he said that i am elder and can forgive him, he said that let bygones be bygones and that my daughters need my blessing to lead life, today is Lohri and they need my blessings to be happy, he was saying so much so i brought whole family and had to do work to make Savitri come here too, Devika thinks that Ravi did all this for me and Sakshi? he is very nice, he thinks about our happiness so much, i love you Ravi, i love you, she asks Devika to forgive Ravi, his way was wrong but he did all this for us, he is very nice human and has pure heart, he did all this for Sakshi, Devika says i know Ravi is very nice, i have forgiven him, i am waiting for day when he will forgive me, i was so wrong about him, he is very nice for me, my family, for everyone, Rekha says really? Devika nods, Rekha hugs Sakshi and Devika and leaves.
Ravi is attending guests, Manju asks who called Devika’s family here? i wont leave them today, Ravi says calm down, they are our guests, Manju says they insulted me so much, i wont leave them, Ravi says you wont do this, they are our relatives, remember if you break relation with them then you will break relation with your son too, he folds his hands pleading her, Manju gets silent, Devika sees all this and thinks that i couldnt see your goodness before, i am so lucky to get you, she smiles at Ravi, Ravi is confused and says she is smiling at me? what happened to her, he is surprised,

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that by mistake, some special moments slipped from my hands, Ravi says so we can collect them together again? Ravi and Devika collects beads which fell off, Ravi holds Devika’s hand, Devika blushes, Navi comes there and sees this, she says this is impossible, how can Devika love Ravi?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ravika is so cute I love their chemistry loved Ravika moments and this Nivedita is so annoying I hope just the way Devika saw the true colors of Saket, Ravi can also see the true colors of Nivedita, that would be great

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally waitng for the moment when devika will confess her feelings for ravi….
    And navi ke face pr tight slap lgega….
    I think iss show ki story ko ab yeh film aitraz ki tarha le kr jayenge, jahan navi ravi pr alligatioons lagai apni madness ke karan and devika ravi ko save kregi…

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