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Scene 1
Saket comes to his house and switches on light, he sees Nivi there and says why you are sitting like thieves in my house? should have switched on lights. Nivi stares him, he asks what? she says you are looking like goon too, why are you coming home late night? what important work you had? whom you went to meet? Ambika or Devika? Saket gets stunned and says how will Ambika meet me, i didnt see her, you told me that Ambika got kidnapped, we killed Devika together so will i go to sky to meet her? Nivi says Ravi told me everything, Rekha saw van which kidnapped Ambika and that van belongs to you, i know everything now, isnt in coincidence? you coming to Ambala and Ambika who looks like Devika got kidnapped, now tell me truth. Saket says my van got stolen and i filed FIR for it too, Nivi says tell

me about my friend, dont fool me, you can fool Ravi and Janki but not me, i know you can make these fake FIRs, we have done many wrong deeds together, you can do something like this, Ambika is not some ordinary girl, she is Janki Raichand’s daughter, she is rich and powerful so nobody would dare to kidnap her and even if someone kidnapped her for money sake then they would have called for ransom and Janki would have given even 100crores to bring her daughter back but that didnt happen, only you have reason to kidnap Ambika because she looks like Devika and you are still crazy in love with Devika and you are mistaken to think Ambika is Devika so its time to tell me where is she? where did you keep her? Saket thinks that she is clever, she can see through me but i cant tell her truth, i cant tell her, she is her friend so wouldnt listen to me, Nivi says you dont have to think before telling me truth, i know kidnapped her so tell me where she is, i wont listen to lie so tell me. Saket looks at her.
Rekha is sleeping, she wakes up and says oh God, what to do, i am worried about Ambika, dont know how she must be, i am restless what to do? i should call Ravi, maybe he knows some news, i will get peace after talking to him. She sees Pallavi sleeping and smiles, she gets up from bed and calls Ravi. Ravi takes call and greets her. Rekha says i am fine, i want to know about Ambika, dont know how she is? did you talk to police? who is kidnappers? did they find anything? Ravi says they are finding her, dont worry, Rekha says i cant sleep, now i am more sure, i talked to Pallavi, i wanted to talk to you, Ravi says what you want say? Rekha says my heart is saying that she our Devika, she is acting and pretending that she is Ambika and there must be reason behind it, what you think? Ravi says i think from start that she is Devika, she is no Devika, my heart says it, i even have proof of it, when i bring her back, i will make her blabber that she is Devika, dont worry, Rekha asks what proof do you have? Ravi says i will tell you later, Rekha says i feel Saket is behind all this, he must have seen Ambika and must have thought that she is Devika, he kidnapped her earlier too, we all know Saket is arrogant and evil person, Ravi says i am sure too that Saket kidnapped her, you know the van that kidnapped Ambika, it is owned by Saket, Rekha says it means i was right, why didnt police arrest him? Ravi says he destroyed all proofs against him, Ravi tells her how Saket lied that his van was stolen earlier, Ravi says i am sure Devika is kidnapped by him but i wont spare him this time, Rekha says do anything but bring my Devika back, Ravi says dont worry, i will bring your daughter back, i will do anything but will bring her back, now you take rest, promise me you will? Rekha says i trust you, i know what you say, you do it too, bring Devika to me, i am at peace after talking to you, i will pray for your safety too, she ends call. Ravi think.
Saket says to Nivi that you are alleging me for kidnapping? why would i kidnap your friend? he makes her sit and says i am not old Saket, why would i kidnap girl? i have nothing to do with her, i kidnap politicians for my work, i had altercation with Janki because of you, she was bidding against you so i had little talk with her but why will kidnap her daughter so such petty thing, i feel ashamed that you are doubting me, Nivi says i should feel bad for you but i cant, you cant lie to me, i dont know if talked to Ambika but i am sure you have seen her and all your status went down, i am sure you think that she is Devika, i know you were crazy for her, i have seen how much you loved her, you killed her because you didnt have any option but you still love her so when you saw someone looking similar to Devika, you kidnapped her to get her, why you can accept it? are you scared of me? tell me truth, did you kidnap her? Saket says yes i have kidnapped your friend. Nivi is stunned, she holds his collar and says you have done biggest mistake, you didnt do good, she is not my friend but family to me, i will not forgive you for this, i will expose you, i will tell police truth, wait and watch. She starts leaving, Saket goes behind her.

Scene 2
Devika is in godown, tied to chair. She recalls how Ravi saved her earlier when she was kidnapped, she cries and recalls how Ravi took care of her earlier. How he fought with Dildar. Humdard plays, how they remained together, she smiles and says Ravi has come, she says everything will be fine now, i know my Ravi will come, she says Ravi i am here, save me. Goon comes there and says sister in law, boss asked to make you eat good food, he cant see you hungry, eat it nicely, Devika says i hate your boss, i dont want to eat anything, goon says okay dont eat, when you are hungry then call us, we will free your hands so you can eat, they leave. DEvika is in tears and says where are you Ravi? you must have known till now that i am kidnapped, will you not come to save me this time? even today i love you, i cant marry anyone, i cant think about anyone else, please take me away from here, i cant marry anyone else, she cries and says Ravi where are you? save me please, please Ravi.
Saket says to Nivi that think before you take this decision, you are kicking away your happiness, Nivi says i wont come in your trap, Saket says whom you think as your friend is your would be husband’s lover, Nivi says how many times i have to tell you that she is Ambika not Devika? clear your head with this, Saket says lets assume she is Ambika. Saket says she can be Ambika or Devika but she is would be husband’s lover, i have gone crazy after seeing Ambika, think about Ravi, she was his wife, he can throw you out life for her, she can take your place, Nivi says he wont do this with me, he is engaged to me, you think you can create doubt in my mind? shut up, Saket says cant you see how Ravi is going mad for her? he brought police here, he was crazy for her, he is seeing his wife Devika in Ambika, i did favor on you by kidnapping her, marriage and engagements break easily these days, love is very cruel and as you used to say everything is fair in love and war, he can leave you anytime for her because he is seeing Devika in Ambika.

PRECAP- Nivi comes home, Ravi stops her and asks where did she go? she says i went to meet a client, Ravi asks if he new client’s name is Saket Kapoor? Nivi is speechless to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope because of this repeat track of Devika being kidnapped reunites Ravika I love her Ambika role and if navi listens to saket then it’s a stain on friendship

  2. I love this show ??I hope it runs long I want sakshi to become normal again and stay with Devika and monty to realise his love towards Sakshi ??

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