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Scene 1
Dada says to Saket that Devika found job in one week and its her dream to do job, as husband dont you wanna see her happy? sAket thinks i cant deny it now, he says i dotn have problem with it, how can i say no to her job, you people dont know Devika got job because of me, she told me about her dream of doing job, i promised her that i will get job for her thats why job appointment’s call came on my number, Devika agrees, he says i am agree with her doing job, he ask Devika to do job, Dada says you are very nice hearted person, Savitri says he is angel. sAket greets everyone and leaves, he thinks all things are going away from my hand, Roka couldnt be done and now this job thing, i have to find some way to make DEvika my wife and my wife cant do job, i cant let her do job at any cost.

Devika is happy and goes to her room. Dada comes in room and sys to SAvitri that sleep, she says what was need to ask about job of Devika from Saket? Dada says when Saket doesnt have problem then whats your problem? Savitri says dont you know one secret about Devika, he says i dont know anything, i just want Devika’s happiness, and her dream is getting fulfilled now, he goes to sleep.
Ravi thinks that why did i help her, i didnt know she belong to such family, she took her Dadi’s side who stole thing, she always take side of wrong thing.
Devika thinks that my dream is getting fulfilled, i thought everything will end but now i have got Job because of Ambe Maa only, she says Ravi is son that mother who trapped Dadi thats why he is so insulting, she prays to Ambe Maa to give punishment to him and his family, she sleeps and sees dream of two men fighting, she doesnt see their faces, she gets up and gets afraid, Dada, Rekha and Dadi comes there, Devika cries and says same old wild dreams, i dont know why i see these kind of dreams. Dada and Dadi comes out, Savitri says thats why i told you to get her married soon, we are under pressure, dont you know that, Deviak’s father agrees. Devika says to Rekha that i dont know why i see people fighting in my dream, why i see red color in my dream, if i have some relation with all these? REkha thinks that i know everything but cant tell you, i am sorry, she says to Devika that these are mere dreams, just dont think about it, sleep, Devika sleep. Devika’s father says to Savitri that she is after all my daughter, i never accepted her as my daughter because she was born on black night, that night was worst night for me, i will just marry her and send her away, SAvitri says she will become 21 years old this year and if she doesnt get married now then we will be destroyed, our blessing can change into curse, strong winds starts blowing, father says i will make Devika get married before she becomes 21 years old, i cannot destroy my whole family for her, her shadow should not come on our family.
Rekha ask Deviak to think good and she will not see dreams, she shows her Ambe Maa’s picture, Devika hugs it and sleep, Rekha thinks that she is such a pure girl, such innocent girl but she doesnt even know what happened at her birth, when she will get to know about it, she will be shattered, she thinks that devika is soft hearted, just save her from that night of her birth.

Scene 2
Savitri call Saket and says i thought to make you marry with Devika as soon as possible but you agreed for her job, Saket says i will just call the company and her job will be canceled, Savitri sys great, this way i will not have to force DEvika to leave job, you just end her job appointment, Saket says yes, he ends call, DEvika’s father comes there, Savitri says i didnt tell Saket abotu DEvika’s secret, he says Saket should not know about it.
Anuja comes for break fast, she says to Vikas that i saw in dream that SAviri is getting hanged for stealing, Shweta says whats need of all this when we didnt get our money, Anuja says i will force her so much that she will come to me and will give me my money, Ravi comes there, she ask Ravi to go to police station and check Savitri, he sys i dont have time, i am going office, he recalls that Devika will join office from today only, i dont even want to see her face, she is mad girl.
Devika is getting ready to go to office, Pallavi says to DEvika that you are going to Luthra’s company, its huge company handsome guys work there, make some friends there, Devika says i forgot that cheap Ravi also works there, Pallavi says he will there too? he is so dashing, make him friend, Devika says i hate him, i will avoid him, he is mad, idiot guy, she goes to take bath.
Devika reaches office, she gives money to auto driver, he doesnt have change, he goes to Ravi and ask if he has change? Ravi sees Devika and says she has much money, her family does fraud, just take whole money, they are stealer, Devika says dont call me stealer, she goes to bring change, Ravi gives money to auto driver, he leaves.

Scene 3
Saket with his goons comes to Luthra’s company, his goons beats employ there, he ask employ who gave job to Devika? employ says we dont know who is Devika, Saket gets angry on him, he says you cant do this, Saket says just tell me who gave her job? employ says Amit sir give job, his pa says Amit has gone for london, he says if your boss is not here then there must be someone else who takes decision, who is he? i just want to cancel DEvika’s appointment letter of job, employ says we dont have powers to cancel appointment letter, Amit sir will come after two days, you have to wait.

PRECAP- Pundit matches Kundlies of Devika and Saket and says there is bad points lying in future.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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