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Scene 1
Janki says to Manju that you can change direction of things, if i were you then i would have swapped brides at the moment, i would have solved this problem, i would have made rich bride sit in mandap, after wedding girl would have accepted Ravi as her husband and would have given him all her wealth.. leave it, i am businesswoman so i get these weird thoughts, marrying your son with Nivi is very painful for you, you must be thinking where you will get rich bride on such short notice? Manju says yes, Janki says leave it, your fate is ill, she leaves. Manju says what she said can happen? she is right, Nivi is not rich and wont give me any peace, my life will be destroyed, i will change bride but who can be rich bride who is suitable for my ravi? who?
Devika says why Maa didnt call me

till now? dont know what is happening there, her plan is good but dont know if it will succeed, Manju can do anything for money, if she can kill her daughter in law for money then she can do this too, if she agrees then i will sit in mandap instead of Nivi? i will get married to Ravi again, this is will biggest defeat of Nivi and when Ravi will take off my veil thinking its Nivi and will find me then he will get shock of his life, this revenge should complete.
Vikas and Shweta are dancing in haldi, all are enjoying, they make Monty dance too, Nivi is enjoying, Monty thinks wish Sakshi was here, she would be so fun at this time. Janki comes there too.
Devika thinks that why Maa didnt call me till now? should i call her? She calls janki. Janki sees her call and excuses herself. She goes in corner and picks call, DEvika says did you talk to Manju? she agreed? Janki says calm down, all are here, i will tell you everything when i return, Devika says tell me atleast something. Janki says i have put thoughts of swaping brides in Manju’s mind. Nivi is passing by Janki and stops to listen her conversation, Janki says on call that i have handled everything, you just be prepared for wedding, Devika says okay, Janki cuts call and turns to see Nivi standing there. Nivi says were you talking with Ambika? she nods, she says you were telling her to be ready for wedding? i dont understand, Janki says you know Ambika makes issue of small things, she ordered dress for your wedding but designer is not picking call, she is very picky so i was just telling her her to not be tensed, just be ready for wedding, Nivi says you are right, she has good sense of dressing, she gets what she wants, Janki says yes she gets what she wants, i ask her to pick my sarees too, Nivi says i till take her advise too after wedding too, call her i want to talk. Janki calls Devika and says your friend is missing you. Nivi takes call and says to Devika that i am missing you, i know you are busy but you have to come to wedding tomorrow, Devika says dont worry, marriage wouldnt happen tomorrow without me, i have cancelled all appointments, i will come all dressed tomorrow, Nivi says good and ends call.
Manju sees jewelry which Janki gifted, she likes Shweta’s gift too, she says seems like both are for me, they are gold necklaces but i have to give one to Shweta? no i cant give it, Shweta doesnt know i have it, Janki made me happy, she doesnt have any relation with me still giving gifts of lacs, she must be very rich, she gifted me gold necklace, gifted Nidi diamond necklace, wish my Ravi married some rich girl. She says why i didnt twice? millionaire met me now only who sent these gifts that is Ambika, just think some idea, if Ravi marries Ambika then i will play with money bags.

Scene 2
Janki meets Ravi and says congrats you will get married finally, Ravi asks how is Ambika? is she fine? Janki says why? he says what i did in drunk state, thats why asking, Janki says what you did last night, how you misbehaved with her, after that she is not fine then will you break your marriage with Nivi? Ravi is shocked, Janki says why silent now? i dont understand what you feel for Ambika, you dont feel for Nivi then why marrying her? Ravi says what happened last night, after that i decided to marry her, you wont understand, Janki says then why asking about Ambika? why do you care if you are marrying other girl? why you are doing this? Ravi says because I.. Nivi comes there and says you what? Ravi says actually.. Nivi says i am asking simple question, you people were cursing me out? Janki says no i was asking where you people are going for honeymoon, Nivi says i have arranged all preparations, its surprise for Ravi, Janki stares Nivi drooling over Ravi.
Manju says if i make Ambika sit as bride then? Janki was telling me she would give crores to her inlaws, i have to think something. Shweta comes there and sees jewelry, she sees it and says its new, you bought it? why you are hiding? Manju says i didnt buy it, i got this gift, Shweta asks if Nivi gave it? Manju says that broke girl doesnt have anything to give, Janki gave it, Ambika has sent it for her friend’s mother in law, shweta says why she sent two jewelry? Manju says one for haldi and one for wedding, Shweta asks if they sent something for me too? Manju says i am becoming mother in law not you, Shweta says yes you are mother in law of broke Nivi, Manju says i hate broke word and Nivi both, she asks if Janki is still here? Shweta says yes. Manju keeps jewelry in her cupboard and leaves. Shweta thinks why she is finding Janki? something is wrong, i should spy.
Manju brings Janki to corner and says i have to talk to you, Janki thinks seems like going in right direction, Manju says you were saying that you wouldnt want to marry your son if you had any to Nivi? i was thinking.. all mothers want good for their sons, i think i did mistake by choosing Nivi, i am not businesswoman like you but still i wont go for bad deal right? i was thinking to for your idea, you are like my sister thats why you think about me so much, i am thinking right? Janki says you should have thought this earlier only, mother dream about son’s wedding, we should rectify our mistakes, Manju says you are absolutely right, Janki says so you are ready to swap brides? Manju says yes, Janki asks if she has any girl in mind? Manju says i know one girl but.. Janki thinks that i know she has Ambika in her mind but cant say it to me, Janki says you dont have time to find girl and pacify her to marry, Manju says why dont you help me? you are millionaire, you must know many rich girls, i will keep her as princess, i will love her as mother, if you can tell me any girl.. Ambika.. Janki says what? Manju says i mean Ambika must have rich friends, if you can pacify any rich girl to marry Ravi, it would be good, Janki says i will think about, i will let you know soon, she leaves. Shweta is hiding behind and has listened all that.

PRECAP- Janki says to Devika that now Manju wont let this plan fail, she will try everything to make you marry Ravi, we have to be alert and have to secretly help Manju in her plan as it basically our plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i hate this serial

    1. Me too, I used to like it but now it’s boring

  2. I will never watch this serial if they marry ambika with that horrible ugly Saket!

  3. It’s so shameful how this serial has portrayed an Indian woman to be so extremely greedy for jewellery and material things. I know it’s a story but the message is already out, even though it’s not meant to hurt any people or communities. I don’t like how ambika still mistrust Ravi, even though she sees his pain. It’s not possible for women not to have intuitions and not follow up on gut feelings. Ambika can’t understand Ravi and she was married to him? What kind of bond she shared with him? She thought he was faking love for her and he tried to kill her? Weak foundation for a marriage, even though she spent so many memorable moments with him. How fickle a character.

    1. this is called typical Ekta Kapoor serials (with no logic working)

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