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Scene 1
Ravi comes to DEvika and says you dont need to me worried now, i have found solution, i have to do only one thing then everything will come on track, they people who are pointing at Monty and Sakshi will be clapping for them, DEvika says you think i will trust you? if you still want me to trust you then dont say but do it, if i see my family’s pain getting less only then i will believe you, Ravi says ok now you will get some good news and smile will come your face, he leaves, DEvika thinks he was saying truth.
Savitri and saket meets lawyer, Savitri says we want that Monty to rot in jail for life, Saket says he has destroyed life of a girl, we want him to get punished, Lawyer says there are no serious allegations against Monty, only drugs was found with him which his lawyer

can deny easily as Monty had no connection with drug dealer, he says i will take this case only if you confirm me that Monty and Sakshi doesnt get married because of this issue, Savitri says this will not happen at any cost, i wont let Sakshi get married to him, he says fine, Savitri leaves.
Monty thinks how i will get married to Sakshi, he recalls his meetings with Pallavi.
Lawyer says to Saket that i know you want to trap Monty, no big lawyer will be able to save him, we have to trap Monty in rape case then Monty wont be able to scape but for that you have make fake medical report, Saket says i will do that, lawyer’s assistant comes with Monty’s statement which he gave to his lawyer, lawyer reads it,n he ask who is Pallavi? Saket says she is Sakshi’s sister, lawyer says Monty loves Pallavi thats why he called Sakshi in party to take her help to woo Pallavi, Saket thinks.
All are sadly sitting on dinning table, Savitri says what had to happen has happened, now move on and think what to do, Shekhar says how to move on? wherever i go people keep taunting me about Sakshi, Savitri says but you cant stay hungry, bell rings, Pallavi goes and opens door, Ravi comes in, all look at him anger, Savitri says you? how dare you come here? Dada says how you are talking to him, he is our son in law, show some respect, Savitri says what you want me to do? his brother is reason for our sadness, Ravi says i have come here with solution of this sadness, after much thinking, i have found one solution, Savitri ask by your solution will Sakshi’s respect comeback? leave from here, i dont wanna see your face, i know you are just fooling us, Ravi says i know this problem is big and only time will tell who is responsible for all this, this time Sakshi’s life is at risk, i have one proposal which will set everything right, i have brought Monty’s marriage proposal for Sakshi, Savitri recalls how lawyer asked her that Monty and Sakshi should not marry, she says to Ravi that how dare you say all this? i was silent in Devika’s case as i was helpless but i wont repeat my mistake, how dare you say all this, Rekha comes there, Ravi goes to her and greets her, he says i came to meet you but you sleeping, i have come with solution, if Monty and Sakshi marries then they will be saved from destruction, the fight will be over between two families, everything will be at peace, Savitri says nothing will be sorted, i know this your mother’s plan, first destroy image of our daughters then bring marriage proposals for them, i wont come in your talks now, leave from here, Ravi says fold my hands, it will stop destruction of both families, Savitri throws him out of house.

Scene 2
Devika is waiting for Ravi, she says dont know what he is upto, dont know where he has gone, should i call him? but then he will think that i am worried for him, i wanna know where he has gone.
Ravi is walking on road and recalls SAvitri’s strong words, he says i wanted to solve problems, i wanted to bring peace in everyone’s life but what i got? i was insulted and thrown out of Savitri’s house, i wanted to stop lives becoming hell but why this is happening with me? i married Devika to stop her life becoming hell, today i wanted Sakshi to marry Monty so that her life doesnt become hell but i failed, DEvika thinks i have to know what he is upto, she calls Ravi, Ravi thinks how i will show her face, how i will tell her that i failed to solve issue, i promised her that i will solve everything, how to attend her call, i have failed, he cries, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays.
Saket comes back home and thinks that what idea lawyer has given me, i will do it carefully as i have to trap Monty fully, Savitri calls him and says Ravi had come and was saying that Sakshi and Monty should marry, i threw him out of house, i wont let anyone think about this in house but i ma afraid what if Ravi make Sakshi understand all this and Monty-Sakshi gets married secretly? she says do something, he says i will think something, she ends call.
Ravi is sitting in restaurant, he recalls how DEvika asked him to show her how he will solve problems, how Savitri insulted him that he has planned everything, Ravi drinks wine.
Saket thinks why Ravi is doing all this, how Monty said yes for marriage as he loves Pallavi, he calls Shweta and ask what is going on there? Shweta says Navi brought a lawyer to house, i said to her what you asked, Ravi is not in home since morning, even Devika dont know about him, Saket thinks that means Ravi have not told anyone what he is doing, he ends call and thinks i have to know the puzzle of marriage.

PRECAP- Ravi is sleeping on floor, Devika holds him from back, put hands around his shoulders, she grabs him and tries to put him on bed but falls alongwith him on bed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Am feeling pity for ravi… And this savitri, I want to give her tight slap… Even though she is a old lady… Do something that this evil saket get exposed…

  2. really Ravi ki wajah se serial dekhna shuru kia.Ravi u r superb.

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