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Scene 1
Ravi comes behind Devika and says listen to me, she says i dont want to talk, i am not in mood to talk, Ravi says i know its not important for you but it is for me, i dont want you have misunderstanding regarding me, she says i had misunderstanding regarding you but it cleared today, Ravi says what you mean? Devika says you show to world that you are nice, you behave so nicely with Rekha so i thought you are good even now, you talk about your family and you care about them but i misunderstood that you are selfless for your family, and other misunderstanding was i thought you respect wedding, i know this wedding happened against your will but you could have respected its limits but you cleared my misunderstanding, but now i will come in your room after knocking, dont know who will be inside,

Ravi says you have many misunderstanding but what you saw was wrong, Devika says i know your and Nivi’s relation, i was mistaken to think that you will be loyal to this relation but enjoy your party. Ravi says it was lie in room. Ravi says to Devika that you said enough but listen to me, what you saw in room was not truth, it was lie, Devika says i dont want to listen, she starts leaving but Ravi holds her dupatta and it falls from Devika’s blouse exposing her, Devika is shocked and turns to glare him, he nods and they are both standing with mouth open at situation, Devika takes dupatta from him and hides behind big vase, she asks him to look otherside, she says its all your mistake, she asks him to call her mother, he says what will she do? she says she will fix my dupatta, Ravi is about to go but Devika says if you leave and anyone else come then they will see me like this and will make fun of me in my reception, she asks him to call her mother, Ravi call her mother but she doesnt pick up, Ravi tries to turn but she says look otherside, Devika says my mother’s phone must be on silent, he says why rich people keep phone on silent, DEvika says this is all because of you, Ravi says you already think that i have done this with many girls so i must know how to fix your dupatta, i wont look at you, DEvika says i am taking your help because i dont have choice, dont try to take advantage, Ravi says i will have my eyes closed so i will take advantage, Devika says close your eyes. Ravi close his eyes and turns to her, he asks her to come closer so he can fix her dupatta. Devika comes closer and gives me dupatta corner, Ravi moves her hair from her shoulder and fix her dupatta, Devika recalls their earlier moment and stares him while he has eyes closed, Kaun tujhe pyar karega jaise mei karti hun plays, Ravi comes closer and fix her dupatta, he folds dupatta and gives to her, she tucks it under her skirt but keep looking at Ravi. Ravi is pinning her dupatta, she winces, he asks what happened? she says pin nipped on my shoulder, he says sorry my eyes were closed, he asks can he open his eyes now? she says yes. Ravi opens his eyes and says your dupatta isnt fully fixed, he comes closer and fixes, he says if anyone sees us this close, they will think that we are romancing in corner, Devika says only you can think like this, Ravi says you thought same when you saw me with Nivi, what you saw in room with Nivi, it was misunderstanding, it was nothing, Devika moves away from her, and says maa must be finding me, Ravi says when you scold me then you dont runaway, answer me this, when you came in room, what you saw was lie, it was not my mistake, if anyone saw that, they could think we were romancing, but it wasnt case, Devika says i didnt see any dupatta there, what else were you both doing? Ravi says it wasnt my mistake. Devika says now you will Nivi forcefully hugged you and you didnt want it, what now? why you are silent? your first wife Devika must be fool but i am Ambika and you cant fool me, i know and everyone knows your relation with Nivi but you have married me, atleast wait for some days, i know how much respect you give to marriage and i cant bear to listen more, Ravi says listen to me before you go, you were my first wife only, its other thing that you don accept it, but you will when time comes, Devika gets tensed and leaves.

Scene 2
Rekha stops Devika and says i was waiting for you. Devika says when did you come? how are you? she says i am fine, she asks Pallavi how are you? Pallavi says i am fine, congrats for marriage, Rekha congrats her too, Devika asks if they ate anything? she says yes, Pallavi says Rekha wanted to meet you, Devika says i am sorry, i behaved rudely with you, you know Saket wont understand if i didnt show him attitude, i had to be rude with you to shoo him away, i felt really bad, forgive me, Rekha says its no problem. Rekha says i didnt get to think anything at time of your marriage but i have brought gift for you today, she gives her gift, Devika says its not needed, i just need your blessings, Pallavi says please keep it, she brought it with love, Devika takes it and says if she brought it with love then this is special for me, i will open it now, Rekha says dont open now, when you will open your wealthy gifts then open it, its just very small and ordinary gift, Devika says it cant be ordinary if you brought it with love, i will open it when i am alone, Rekha says we should leave, she tries to touch her face but doesnt, Devika thinks that dont go away chachi, i cant see you enough, i feel like hugging you but cant, Rekha and Pallavi leaves. Devika thinks dont know when i will meet her as her daughter.
Shweta says to guests that listen to her. I know you all are waiting for dance performance, yes i am talking about newly wed Ravi and Devika’s dance performance, time has come when they will dance and show their love, give them a big hand. All clap for them, Nivi is stunned, Janki thinks that Nivi seems stunned, good job Shweta. Ravi sits on his knees and says Mrs. Ambika Ravi Garewal, will you please honor my heartbeats? he holds out his hand and asks will she dance with him? Devika gives her hand in his hand and nods yes. Nivi is jealous seeing all this. All clap. Ravi smiles and nods for her hinting lets go and dance, he gets up, they share eyelock, music plays.
Ravi brings Devika to dance floor, lights are dim, Ravi holds Devika’s hand, caresses it with his eyes and kisses her knuckles. He starts dancing with her on jane ki baat na karo song. Saket comes there and sees Ravi hugging Devika from behind and dancing with her romantically. Ravi lifts Devika and twirls her around, they dance sensually together, Devika puts hands around Ravi’s neck and closes her eyes, they both are lost in each other and dance together forgetting everything, all clap for them, Devika realizes she is lost and comes back to her senses, she moves away Ravi, Ravi smiles, Devika shyly looks at him as song ends.

PRECAP- Nivi says to waiter that see that man(Ravi), waiter sees him and nods, Nivi gives him juice and says give it to him. Janki listens all this, she sees waiter going to Ravi with spiked juice, she looks on tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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