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Scene 1
Ravi makes Devika eat sweetdish, she offers it to him too, he says you eat it, Navi finds her eating sweetdish and thinks now i should eat real sweetdish as Devika is eating spicy sweetdish, she takes bowl and eats sweetdish Navi coughs after eating it, she says it has spice, Devika and Ravi ask if she is fine? Devika says i have eaten sweetdish too, its fine, Navi thinks that the spice mixed sweetdish was brought to me only.
Savitri is finding Saket, he comes to her and ask how was the drama? Savitri says i thought you will throw everyone out of here but you were so lenient, Saket says your thinking is very small, our aim is to not stop this marriage but to keep Devika and Ravi away, in my wedding, Ravi took my place in end, i will do something like this now, Savitri says means you

will marry Sakshi? he says are you mad, i and Sakshi? i am trying to say that i will keep Devika and Ravi apart.
Pallavi and Sia meet addy, Sia scolds him and ask what are you doing here? Addy says i am friend of groom, Sia says what you think that you will ask my number and i will give it to you, you are a flirt, Addy jokes with her, she leaves angrily, Pallavi says i am sorry on her behalf, Addy says i forgive her for you, Pallavi leaves, Addy says what weird combination, Sia is angry girl and Pallavi is sweet.
Pallavi comes on dance floor and starts dancing song dance Basanti, Rekha and Manju dances with her, Ravi and Devika are enjoying it, after dance Ravi says to Devika that you still have time, you can say yes to dance with me else you will get angry when i will dance with Navi, Devika says you can dance with anyone, i am not in mood to dance, Ravi says if you were in mood then would you have danced with me?
Navi sees Sia in sangeet ceremony, she hides and thinks that i cant come infront of Sia as i told Sia that i am going to cooperate party and if i keep hiding then how i will go near Ravi, she calls Sia and ask about party? Sia says i am enjoying here alot, these people are treating me like family, Navi says means you will come late? Sia says yes, why? Navi says actually i forgot papers in home, my meeting is going on and i cant leave but paper is important too, Sia says i will go home and bring paper for you, you know i can do anything for you, navi thanks her and ends call, Sia leaves party, Navi thinks i am sorry sia but i have to get Ravi by hook or crook.
Saket changes his clothes and thinks to go to Devika, Savitri comes and ask why did you change clothes? Saket says you wont understand as you are old, he leaves.
Navi thinks thank God Sia left, she comes to Ravi and Devika and says i wanna take selfie with you both to keep memories of this function, she comes closer to Ravi and takes selfie, she ask Ravi to smile, she takes selfie with Ravi again, Devika feels bad, Saket sees this from far.
Pallavi grabs everyone’s attention, she brings Sakshi and Monty on stage and says there will be a mask on everyone’s face, lights will be dim, all have to find their partners and dance with them, Saket thinks that i will dance with Devika now, Ravi says to Devika that i will see who will stop you to dance with me, Devika leaves from there, Navi thinks that i will dance with Ravi, lights are dimmed, Manju finds Savitri talking to herself, Savitri says i am fed of all this marriage functions, Manju thinks that she destroyed my clothes, now i will teach her lesson, Savitri is leaving when Manju throws stone at her, Savitri says from where stones are coming? Manju hides behind pillar, Savitri is trying to find her and is afraid, she starts shivering, Manju makes her afraid by showing her shadow, Savitri runs from there, Manju laughs.
dance starts, Sun saathiya song plays, all are wearing masks and starts finding their partners, Ravi finds Devika and starts dancing with her closely, Navi is closely dancing with someone, she thinks that i knew Ravi you were also desperate to dance with me, Ravi and Devika look in each other’s eyes and dances, Ravi pulls Devika close. dance ends, lights are switched on, Ravi removes his mask, Navi is shocked to see him with Devika, she was dancing with Saket, Saket is also shocked to see Devika with Ravi.

PRECAP- Saket says to Navi that i thought you were someone else thats why i started dancing with you, Ravi ask with whom you wanted to dance, Devika ask Saket to tell.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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