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Scene 1
Nivi is seeing arrangements of party. Monty is seeing preparations too. Shweta is busy inviting guests. Manju is doing preparations too, Vikas is seeing catering. nivi looks around in house and smiles. She says to servant that you remain on entrance and tell me when Raichands come here. Shweta comes and asks if she can call her friends? nivi says i gave guest list, Shweta says i lost it, Nivi scolds her, Shweta leaves, Manju comes and says flowers are little less, Nivi says then call servant, he will bring it, get lost, Manju leaves. Vikas comes to her and asks what we should order in dinner? Nivi says you take rest, i will make food, i should have hired someone else. Ravi comes and says relax, Nivi says let me do it, once everything goes as per my plan then i will be relaxed, its about tonight

only, Ravi says okay and leaves, manju sees this. She says to Shweta that you dont know bomb is going to explode in party, Nivi has planned to kill Ambika, Shweta says how? Manju says you will know, i am tensed, what should i do? dont tell this to anyone, Shweta says i wont, but whats the plan? we will together face everything, Manju says you are right, she tells plan to Shweta, she says dont tell anyone, she leaves, Swheta is tensed.
Devika is getting ready and thinks why they arranged party? Ravi sent invitation or nivi? or they both sent it together? what they want to prove? she gets call, its Nivi’s call, she takes call, Nivi says how are you? did i disturb you? you are a busy person, you must have got my invitation, i wanted to personally invite you, you are special so you should come in party otherwise this party will be useless, will you come? Devika says i cant miss this party, i am sure there must be some personal and professional announcements in party, Nivi says i will discuss profession with your mom, i and you have personal equation specially after that day when our lives were in danger in bank, DEvika says yes we are on personal level, i wont be late, i will come there at 8pm, she ends call, Devika thinks what she is upto? nivi says i will wait for her, this party is for you. Ravi has listened all this, he thinks that this means Ambika will come and i will meet Devika too seeing her, Nivi sees him and thinks that this will be last night and Ambika will be finished then nobody will come inbetween me and you, she comes to him and asks why he is smiling? he says you are smiling too? Nivi holds his hand and says you are reason for my smile, Ravi says i am happy that you called Raichands, we can sort our business problems, you have extended friendly hand towards them, its good, i will take care of everything in party, he leaves, Nivi says i wish you were saying truth but i know your happiness is because of someone else, you are happy that Ambika is coming in party and i am sure i am doing right, you will keep finding Devika in Ambika so its better to send her away then you will think about me only, sorry Raichan.
Devika comes to janki and says nivi called me to invite me in party, Janki says she sent invitation card, Devika says she personally invited me and was saying weird things, Janki asks her to tell everything, Devika tells her conversation with Nivi, Janki gets shocked, Devika asks what happened? i feel Nivi has done mistake by calling us in party, Janki says she knows that we will insult her in party but even then she is calling us there, we cant take her lightly, Devika says she has done what she could do, this is our time now, Janki says but we have to be careful, you have to take care, Devika says you are with me, i am strong, nobody can hurt me, maybe she will try to act that she is better in business infront of all businessmen there, Janki says i have answer for that, Devika will scare her so much that she wont be able to speak, i was thinking to give party too so that she would start believing that Devika is ghost, we will get this chance on this party, we have to do something tonight, Devika says i am going there as Ambiak then how will i scare her as Devika? Janki says you wont have to do anything, Devika will do everything, someone else will become Devika and will scare her, one side you will be in party as Ambika and Devika will be scaring her too, tonight i will break nivi’s ego, Devika gets tensed.
Ravi is checking preparations, Vikas comes to him and says you seem tensed about this party as if this party is important for you, Ravi says its our annual party so i want everything to fine, Vikas asks if there is any special reason? i listened that Ambika is coming in party too, Ravi says yes its not a big deal, they are our investors, Vikas says if its only that? i can see your smile, i have seen your pain, i just want to tell you that its Ambika not Devika coming in party, Ravi says i know she is Ambika but her face, her smile everything is like Devika, when she comes infront of me, i feel like alive, i feel happy even if its fake, i am sure you are happy with that, Vikas says she can increase your pain too, Ravi says if you have two options one is bitter reality and other is sweet lie then what will you choose? Vikas says lie will remain lie, Ravi says you know after Devika was gone, i stopped living, i lived for others, for my family, for Nivi who dis so much for my family but after Ambika came in my life, i want to live, i want to be happy, is that wrong? Vikas says no, just enjoy party, i am happy for you.

Scene 2
Nivi is in car, she calls Saket and says thank you for helping me, i will finish this Ambika now, i am waiting for you man. Man comes there, he is contract killer, Nivi thanks Saket and ends call. killer says i am soraj, i am best, Nivi says i know, Saket sent you? Soraj says i come and go on my own, Nivi says you have to be careful, soraj says just tell me work, you know i dont like interference, Nivi says there is one girl Ambika Raichand, she is prick in my life, Soraj says i dont care what she did with you or why she is your problem, you keep money ready, i will come in party, Nivi says if you come like this in party then i will be gone, Soraj says you think i am part time goon? i have reputation, Nivi says i dont like so much over confidence, Nivi says i will show you picture of Ambika, Soraj says its not needed, i smell my prey easily,Nivi says what are you serious? Soraj says i can sense my prey, Nivi says do anything but make sure my work is done, Soraj says your work will be done, he leaves, Nivi thinks that tonight will be Ambika’s last night.

PRECAP- Devika is in party, Soraj is dressed as waiter, he stands behind Devika, Ravi sees it and asks waiter what he want? Nivi is angry seeing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think Ravi is going to save Ambika’s life again! I just feel like he would!

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