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Scene 1
Devika says to Ravi that i wanna tell you.. Navi sees trial room, she finds Devika’ voice and knocks it, Ravi and Devika gets conscious, Ravi opens trial room to find Navi there, Navi comes in and sees Devika in modern outfit, Navi says you wearing this dress? Devika says Ravi likes modern dresses, he likes your dressing sense, Navi is surprised, Navi says to Ravi that you never told me, Ravi says i said truth, your dressing sense is very nice and you got to know today, i am sorry for all this, Navi says no need to sorry, its okay, if you had told me directly then i would have mind, thanks for indirect compliment, Devika gets angry, Ravi asks you here? Navi says i am shopping here, i am sorry if i disturbed you both, Ravi says no, i will drop you outside, come, Devika stares Ravi, Ravi

leaves with Navi.
Ravi says to Navi that i will drop you out, Navi says no need for formality, you carry on with Devika’s shopping, Ravi nods and leaves, Navi thinks that Ravi is so impressed with me that he wants to see Devika like me, i am not with him so he wants Devika to dress like me so that he has my memories with him, how sweet, that fool Devika thinks that she can become like me by wearing my kind f dresses, now i will get Ravi soon, i have to play my trump card now, she leaves, Monty sees her and asks why she is smiling? Sakshi says your brain is empty, why did you tell her that Ravi is here? she is behind him, Monty says i didnt know that i dont have to tell her, Sakshi says you have no common sense, Monty says i came here with you and you are fighting with me, Sakshi says i have to see what Ravi and Devika are doing.
Ravi comes to Devika in trial room, he thinks how to ask her what she wanted to say, Devika thinks that i wont be able to say anything now, Ravi asks her to change and says i am waiting outside, he leaves, Devika locks door and says i was so close to say my heart thing and i would have said but that Navi comes on wrong time always, dont know why she comes inbetween everytime like Ravi’s 2nd wife, i hate her, but now i will not waste time and will tell Ravi about my heart thing.
Devika comes out in saree, Sakshi asks if Ravi complimented you in western dress? Devika recalls how Ravi said that she look gorgeous in saree, she smiles, she asks Sakshi if she locked door from outside? Sakshi says no, Devika says i know you, you did it? Sakshi says sorry di.
Rekha says to Ambe Ma that i want to meet my daughters, its their first Lohri, its all Ravi’s mistake, my Devika is not at fault, what should i do? she cries, Pallavi comes to her and says i am sorry, Rekha says no, you dont need to say sorry, you did what Ravi asked you to do, i am very unlucky, tomorrow is first Lohri of my daughters and i cant meet them, i really want to meet them but i cant, because of Ravi i have to separate myself from my daughters, Pallavi says shall i talk to Savitri? Rekha says no she is not wrong, its just that i am mother and i am dying to see them, i cant go to them but its their first lohri so you have to go there with Shagun, dont talk about me to them, give my love and blessings to them, will you go? Pallavi nods and hugs her.
Parmindar says to Manju that this is first Lohri of daughter in laws, Manju says to Parmindar that we have to teach lesson to Sakshi and Devika so whats the need to celebrate Lohri? Parmindar says we have to do things for society too, Manju says i will not spare Devika and Sakshi. Devika and Ravi listens all this, Ravi leaves angrily, Manju says in Lohri husband and wife’s love increases, Devika thinks that tomorrow i will tell Ravi how much i love him as its good day, once i do that pooja then we will have happiness in lives, she smiles.
Navi says to herself that i cant believe Ravi likes my dressing sense but that is just part of my personality, i have to do something that Ravi just think about me as tomorrow i will become Ravi’s fully.
Ravi thinks that Devika wanted to say something in changing room, dont know what she wanted to say, she wanted to say something related to our relation.
Devika says i am stupid, i cant go in room, i want to go in room, atleast i could see Ravi in room but now i have to sleep on couch in lounge, what should i do? i told him so seriously that i wont come, if i go now then he will make fun of me, i wanna go in room, Sakshi comes there and asks why is she sleeping here? Devika says its hot in room, Sakshi says but its winters, Devika says i mean there is cold in room, Sakshi says you are hiding something from me, what is it? dont you trust me? Devika says actually i did mistake and now i dont know what to do, i scolded Ravi so much and said that i will not live with him now and came out, i did wrong and now i want to go back but he will tease me, i want him to come and take me, Sakshi says you are right, you can be wrong but you should not bow to husband, never say sorry to husband, dont even look at your room, Devika is confused, Sakshi says i kept telling you that Ravi is right but you didnt listen to me, even now you should not accept your mistake, Devika says you are taunting me? Sakshi says i said that you should not go in room but what if Ravi comes and takes you? Devika asks what are you thinking? Sakshi says dont worry, just see the room’s door will open for you now.
Ravi is lying on bed and recalls how he danced in room with Devika, he misses her and tries to sleep, he recalls how Devika left room, Maine khud ko plays, Ravi says what kind of life partner i have got, she always fight with me when she is infront of me and when she is not here, i am missing her fights, should i call her here? i am ready to bow down in love but if i go to call her then she will scold me more and will blame me for things i didnt do, i dont care, he tries to sleep but says it matters to me, i dont feel good without her, what to do, how to bring her here, Monty comes there and says snake has come in house.
All come in lounge, Ravi asks where is snake? Monty says Sakshi saw it here, Monty says we should find it, he asks Ravi to kill snake, Ravi says how can i? he looks at devika and says okay i will find snake, Ravi tries to find snake, Shweta says once a snake came in my room, Vikas says if it had bite you then he would have died, Shweta says dont make fun of me, Sakshi shouts snake, snake, everyone gets afraid, Ravi looks at Devika.

PRECAP- All are ready for Lohri, Devika smiles at Ravi, Ravi is surprised and cant believe that she is smiling at me, what happened to her? Navi comes in function too, Shweta says so you have come too? to complete triangle, like husband, wife and woh(other women), Navi stares her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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