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Scene 1
Ambika says come sakshi.. She takes her to rekha. Rekha hugs her. Ambika says in heart i have to control my emotions. Rekha says ravi my sakshi is fine. Ravi hugs her. Monty says in heart how will I face her? I never took care of her and never tried to heal her. Ravi says Ambika did this. She did everything to get her treated. Ambika took care of her. Rekha hugs ambika and thanks her.
Saket asks Navi how did she healed? She says I am equally shocked. Saket says she will expose us both. Navi says if Ambika dies no one will focus on what sakshi says. Saket says in heart so if ravi dies, sakshi wont say it at all. And I will marry ambika. Saket says we have to hurry up.

Navi comes to the shooter and says you have wasted enough time. I will do it instead. I will shoot you and her.

He takes he revolver from her and says you realize consequences of taling to me like this? If you were not saket’s friend I would have killed you. Navi says I am sorry i was just asking when will you do your assignment? He says I will kill everything that comes between me and my target. Navi says I will take ravi away from ambika.
Ravi says to ambika thank you so much. i really love you and grateful to you. Ambika says no please. he says everyone was broken after devika left. You sorted it all out. You returned their happiness and see sakshi is fine too. only devika could do this and now you. There couldn’t be a bigger favor than this. You take care of everyone like devika used to. I really love you. I was finished after devika left me. I didn’t know what to do. I had no answers. Then God sent you in my life, same face, same heart and same arguing. That I missed. I understand you will take your time but keep one thing in mind. one preson waits for yo he really loves you. Navi comes and holds Ravi’s hand she says come I want you to meet a special client. Ravi says okay. Navi takes him. Ambika says its okay you go. Ravi says can you tell him I am busy. I will meet him later. Ambika says in heart ravi said no to her because of me. Navi says he is such a big client. Ravi says this time if for my wife. Nothing is more than her.

Ravi and Ambika dance on the floor. Saket says dance for last time. Vicky sees the red light spot on them. Ambika sees the spot to. Vicky throws a glass at the shooter. The shoorter runs. Vicky goes after him.
The shooter goes in a room. Vicky goes there. Devika says to ravi someone wants to shoot you. I saw a spot. He says I get it. You covered me. He says so you would take the bullet?
But why?

Precap-Ravi says so you dont’ love me? she says I don’t. He says you risked your life to save me? Why?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    I hope Vikas is not going to die by doing this… becoz after ravi, he is only nice guy in his family…
    Rocke the floor by dance of ambika and ravi

  2. sakshi is getting shoot,she will see this & will come between Ambika and bullet

    1. U get it right….

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