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Scene 1
Savitri says to Sakshi that you have said yes for marriage, dont you even think to change that decision, Sakshi says i wont change my decision, Savitri says then come out for Roka.
Devika comes to Ravi and says i have to talk to you, come in corner, Ravi says what private talk you have? all are looking at us, what will they think? Roka is going to happen and you are thinking about romance? he ask Pallavi wouldnt it be wrong that Roka is happening and we lock ourselves in room? Pallavi says to Devika that he is right, Devika ask her to go, she takes Ravi from there.
Devika brings Ravi in room and ask why did you go in Sakshi’s room? Ravi says oh you wanted to ask this? i will tell you at one condition, you have to share this jalebi with me, she says i will not share anything,

tell me what you talked to Sakshi? he starts leaving, Devika stops him and says i will eat it, Ravi makes her eat jalebi from his hands, he eats jalebi too and says its too much sweet, Ankhon hi ankhon main plays, Ravi wipes Devika’s lips, he says now ask me anything, Devika ask why did you go to Sakshi’s room? Ravi ask are you jealous from your sister? even Savitri said that i and Sakshi have some affair, Devika says please, i dont think like that, i know there is nothing between you and Sakshi and can never happen, Ravi says you hate me so much but trust me? i mean you dont trust me but trust my love right? your trust is not wrong, even if world’s most beautiful girl comes infront of my eyes, i wont even look at her as i cant think of anyone else than you, i have loved only girl and that is you Devika, i will remain yours Devika forever, teri Galiyan plays, Ravi puts black spot under Devika’s ear and says i dont want anyone to cast eye on my Devika, Devika is surprised to see him confessing love, Devika says i just want you to be away from Sakshi else like Savitri, everyone wil think wrong about you and her and i dont want allegations on you, she starts to leave, Ravi says your blouse string is opened, Devika stops, Ravi comes closer to her and moves his hand over her arm, Devika feels him and closes her eyes, Ravi brings his face near her ears and says your blouse string was not opened, i lied as i just wanted to check if you still like my touch or not like you used to like before, Devika looks at him in surprise and leaves from there, Ravi smiles and says she hates me but you love me alot too, you hide it but till when? oneday you will say that you love me alot, i will wait for that day.
Devika comes out of room and recalls how Ravi came closer to her, she smiles and thinks what happens to me? why i am not able to hate him? why my heartbeat increases when he touch me? Pallavi comes and if romantic stuff is done? Devika ask her to shut up, they go.
Roka ceremony starts, Sakshi and Saket are sitting together, Rekha makes Saket eat sweets, Saket sets Sakshi’s tikka and smirks at Ravi, Ravi smiles back, Savitri puts tilak on Saket and says happiness has comeback in our lives, Sakshi and Saket bends down to touch her feet, Saket holds Sakshi’s hand, she angrily looks at him and jerks his hand off, Shweta ask Saket will she get diamond set? he says soon, Devika says to Saket that you are lucky to get Sakshi as your life partner, she is very nice, Shweta says even Saket is no less, he is one in million, Savitri says ofcourse.
Saket is busy with guests, his phone is on table, Ravi sees Monty calling on Saket’s mobile, Ravi comes in corner and picks call, Monty thinks Saket has picked up call and says i was calling you from much time, i got to know from my friends that my family is searching for me, this is all my mistake, i dont know what to do, Ravi listens silently, Monty ask him to speak up, Ravi ask Monty where are you? Monty says Ravi you? Ravi says i wont say anything to you about running away from marriage, just tell me where are you, i have to talk to you about Sakshi, and its important. Saket ask Shweta where is Ravi? go and find him.
Monty says to Ravi that its too late, i know many people are hurt but i have taken decision and there is nothing left to talk, Ravi says you dont know what is happening here, just tell me where are you, Monty cuts call, Ravi calls him again but Monty cuts it. Saket sees his phone missing from his pocket, he doesnt find phone on table and gets tensed, he thinks that Ravi is not seen here and my phone is not here too that means Ravi have taken my phone. Saket ask Palavi if she has seen Ravi? she says no, Saket thinks that i have to find Ravi. Ravi thinks to copy number in his phone, Ravi copies number in his phone, Saket comes and takes his phone from him, Saket says you have started stealing phones too? Ravi says i have stolen your phone but you have stolen my brother, where is he? Saket thinks this means he has talked to Monty, Saket ask him to not backstab, Ravi says its your habit not mine, you dont have guts to see truth, Saket says you are loser, my roka is done soon i will get married, Ravi says you remember my challenge? i am just enjoying myself, dont worry about me, he leaves, Saket thinks how he got so much confidence?
Ravi comes in lounge and is in thoughts, Devika sees him. Ravi finds a kid and ask if he will do his work? Ravi points at Devika and says she is Miss Kach Kach, take one lollipop for yourself and give one to her, kid comes to Devika and gives her lollipop, he says i have one more thing for you, he kisses Devika’s cheek and says Ravi has given lollipop and kiss, Ravi is stunned, Devika is shocked, she angrily looks at Ravi, she comes to him and ask what is this? he says this is lollipop, she says what about kiss? kid laughs seeing them, Ravi says i didnt send any kiss, Devika says dont lie, you are telling all this to a kid? Ravi says i just sent lollipop so you dont feel hungry, Devika says i will not feel hungry by eating lollipop? Rekha brings food and ask Ravi to eat, i will bring for Devika, Ravi says we will eat from one plate, Rekha says good, love increases by eating from one plate, Devika says i am not hungry, i will eat later, Ravi says she will eat my mind later, Rekha ask him to not tease her, Rekha ask them to eat from one plate, i will be happy to see you both eating together, Ravi and Devika holds plate and eats from same plate, Banjara plays, they eat and feed each other, Ravi bites Ravi’s finger, Ravi complains to Rekha, Devika laughs, Rekha ask them to keep doing mischievous things whole life, she leaves, Devika stares Ravi and leaves too.
Ravi drinks water, Savitri comes to him and says its good that you came and see my younger son in law, he is king, whole city bows to him and you have nothing in your hands, he will always be ahead of you, Ravi says i am sad that your experience got cheated too, you are clever and time will tell you whats the truth.

PRECAP- Saket says to waiter that i asked you spike Monty and Sakshi’s drinks and now you are blackmailing me? it will not be good for you, Ravi listens this. Later Navi hugs Ravi and says i am with you, Ravi is confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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