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Saket tries to touch Devika but someone comes in and drags him from there, DEvika wakes up and thinks how lights went off.
Its Sakshi who dragged Saket away, Sakshi says to Saket that if you think i am afraid of you then you are wrong, i am not ordinary girl who will be afraid of you, i have not seen a cheap guy than you, you are going crazy and crossing all limits, Sakshi says cant you see Devika is married now, you are an animal, today Devika was saved but i wont leave you, once this function ends then i will bring your face infront of all, Saket says you dont know who i am, you will have to bear for all this, Sakshi says you maybe MLA but you cant do anything with me, be away from me and if you are near DEvika from now onwards then i will kill you and will telle everyone that i murdered you, this

is my last warning, dont go near Devika, she leaves, Saket looks on.
Ravi is searching Devika, he thinks if she left function? Manju ask where is DEvika? Monty says she is here, Ravi turns to find DEvika there, Manju makes DEvika meet Aditya(addy), she says he is Ravi’s younger brother, Addy says my brother was a free bird but now his string is in your hands but tell me how you controlled him? Addy says i am just joking, i just wanna say that you may have perception about Ravi but there were many girls who wanted to marry Ravi but he chose so you are lucky one, DEvika looks one, he says now lets have picture. Sakshi comes in party and says now that mad person will not do anything. Monty and Pallavi strikes and both say sorry to each other, Sakshi ask them to not waste time in sorry sorry, Saket comes in party and says what this Sakshi thinks of herself. All family members starts taking pictures with bride and groom, Sakhi ans Saket stares at each other, Manju says there is one surprise, she ask Pallavi to call Rekha, DEvika thinks that i dont want any more functions or party, i cant do this drama anymore, Ravi thinks if maa is planning one more function then Devika will eat me alive, Rakha comes, Manju ask her to tell, Rekha says to DEvika and Ravi that i and Manju thought that we have done all rituals so there will be no more functions, we want you people to spend time together so we have decided that you both will go out of Ambala for honeymoon, Ravi and Devika are shocked, REkha says i want you both to understand each other well and make this relation strong, Saket thinks this is great chance, i will destroy their honeymoon.

Scene 2
Ravi and Rekha’s family sit in two taxies, Monty tries to sit with Pallavi but Sakshi ask him to with Ravi and DEvika and push them closer in car, she says i will do your work later, i will do your setting but first do this work, he goes and sit with Ravi and DEvika, he pushes Ravi towards Devika.
Savitri comes out of venue, Manju is ther, Manju says everything went well today,Savitri says to Manju that i wont let you succeed, you are behind Devika’s property, i wont let your dirty dream fulfill, Manju says why will it not get fulfilled? you cant stop, she leaves in taxi too.
Ravi is sitting inbetween Devika and Monty in taxi, Ravi thinks that i should not touch DEvika by mistake even else she will eat his mind, DEvika thinks that he is sitting in weird manner and he take chance everywhere, Monty pushes him towards Devika, DEvika pinches Ravi with hair pin, he shouts, Monty ask what happened? Ravi says mosquito bite, Monty ask who mosquito can come in AC cab, i think you were trying to touch Devika and she pinched you, Ravi ask him shut up, driver turns car and Devika falls on Ravi, Monty says great turns driver, Ravi and DEvika share eyelock, Devika becomes conscious.
Saket comesback home and recalls how Sakshi warned him, he says if i had done anything there then she would have shouted and called everyone there, he says i will see that Sakshi later first i have to find where Ravi and Devika are going for honeymoon.
DEvika is getting ready to sleep, she says is this life where i have one problem every new day, she says to Ambe Maa that i have married the most cheap person in this world, why you are doing this with me? dont know why i am stuck in all this, Ravi comes in room and murmurs that now i am entering danger zone, she will start kac kach(arguments) but i have to keep silent as this is only solution, i should go to sleep and surrender myself.

PRECAP- Devika’s hairs are stuck in bed, Ravi comes to her help and makes her hair strand free.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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