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Scene 1
Devika leaves her hand, she falls down from cliff and falls in river, Ravi tries to go behind her, Saket holds him, Manju says she is gone, Ravi says why didnt you stop her? Manju says she came near cliff, we couldnt stop her, Ravi says how will i live without Devika? he cries, Manju hugs him and consoles him, Ravi says i cant live without her, why didnt you save my Devika? Manju says we tried but we couldnt save her, Saket asks him to control himself, Ravi says all are lying, why no one stopped her? why no one saved her? Navi thinks i cant believe, i did it, my plan is successful, Devika is dead, Ravi is mine only, i will take care of him and will love him, soon he will forget Devika, i won, Saket thinks that i didnt want to kill Devika but she too decision to be with Ravi so she had to die,

she has given me happiness of seeing Ravi crying, Manju thinks that i am sad to see Ravi cry like this but soon he will forget her, whatever happened was for good, she didnt deserve you, i will make you get married to girl who is made for you, Ravi cries.
A lady is doing pooja in mandir. Pundit asks her to do ahuti is his name, she does, he gives her ash kalash and asks her to pour it in river for his soul’s peace. Lady looks at ambe Maa, she comes to Ambe Maa and says what kind of justice is this? i kept praying to you whole life but you did this with me? i kept praising you but today i am confused, i am regretting for trusting you, you have broken mother’s faith, how can a mother be so cruel? what mistake did i do that you snatched my child from me? he was my only child, why did you take her? you fight with enemy, you finish bad and evils but why did you take her? she cameback from London to teach kids here, to change this country, that was her fault? how did this happen? how could she fall from cliff and die? you didnt protect her, i couldnt even see her last time, she came here from London to meet me but i got her deadbody, you have broken my motherly love, you have give my daughter back to me, you have to bring her back, if you dont do it then nobody will have faith on you, this is mother’s words, do anything but return my daughter to me, she was only one for whom i was living, give my daughter back to me, she cries, Pundit asks her to calm down and asks her pour her ashes in river, everything will be fine, lady takes ash kalash(pot), she says to ambe Maa that my daughter was lively but you took her life, i wont forgive you Mata Rani, you must be happy that my daughter is with you now, i have raised her from birth but now when she grew up to take care of me, you took her back, you too her life so you have to give her back to me, prove me that you exist, do anything but return my daughter to me, this is challenge, if you dont give my daughter back to me then my faith will die and i will die too, i have not come here to say bye to my daughter, i have come here to die with my daughter, if you dont return my daughter to me then i will die here too, Lady goes to riverside.
Ravi says to Manju that how will i live without Devika? i wanted to suprise her but she shocked me, how can she leave me? we came here to pray to Ambe Maa but our all happiness is gone, how will i live without her, Manju says she has died, Ravi says she cant die, she promised me that we will live together, she must be calling me, she needs my help, he tries to climb from cliff, Saket stops him, Navi says its dangerous, Ravi leaves from there.
Lady pours ashes of her daughter in water, she prays, wind blows, Devika’s body is floating on water, lady opens her eyes and finds Devika’s body on water, she looks at her and sees her unconscious, she is stunned, she looks at ambe Maa.
Monty says to Sakshi that we have prepared for tonight’s stay, Sakshi says call everyone, where are they?
Ravi is going down to find Devika, Navi calls her manager and asks him to find Ravi. Monty calls Manju, Manju tells him everything, he is shocked, Monty says what are you saying? he ends call, Sakshi asks what happened? why you are shocked? Monty says its very bad news, Devika fell from cliff, she is no more in world, Sakshi is shocked and faints.

Scene 2
Lady brings Devika in mandir, she rubs her hands and asks her to open her eyes, she asks people to call doctor, lady says to ambe Maa that are you playing with me? first you took my daughter and then sent this girl whose breaths are running, who is cold, why are you giving me pain? you have to save this girl, you have to save her, prove your strength, give her life back, atleast this daughter of mine, Devika starts breathing, all are surprised, Pundit says girl is alive, lady looks at ambe maa in surprise, she comes to Devika and rubs her hands, lady smiles at Ambe Maa, Pundit says this is miracle, i havent seen anything like this.
Ravi is finding Devika in jungle, he recalls his time spent with Devika. Saket says what if Devika is alive? we will be gone, Navi says how can she be alive after falling from such great height? Saket says we should have shot her then throw her off cliff, Manju says what if she is alive? i will be gone then, Navi says if i get caught then i will not leave you both too, Saket says we have to see if she is alive then we have to kill her again, lets go down, they leave.
Pallavi asks Rekha to calm down, nothing is a problem, i will call Sakshi, network is busy rightnow, Rekha says nothing is fine, something bad is going to happen thats why Mata rani is giving signals, diya is blowing off in mandir again and again, something bad is going to happen.
Lady says to Ambe Maa that you listened to me even after my bitter words, you have given my daughter back to me in form of this girl, she is my daughter Ambika from now on.

PRECAP- Lady is in car with Devika, Devika is unconscious, Ravi is finding Devika and passesby car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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