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Scene 1
Devika comes in hall, Dada tells Devika that some lady alleged Savitri of stealing her jewelry and it was found in SAvitri’s stuff, she was taken to police station. Devika says we should go to police station.. RAvi comes out in hall too and says where did all go? did Roka happened? he finds Devika talking with shakher about police station, Ravi thinks she is going there to complain about me, he says why this girl takes extreme steps, i made her get job again but she is going to complain about me, i should leave from here, he leaves.
Anuja in police station comes to Savitri and says you are cheap that you stole my earrings, SAvitri thinks that first let Saket come then i will answer her back, police man ask them to not fight here again. Ravi in street says that Devika will me make go

to police station, i will first tell Anuja that i came to Saket’s roka but he didnt come, he calls Anuja and ask where are you? Anuja says i am in police station, he says what you did now, i am coming there, he ends cal.
Saket with his mother and sister come in hall, he finds all gone to home, he thinks where did all go, Roka was not done and they went, he ask waiter about marriage, waiter says marriage happened and after that police came and arrested a old lady so they all left the hall.
DEvika comes in police station with Shekhar, Savitri ask where is Saket, he can save me only, DEvika says his phone is unreachable, how did you come here? Savitri says this anuja conspired against me, she had put her earrings in my bag and now alleged me of stealing, i will take revenge from her, Devika says should i talk to her? Savitri says no it will be insult, i will make her learn lesson for trapping me like this. Ravi comes to police station and ask what happened now? Anuja says on women who always fight with me stole my earrings so i came to do complain, Ravi ask which women? she shows him Savitri, he ask are you sure she stole your earrings? Anuja says yes my earrings were found in her stuff, he finds Devika there and thinks oh she was talking about this, her dadi is even thief, Devika finds him there too and is shocked, she thinks that Ravi is son of that mother who did false case on my dadi, they both look at each other, she then looks away. he leaves.

Scene 2
shekhar ask Devika to call dada, go out and tell him proceeding, Devika goes to call him, she tells him that we are waiting for Saket, he will do bail of Savitri, dada ends. Rekha ask Dada to eat something, Dada says how can i eat when Savitri is in police station, now Saket will do one more favor and your dadi will go gaga over him again but its good that Roka was stopped.
Ravi comes in police station, finds Devika and says dont know why people do things that they have to come to police station, Devika says what did you say? he says did i take your name? Devika says you dont respect girls, Ravi says your family is a thief, Devika says my dadi can never steal, your mother always fight, Ravi says you mean to say that your dadi never fight? last time your dadi used sources and got out of jail and my mother had to suffer, now ask Ambe Maa to make your dadi go out of this police station, Devika says i regret leaving that job for you, Ravi says i regret doing favor (getting job for her) on you, she ask what you did for me? he says leave it, you will not understand, dont come infront of me ever, she says dotn cross my path again. she leaves.
Ravi says to Anuja that Savitri will get punished for stealing but how you got to know that she stole your earrings? Anuja says she was looking at earrings with greed so i had doubt on her, Ravi says lets leave.
Saket comes to police station, he ask Devika you fine? she nods, Savitri says i was waiting for you, Saket says i was stuck in storm, how you came here? SAvitri says i never thought to get insulted like this here, do you think that i can steal? Saket says who called you stealer, just tell me, Savitri says one women called me thief in marriage, i dont know how her earrings came in my stuff, SAket says just tell me her name, i will set her right, Savitri says she is a witch, you dont get involved in all this, Saket says i am sorry for coming late and Roka didnt happen too but you dont worry, i will set everything right now. he comes to police man and says why did make her stay her when she took my name? police man says many people who dont take your name doesnt even know you, Saket says ok now i have come, we are leaving, police man says you have to call judge first, Saket talks to judge on phone, he orders to leave Savitri, Savitri thinks that Devika cant get good husband than Saket.

Scene 3
Anuja and Ravi comes back home, Vikas ask Anuja you went to do something there (in marriage), why did you take so much time, ravi says on minute you knew Anuja was going to do something? Vikas says no i called her in police station, Ravi leaves to sleep, Anuja says thank God you lied well, she says to Vikas that i took revenge from Savtiri, i made her arrest in marriage of her grandson, he ask how you did it, she says when i went with Ravi to shop for earrings, i found her there and had put my earrings in her stuff and now alleged her for stealing, Vikas says but this is wrong, what she never done, you made her get punished for it, Anuja says just shut up, and dont tell this to Ravi.
SAvitri comes back home and says real hero is Saket, he just order and work is done, Saket says if i was that much powerful then i wouldnt have let you go to police station, juet tell me name of that women, Savitri sys i will take revenge from her, dont worry, i am sad that your Roka didnt happen, Saket says i sad too, Savitri says to Saket that i will talk to Pundit then will take one good date and will do Roka, marriage on same day only, Saket smiles, Devika is tensed,

PRECAP- Savitri’s mother says to Devika’s father that if DEvika is not married before she become 21 years old then everything will be destroyed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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