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Scene 1
Navi ask Ravi and Devika about their honeymoon, Ravi says we were finding room for our honeymoon but we didnt get any, we were walking on roads, we went to jungle, Navi is confused and ask how we went to jungle? Ravi says dont ask about it, we were walking and i didnt have anything but to listen Devika’s talks, Devika laughs listening it, Navi is all confused, Ravi says you will not understand as it is about our honeymoon, DEvika lovingly looks at him and smiles.
Saket meets seller and ask about property, he says i wanna buy your property, seller says i will sell it to you but Sangeet ceremony(Sakshi’s sangeet ceremony) is going on there, let it end then i will sell it to you, Saket says if i like the place then i will end the Sangeet ceremony as i will be owner then, you

think if you are more interested in sangeet of someone or want to sell property to me, seller says i cant miff you, lets go there and stop sangeet, they leave.
Ravi’s family arrive at Sangeet’s venue, manju comes to Savitri and says you are wearing same suite which you bought for 1000rs more? you know i came here in 50lacs car, Savitri ask do you even know how many zeros come in 50lacs, Manju says what you have thought to destroy the sangeet? you tried to destroy Mehndi ceremony but you couldnt, you can try today too but you wont succeed.
Pallavi comes to Sakshi and ask her to get ready, Sakshi says i dont wanna go, i am not feeling well, Pallavi ask have you gone mad? all have arrived there, you will be fine, come with me, Pallavi says you wil not listen like this, she starts calling DEvika, Sakshi says why are you calling her? she will get tensed, i will get ready soon, Pallavi smiles.
Ravi, Devika and Navi comes in Sangeet ceremony, Rekha greets them, Navi ask when will sangeet start? who is performing today, Atal says we have not decided who will perform, we are waiting for Sakshi to arrive too, Rekha says Pallavi and Sakshi have left home, they must be coming, they leave, Navi says to Ravi that i wanna dance but i dont have any dance partner, she says to Ravi that you have danced with me earlier too so will you become my dance partner? Ravi says why not, i dont have any problem as someone(devika) is not interested in dancing with me, navi says who fool doesnt want to dance with you, Devika hits Ravi by striking on his feet, she leaves, Ravi thinks i will dance with DEvika only, he leaves, Navi says i will get closer to Ravi on dance floor.
Savitri thinks how Manju is looking nice, i have to do something, she deliberately pushes waiter on Manju, juice falls on Manju’s suite, Manju says to Savitri that you have done this deliberately, you have destroyed my suite, i wil not leave you, give me money of my suite, Savitri says you made me pay more too, i wil not pay for your suite, beg somewhere else, Manju says i dont beg, its my right, give me money of my suite, both starts fighting like cats and dogs, Ravi and Devika takes them from there.

Scene 2
Saket comes in sangeet ceremony with seller, he thinks i will insult them, if they have shame then they will leave from here.
Ravi brings Manju in corner and ask her to calm down, they find Saket there, Ravi says i wont leave him today, Manju says i will deal with him.
DEvika ask Savitri to calm down, Devika goes to get water for her, Savitri find Saket there and thinks he will do some blast here, lets see.
Manju comes to Saket and says nobody has invited you here then why did you come here? you come to anyone’s function without invitation, if you have shame then leave from here, seller comes there and says dont talk to Saket like this, he is very influential man, he says to Shekhar that you took my house to do Sangeet here and i gave it to you but that doesnt mean you will insult my guest, now no Sangeet will happen, go from here, DEvika says but Sangeet have started, Saket ask seller to leave it, he says to Devika that i didnt know your sister’s sangeet is going on here, i came here and Manju insulted me, Saket whispers to Ravi that i didnt want to destroy function but now i have come here, no mistake should happen else i will be lenient, Saket ask everyone to enjoy, i am common people’s worker so i am habituated to listening insulting words, he says to Devika that no one will disturb you, he leaves with seller.
Addy is checking out girls, Monty ask him to not go to them, he will get bored, Addy says you should enjoy too, you are a groom so you should enjoy.
DEvika comes near dinning table and says i am hungry, what to do, Ravi comes and ask her to take food, Devika ask you are following me? Ravi says i am hungry too, i came here to eat, Devika says i will eat first, Ravi says eat sweetdish, Devika says i will eat something spicy, Ravi says your tongue is already so spicy, you should eat sweetdish, Navi comes there and thinks that he wanna make Devika eat sweetdish? i have to do soemthing, Ravi and Devika are busy talking to each other, Navi finds them talking and sees chili powder near sweetdish, she thinks now Devika’s will eat spicy sweetdish and she will get angry on Ravi, she mixes chili in sweetdish.

PRECAP- Ravi makes Devika eat sweetdish, she offers it to him too, he says you eat it, Navi finds her eating sweetdish and thinks now i should eat real sweetdish as Devika is eating spicy sweetdish, she takes bowl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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