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Scene 1
Rekha buys stale veggies and goes, Devika sees this and cries. She covers her face, she passesby Rekha and deliberately drops money near Rekha, she hides. Rekha thinks that if i had more money then i would have bought more veggies, Devika thinks that she will buy veggies now. Rekha sees 1000rupee note on road, and ask people if its theirs? no one says its theirs, she comes near Devika but Devika starts leaving fromt here, Rekha goes behind her and says your money was dropped, listen to me. Devika sits in car, Rekha goes beind car but Devika leaves while crying, Rekha says she left without taking money, what will i do with this money of someone else? she gives money to beggar and says just pray that i get y daughter back, beggar says i will pray that you get your daughter back. Devika in car thinks

that i have so much money but i cant help my family, i have to find some way to my help my family and no one knows about it, i cant see chachi in this condition, i have to do something, driver gives her water.
Ravi says i did so much for Nivi, she doesnt know that she could have been jailed but she doesnt value my hard work. Nivi comes there and says i am bad, i say anything in anger, please forgive me, i have hurt you, i should not have talked to you like this, when i hurt you, i get more hurt, what you did for me, i should have agreed to anything you wanted, i should have respected your promise, i will say sorry to Ambika, i will sit in her feet, Ravi says just say sorry to her, Nivi says i will, are you still miffed with me? he says no, Nivi says i will go there today only, she smirks.
Janki says to Devika that Nivi has come to meet you, Devika says let her come in and tell her to come in directly in my room, Janki says i am impressed, today my daughter is ready to face her enemies, Devika says she has done so much wrong with me, she kidnapped me and tortured me so much, she will have to ask forgiveness for everything she did with me, i will make he stoop so low today that she will realize how wrong she did with Devika, i will not spare her today, Janki smiles listening all this and says i will send her to you, Devika hugs her and says thank you, Janki says i am so proud of you, she leaves, Devika is ready for facce off.
Ravi looks at Ambika’s picture and says she has some eyes, same nose, same face only style is changed, if she Devika or Ambika Raichand? this question is about my life, i am not able to sleep from the time she has returned, i keep thinking about her, i have to find out answer of this question asap but how will i find out? he calls his manager and asks him to send him details of Ambika and Janki Raichand.
Nivi comes in Devika’s room, Devika asks if she had to wait? Nivi says not really, Devika says you must be feeling good after coming out of jail, servant offers her water, she says no thanks, Devika says you should drink water, it will cool your mind, Nivi says i dont need your suggestions, keep it with you, i live my life according me, cut the crap, Devika says you get angry over small things, will you need coffee or something else? she says no, Devika asks servant to give her water, servant brings water for Devika but drops water at her mistakenly, Devika scolds servant and says you should say sorry for your mistake, if you say sorry with polite tone then person will forgive you, if you know how to do mistakes then you should know how to ask forgiveness, you should ask pardon for every mistake, even if its for small mistake like dropping water glass of big mistake like pushing someone off cliff, Nivi is stunned to listen this. Devika asks Nivi to say sorry to her, she says that Nivi can sit on her knees and ask forgiveness from her, Nivi says i have not come here to say sorry to her, i have come here to challenge you, Devika says you will challenge me? i am ready, Nivi says i am challenging that i will prove in 7days that you are Devika and also will expose your plans and schemes and will throw you away from Ravi’s life, i wont let you get attached to Ravi, you wont get him, Devika says i am not interested in your Ravi or your personal life and mind you that you can do anything about me not even in 7years let alone in 7days, i am ready for this challenge, you wont be able to do anything, Nivi angrily leaves.
Devika is going in car and says that this Nivi is mad, she is dangerous too.
Nivi comes in her room and says i have challenged Devika but how will i prove that she is Devika, i dont have any proof against, should i do her test, her blood test, DNA test or something, her legal papers wont prove anything, she must have prepared fake papers. Manju comes there and says i am sorry, Shweta arranged party not me, Nivi says i am in tension, i am not finding solution of anything, you leave, Manju says just tell me, i will tell you solution, Nivi says leave it, Manju says i take you as my daughter, share with me, Nivi says dont do emotional drama, i will tell you.
Ravi is driving car and thinks that i will go to Ambika’s office, i will talk her employees there, i will check her papers, i am their legal partner so i can go there, she can fake everything but she can change her signatures, i will check papers and will see her signature, it will prove if she is Devika or Ambika.

PRECAP- lights are switched off in office, Ravi and Devika are stuck in office, Ravi lits lighter, Devika asks him if he is afraid of dark? he asks if she is not afraid of dark? Devika says no i am dont get afraid of darkness, Ravi is surprised as Devika used to get afraid of darkness. Later Devika feels suffocated and falls unconscious in Ravi’s arms, he says Devika get up and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Superb epi n nice precap too ..


    So nice…. i hope devika realise soon that ravi is not culprit and sakshi should be saved by devika, otherwise niveddita will torture sakshi and devika’s family, to prove ambika as devika…..

  3. Don’t know what is going to be but its not good message to society through nivi

  4. serial is going typical K series type serial ,only dragging,Just like kidnapping drama earlier

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