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Scene 1
Devika scolds salesgirl for flirting with her husband, salesgirl says sorry and leaves. Ravi comes to Devika and asks if she has seen cute salesgirl? Devika says your eyes are not working fine, you found her cute? your wife is here, you should wear glasses, Ravi says you bang into other people, you should wear glasses, you are going crazy, he leaves. Sakshi and Monty looks at them and says they are just fighting, out plans are failing, Sakshi says we have to do something.
Navi is waiting for Ravi, peon tells her that Ravi will come after lunch, Navi thinks how Ravi can do this? Devika must have not let him come here, i should call Shweta, she is is gossip queen and can tell me where is Ravi.
Shweta is berating Devika as she has to work in house, Navi calls her and says i am calling

Ravi and Devika but they are not picking up, Shweta says they are in shopping mall of Ambala and i have to work in house, Navi ends call and thinks what kind of shopping is this that they have to go now? i have to find out.
Ravi and Devika selects one dress, Ravi says i found this dress first, Devika says i took it first, they both fight, Sakshi and Monty stops them, Sakshi says this dress is not your type Devika, Ravi says thats what i was saying, only Navi can wear these kinds of dresses and looks good, Devika says i came to talk something different but what you think that only Navi looks good, you like her dressing sense alot? Ravi says yes, she has style, Devika says i can look good in every dress, Ravi taunts if she is queen? Devika says i will show you how good i will look in this dress, she goes to change, Sakshi gets some idea and tells Monty.
Navi comes in shopping mall, she meets Sakshi and Monty, Navi says you must be shopping for first time after marriage, she asks if Ravi has come too? Monty says yes, Sakshi kicks his foot, Navi asks where is Ravi? Sakshi and Monty both shows different ways, Navi asks if Devika is with them too? Sakshi says yes, Monty says no, Navi says you both are so confused, i know you are newly married but you should have compatibility, she leaves, Sakshi says we should concentrate on Devika and Ravi.
Sakshi comes to Devika and says i will show you trial room, Devika says you be with me, i dont wear these kind of dresses, Sakshi says dont worry. Sakshi takes Devika in trial room. Sakshi comes to Ravi and says you should try shirt, she takes him to same trial room, he goes in, Sakshi locks it from outside, Ravi is stunned to see Devika there. Monty comes to Sakshi, Sakshi angrily looks at him and leaves, he says what happened to her? he goes behind her.
Devika is in changing room, she is trying to zip a dress, Ravi is standing behind her, Devik deosnt see him and says Sakshi its good that you came, my dress’s back zip is not closing, help me, Ravi comes forward, puts her hair aside and closes her dress’s zip,Devika says you know Sakshi? i challenged Ravi but you know i dont wear western clothes, am i looking weird? i wore it for Ravi only, tell me am i looking weird? Ravi touches her back, DEvika is shocked and says who are you? she turns to find Ravi, she slips, Ravi holds her, Sadqe tere plays, Devika says you here? Ravi says now you will blame me and tell me that i created this scene and i have come here deliberately, i closed this door and all, you can think anything about me, your taunts will hit me in heart, now you will say i am most bad person in world, i am wrong person, DEvika thinks that how to tell you i can think about you being wrong now, now you will be right person for me, i want to tell you so much and i have got time to be alone with you here now, please stop talking and listen to me, she looks at Ravi, Ravi asks what happened? you are not able to decide from where to start fight? you will fight for sure, you will put big blame on me, i dont like to spend time with you, if i knew you was here then i would have never come here, i came here for Sakshi, Devika says Sakshi is my sister so indirectly you came for me here, Ravi says you are saying indirectly that i came here to flirt with you in this trial room, Ravi says so now you will say that i dont like you in sarees and tricked you in wearing this modern outfit, Devika gets shy and covers herself with dupatta.
Navi comes to same salesgirl and asks if she has seen handsome guy? he has long hairs and have subtle look, Salesgirl asks if that girl(Devika) have sent you? she says i am sorry, i was just showing him shirts, i wont do anything again, she leaves, Navi is confused, Sakshi comes to Navi and says you must have not found what you like right? Navi says yes, Sakshi says you like modern dresses, you wont find them on this floor, i will take you there, its in basement, Navi says i wil help myself, she leaves.
Ravi says you wanna become hot? you want to break your boring image by wearing this modern dress? Devika says you are saying that those who wear sarees are boring? Ravi says i dont know anyone else but i am bearing one person who wears saree, Devika says you bear me? who asks you to bear me? i started wearing sarees for you as you said you like me in sarees, now i can wear modern dresses too, Ravi says so you are saying that my liking matters to you? Devika says yes, Ravi is surprised and says you are saying that you came here to wear modern dress as i said Navi looks good in it? you wore it so i can praise you? this means when i say you are beautiful, you like it, when i come close to you, you feel good and your heart beats faster, he comes closer to her and pins her to wall, he makes her wear dupatta, Devika lovingly looks at him, Ravi says to tell you truth, you look most beautiful in saree, you are most beautiful in everything, your innocence is most beautiful, your eyes speak innocence, our relation is precious to us, Ravi says i wanna tell you Devika that.. Devika stops him and says you have said alot to me till now but today i wanna say something, Ravi i wanna tell you.. DEvika thinks that now i have to tell Ravi that i wanna spend time with you, i have to tell him that i love you, Ravi thinks why Devika seems changed? what she is upto, what she wanna tell me. Devika says Ravii wanna say.. (maine khud ko plays).
Navi is finding Ravi, she says they are here thats why Sakshi is trying to dodge me.

PRECAP- Manju says to Parmindar that we have to teach lesson to Sakshi and Devika so whats the need to celebrate Lohri? Parmindar says we have to do things for society too, Manju says i will not spare Devika and Sakshi. Devika and Ravi listens all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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