Kalash 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Monty says why is it here? Waiter says its chocolate for kids in the party sir. The waiter checks the revolver. Ravi and Ambika welcomes guests. Vikcy says to ravi why are you low? Ravi says I don’t know about time. We remember what happened in Ambika’s birthday last time? I would die if something happens to Ambika so I am looking around. I should protect her. Vicky says you go with Ambika I will keep an eye on everything here.
A woman says to rekha you should start looking a guy for palavi. Ambika says she is right. Rekha says you are right. I want her to get married but she doesn’t listen to me. Janki says we have to get our daughters married. See I am so happy to see Ambika happy. Ravi meets rekha and Palavi. Rekha says we are so happy for you. Keep succeeding.

Always make your family proud. Ravi says I will.

Navi says where is that raghav? I should tell him to kill ambika as soon as possible. Where is he? saket is nowhere either. Saket comes. Navi says where is your shooter? Why he didn’t finish his job? Ambika and ravi are enjoying? saket says relax. The party has just started. Navi says I am worried. I want to see ambika dead. The first one failed with a bomb and the second one got beaten himself? Saket says don’t worry. He knows what he has to do.
Navi comes downstairs and says on mic, I want to thank you all for coming to my company’s success party. It is very important for us. This is all because of Ravi’s hard work. This celebrations belong to him. This one man did so much for our company. monty says she didn’t even take my name. i worked for it too.

Ambika says your miss navi is appreciating? He says she knows I am diamond but you can’t see? Ambika says maybe I need a special glass to see it. Navi calls Ravi on stage. Ambika says go go. He says see how your kohinorr diamond shines on the stage.
Ravi thanks everyone and says I am not alone responsible for it. There are a lot of people behind. A man alone can’t do anything. There were 32 people in my team. They are all part of this celebration. They all worked hard for it. I want to thank them all. We all have a person in our life who believes in us. For me that person is.. The shooter loads his gun. Navi says in heart Ravi is talking about me. Ravi says is my wife. Can you please come on stage? The shooter points but a girl comes in between.
Ravi says this is my passion my wife. She always stood by me. Thank you ambika.

Saket says to shooter why you didn’t shoot? He says that woman came in between. If she comes as well I will shoot her as well. Saket says no no don’t shoot her. Don’t do anything to her. Saket says I will ask that girl to be aside.
Ambika says I am very lucky to have a husband like Ravi. He gives me credit and takes care of me. I always want him to succeed. I want to surprise Ravi. This is for two more people. She says look there. They all look there.. Sakshi comes downstairs. Navi says what are you doing here? Go back to your room. Sakshi says don’t be so hyper. And yes I am normal. Aren’t you happy to hear? If you try to hurt me again I will expose you and that you killed my devika didi.

Precap-Navi points the gun at shooter and sasy kill her. You have wasted so much time I will shoot you and then her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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