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Scene 1
Saket says to DEvika that anyone can see you crying, so go and freshen up, go, he ask her to go in corner room as anyone can see you in your room, DEvika agrees and leaves. Ravi comes and says you are cheap, Saket says i didnt do anything, i didnt take any advantage, i told you i will not do anything and she will come in my arms, soon she will become mine, Ravi holds collar, Saket says lets go in party, do this infront of all, Ravi leaves him, Saket says come, Ravi leaves.
In party, Monty is looking at Pallavi, Sanjay sees this and comes to Monty and says you are checking out girls? i will tell girls, Monty says dont do this, Sanjay comes to girls, Pallavi is there too, Sanjay says girls a guy is seeing with wrong intention, girl ask where is he? Monty runs from there, Girls says we

will teach him lesson, Sanajy shows them Monty, girls come to Monty and says i will beat you, Pallavi says no i know this guy, he is very good guy, Sanjay was joking, Sanjay leaves, Pallavi says sorry to Monty, Monty says its ok i didnt mind at all, Pallavi says i will leave, she leaves.
Sakshi is trying to find Ravi, DEvika or Saket, she says i should tell everything to Ravi, she doesnt find her, she comes to Monty and ask about Ravi or dEvika? Monty says no, Sakshi thinks where they left?
Navi drinks wine and recalls how Ravi helped her and how he proposed her, she says Ravi didnt do right with me, how dare he, all my staff members listen to me then why not Ravi? her younger sister Sia comes and ask what happened to you? you are drinking wine in daytime only? she ask did dad say anything? Navi says no, Sia says you are changed, what happened to you? did anyone say anything to you? Navi says nothing happened to me in India, nobody played with my emotions, Sia says you are afraid to lgo to India? Navi says i have guts to handle everything, i am not going to India as i dont want, please leave me alone for sometime, Sia leaves, Navi says what has happened to me, Ravi i hate you.
DEvika sit in her room and recalls how Ravi used to say that he will solve all are her problems, DEvika says Ravi you have destroyed my life, i used to trust you the most, i used to trust you more than my family and you broke my trust in such a way that i cant trust anyone now, dont know why you did this with me, did money has so much importance that you didnt even think about my faith, my trust, my feelins.
Ravi recalls how Devika was hugging Saket, he says what has happened to DEvika, cant she understand that Saket is devil, i will not able to protect you from him everytime, what has happened you DEvika, Saket drinks wine and thinks that tonight i will make DEvika mine.

Sakshi comes back in reception, she ask Manju where are DEvika and Ravi? she says dont know where are they, she leaves, Sakshi thinks if DEvika is alone? she recalls howe Saket said that he will do everything with DEvika tonight, she says i need to save DEvika. Rekha is sitting in corner and thinks that why this cheap Saket has come here? his madness will make him drive crazy and he can harm DEvika, Shekhar comes and ask what happened? she says i dont know why Saket has come here? i am worried if he is upto something again, Shekhar says nothing wil happen, your health is not fine, dotn take tension, REkha says for me DEvika matters most, Saket can create problems between Ravi and Devika, Devika married Ravi so Saket has gone mad, he can do anything, Ravi and Devika have not got any time to understand each other, i pray that before Saket can do anything cheap, Ravi and Devika build so much trust and ove for each other that he cant do anything.
Saket is drinking wine and says i have always played with girls and used them but this girl DEvika has made mad, i love her, i wil do suhaagraat with her and Ravi will cry for life that he got 2nd hand wife, Saket closes lights of corridor and says it will be good if DEvika herself comes in my arms, she needs someone to love so why not me?
DEvika cries and says Ravi destroyed my life and didnt even think once that he is doing this for money, now my pain will not end, Ravi is finding DEvika, he says where did she go?
Devika is sleeping in room, Saket comes there and sit beside her, he stares her back, opens dori of her back but someone comes there.

PRECAP- Rekha says to Ravi and DEvika that alot of rituals have been done as we want Ravi and DEvika to spend time together so we want you to go from Ambala to a good place for honeymoon, Devika and Ravi are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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