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Scene 1
Devika says to Saket that i will remain with Ravi and i love him, how can you stoop so low? Saket says i have always loved, we were getting married but that Ravi snatched you, i am involved in this kidnapping, i did all this to get you, even after all this i love you and i will make you mine, i did this kidnapping to get you, Devika says you dont even deserve to have my hatred, i have always loved Ravi, Saket says you cant deny my love, you have to become mine else i wont let you become of anyone else, he comes closer to her, Devika runs from there. Saket meets Navi and says Devikay denied my love, she has to pay for it now, Nvi says i told you she doesnt love you, Saket says its time to end her story. Devika is running, she meets Manju and hugs her, she says Navi and Saket wants to kill me,

they are very bad people, Manju says not two but three people are involved in this, i am with them too, its difficult for mother in law to do all this but i made you my daughter in law to get your property but you didnt give money to me, Navi said everything truly, Navi is nice, she cane give me money, i want her to be my daughter in law, Devika is shocked and runs from there. Manju meets Navi and Saket and tells them that Devik have runaway, i told her that i am with you both, Saket says she know everything now, we need to find her before she meets any family member, they go to search her.
Devika is running in jungle, she says i have to tell Ravi that all are involved in this scheme, even his mother has become so greedy that she wants to kill me. i cant even shout for Ravi’s help as they will listen my voice now, please Lord make me meet Ravi, Sakshi or Monty. Ravi calls Navi, Navi sees Devika hiding behind bushes, Ravi says to Navi that i am taking property papers to Ambe Maa, Navi puts call on speaker, Ravi says to Navi that dont tell anything to Devika, dont tell her that we have come here to do property work, not for prayers only, its our secret, we will bring this property thing after everything is completed then Devika will get real shock, Navi says i wont tell anything about property to Devika, its our secret, she ends call. DEvika thinks that Ravi is involved in all this plan with Navi? Rvi cheated me for this property? how can he cheat me like this, i should have died before listening this.
Rekha prays for Devika. Sakshi is walking, her foot get sprained, Monty asks her to be careful, sakshi says if Devika has seen me like this then she would have scolded me for not taking care, lets go to Devika, Monty nods.
Navi asks Devika to come out of bushes, Saket asks her to come out, he wants to see her face before killing her as he loves her alot. Manju asks Devika to come out as she wants to kill her by giving her pain, Devika runs from there but Manju catches her. Devika says please let me go, Navi says you have snatched my Ravi, Saket says you destroyed my love, Manju says you took my 10crores, Devika says to Navi that if Ravi wants to be with you then i will leave him, Navi says its late to do all this now, you know everything and we cant leave you, DEvika runs from there. Devika comes near end of cliff, she turns to see Manju, Saket and Navi standing behind her and smirking to her, Devika moves back seeing them, she cries, Manju says she cant runaway now, one side is cliff and otherside are we, Devika says dont kill me, i will leave this city, i will give my property to you people, Sakshi, Pallavi, my family will die if they know that i am dead, dont kill me. Saket, Manju moves towards her, they push her off cliff, Devika falls off from cliff, she holds on to stone and tries to reach upwards. Ravi comes near cliff and starts finding Devika, he calls out her name. Navi comes to Ravi and says its good that you came, Ravi asks where is Devika? Navi says i am so shocked, Ravi asks Navi what happened? Manju says Devika fell off from cliff, Ravi is shocked, Saket says i called her but she fell off from cliff before i could reach her, Ravi runs towards cliff. Ravi comes to cliff, Devika is still clinging to stone on cliff, Ravi tries to go down from cliff but Manju and Navi pushes him back and asks him to be careful, Devika recalls how Ravi said earlier that if she needs him in life then he will be there for her, Navi asks Ravi to find another place, he goes to find Devika. Navi says to Devika that Ravi doesnt care about you, he has left, he is mine only, Devika recalls how Ravi married her, how he said that he will fulfill her mother’s dreams, she thinks that i blindly trusted you but you have broken me from inside, i kept thinking that you love me from core of your heart but it was not love at all, you cheated me so much, Navi is right, you never loved me, you wanted me to die thats why you are not saving me, you always wanted my property, you wanted to be with Navi after getting my property, i cant even even believe that you cheated me for property and Navi, this life is not good where you get cheated at every single point, its useless to live now, i should die, Ravi comes to cliff and calls out to Devika, Ravi sees Devika, Devika leaves her hand from stone, she starts falling down from cliff, she recalls how Ravi and she took oath that they will live together, Devka falls down in river, Ravi is shocked.

PRECAP- Lady is praying in river in which Devika fell down. She finds Devika’s body in river and looks at Ambe Maa’s idol.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. bechara ravi, pls writers ab ravi ko baksh do

  2. Ohh no! Now devika will return to seek revenge from Ravi too.so sad bcoz Ravi is not involved in this plan .navi is so cheap

  3. Why devika always msundrstnd ravi? ??

  4. Fartun Abukar

    What the f**k is going on here she can’t die no. She just start trusting Ravi.

  5. That mean devika will be still alive but she will come for revenge

  6. OMG just when they had sorted out their differences, another split. Will devika come back in disguise or herself? After the leap, will Ravi have married navi? I really hope the writers don’t show them married.

  7. Bechara ravi please inhe fir se mila do

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