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Scene 1
Saket finds Mandir infront of his car and says traffic jam behind his car, Ravi calls Saket, Ravi ask Saket where are you, Saket says i am trying to come but all problems are coming inbetween, Savitri takes phone and ask where are you? he says thunder storm came, i am stuck, i will try to come asap, she says ok, he ends call.
Tanu sit in mandap, Devika finds Ravi coming there so she starts leaving, she hides behind some girls but Ravi sees her, he points her to come out, Sanjay notices this, Devika leaves from there, Sanjay stops RAvi and ask who are you? Rvi says i am Saket’s relative, Sanjay says ok you maybe his relative but why you are behind my sister, first you have to fight with me then go, Ravi says you seem tired, first go and eat something, he ask him to go and eat new

ice-cream, Sanjay being foodie runs for ice-cream, Ravi goes to find Devika. Devika is hiding from Ravi, she hides, he ask why you are hiding from me, am i ghost, Devika thinks see his guts, he is running behind me, what he wants, Devika hides in a room, Ravi comes in same room, he says i know you are hiding here only, i wanna talk to you, come out, DEvika is hiding behind cupboard, he says ok you will not come like this, he locks door, Devika is stunned and says why he is closing door, she comes out, runs and tries to open door, he comes and says i just wanna talk to you, she hurts Ravi on hand, he shouts dont you know me? havent we met before? Dada says to Rekha that go and see where is Devika, she goes.
Ravi says to Devika that i just wanna talk to you, she says i am not that type of girl, please let me go, if anyone comes here then my name will destroyed, RAvi says you are a wild girl, you hurt me, Devika says let me go please, she cries, Ravi starts coming closer to her, he pulls her to wall and get closer with her, she closes her eyes and is crying, he looks at her.
Anuja comes to Ajay’s marriage and thinks that SAvitri ate my son’s money and is doing grand marriage, i will destroy it, she calls someone. Devika is about to shout, Ravi stops her and says i just wanna talk to you, you have hurt my hand, i should be shouting, why you are crying, what have i done? Devika says you are behind me from many days, you were asking tea stall man about my address, you were behind me in whole marriage, my life will be destroyed if anyone see you here with me, Ravi says i was following you just to ask you why did you sacrifice your job for me? and you are thinking that i wanna take advantage of you? i wanna get close to you? your thinking is cheap, Devika is stunned.

Scene 2
Tanu and Ajay gets married, Savitri blesses them. Anuja comes there will police all are shocked. Ravi says to Devika that look at me, do you think that i will force any girl? i have never touched a girl without her consent, you still think that i was raping Tanu that night, your thinking is cheap, i cant stand anyone think that i am rapist, ask your friend, if i was with raping guys? Devika says she si confused, Ravi says i will never follow you but i just wanna ask you if you think i am that cheap then why did you sacrifice your job for me? answer me, she looks at him.
poilce officer says to Savitri that you have to come with us to police station, Savitri ask why? Anuja comes and says this is serious matter, Savitri ask Tanu’s mother to go home and i will solve matter her, she ask Abhay, Sanjay to leave with Ajay and Tanu, they leave. Savitri ask Anuja what i did? Anuja says you have stolen my gold earring, SAvitri laughs and says you are mad women, you always create fights, she ask police man to take her to mental hospital, Anuja says i have come with proofs, she shows receipt of gold earrings which she bought and when she reached home, earrings were missing, Savitri was in same shop so chekc her stuff, she must have stolen it, Savitri ask her to allege me, Police man says just let us check your jewelry then you will be proved right, Dada says let them check, once she is proven wrong then we will make Anuja arrest, savitri says ok bring jewelry, jewelry is brought there, police officer finds same earring in Savitri’s jewelry with same copy of receipt, Savitri is shocked.

Scene 3
Devika says this is true i destroyed my designs so you get job because that day in mandir, i listened your mother saying to Pundit that you are worried for your family, you want to help them, your family is not financially stable so you are tensed, then i realized that you need that job more, you dont have faith in Amba Maa so i thought with this job, your faith will restore but now it think i was wrong, you must be thinking that you got job because of yourself only not because of Ambe Maa, and see i got job again in that office, its Ambe Maa’s blessing that i am saved from your kind of people, Ravi says what you mean, she says you saved Tanu that night but that doesnt mean you are pure, you are a flirt, i saw you that day in my store room making out with a girl, then at chaat stall you were flirting with other girl, you are cheap, Devika says to Ravi that you have only one good thing in you that is you take responsibility of your family, you care about them, Ambe Maa must have thought to help you and she that by making me sacrifice that job otherwise i will never hel a cheap guy like you, Ravi looks on and says dont do it then, Devika says if you have shame then dont come infront of me ever again, she leaves, Ravi thinks that what kind of girl is she, she hates me so much but left her job as i needed it more, in today’s world, girls like her exist that can leave her happiness for happiness of others, what should i think about her?
Police man says to SAvitri that how did this earring came in your stuff?Savitri says dont know, he says you have to come with us to police station, Savitri says i didnt do anything, i will not come, Dada ask her to go for now, Savitri ask shekhar to call Saket, he can solve this matter, she sys to Anuja that i will take revenge for this, you have done this, i know, Anuja says you stole my thing and now alleging me, police man ask both to come to police station, they leave.

PRECAP- Dada tells Devika that some lady alleged Savitri of stealing her jewelry and it was found in SAvitri’s stuff, she was taken to police station. Devika says we should go to police station.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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