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Scene 1
Its morning, Servant wakes Saket, Saket says let me sleep, servant says its 10am, Saket wakes up and says i am getting late for work, servant asks him to drink tea, Saket says bring something cold.
Nivi is tensed in her room and says its 10am and they are sleeping still, door is closed, Ambika was drunk but what about Ravi? i cant even enter their room, what if something happened between them? she recalls how Ambika said that they were romancing.
Saket says dont know what happened there, what if something wrong happened? He calls Nivi, Nivi says why you are calling me? Saket says i dont like to listen your voice too, tell me what happened last night? Nivi says everything happened between them, i am upset with you, this happened because of you, Saket ends call and says she has

gone mad, she is blaming me. Nivi says he cut my call, my time is going bad but my good time will come and i will show them what i can do, i should check on Ravi and Ambika but i will have to face Manju and Shweta which i dont want to do, what should do?
Ravi comes to Devika’s bed and sees her sleeping peacefully, she sits on his knees and lovingly gazes at her, he gets up and says you were lioness last night, you made me dance to your tunes and now i will torture you, he gets idea and says now game is on my side, i will show what Ravi Garewal is. He makes lipstick mark on his chest with her lipstick. He sits near bed and says sweetheart, darling, Mohan pyaare, wake up, devika mumbles maa let me sleep, Ravi says i am your husband, should i kiss you? Devika wakes up and says how did you come in my room? get out, Ravi says i am your husband, remember we got married? where will i go? i have bring tea for you sweetheart, Devika says my name is Ambika not sweetheart, Ravi says you should drink tea, you must be tired from last night, Devika says i am fine, why i would be tired? i am fine, Ravi says how? dont you remember what you did last night? i still have pain in whole body, Devika says stop this drama and leave this room, Ravi says last night you were asking me to come closer, i didnt know you are such good performer, Devika says you are lying, Ravi shows her lipstick mark on his chest and says see its your lipstick mark, Devika says i know you are just teasing me, leave me, Ravi says last night, you were asking me touch you and all, Devika says you are flirt, go now, Ravi says my whole body is sore, i should sleep more, Devika is tensed and says i am giving you last warning, Ravi says i know you remember everything but pretending not to remember, see these roses who were witness of our love making, Devika shouts him to get out, he says okay drink tea.
Ravi comes out his room and stretches. Nivi comes there and asks why is he tired? did you sleep? Ravi says yes i got good sleep, seems like you didnt sleep, everything fine? Nivi says everything is fine, Ravi says your eyes are showing you didnt sleep, Nivi says i am fine, Ravi says i should leave, she asks where? he says i am going for breakfast, come with me, Nivi says i want to talk to something, she thinks how to ask if something happened between him and Ambika, she says come after breakfast, he leaves, Nivi thinks that if they consummated their marriage then everything has ended for me.

Scene 2
Devika says this cant happen, ravi was lying, i know myself, i can be drunk but no.. this is lie, he was just teasing me but what happened last night? i dont remember anything, i remember talking to Maa, she recalls getting dizzy in room, dancing romantically with Ravi, Ravi bringing her to room and they sleeping each others arms, she says i was drunk and maybe Ravi is saying truth but how this cant happen? i cant loose myself, i have come here to take revenge not to have married life with him and Ravi took advantage of me, he knew i was drunk, he could have left room but he didnt, he took advantage of my foolishness again. She checks Ravi’s coat and finds lipstick mark on it, she is shocked and drops it, she is in tears and says it means i kissed Ravi, how can i? Ravi was saying truth, and he didnt stop me, he could have stopped but why would he? he would take advantage of me, what should i do now? She says i wish Janki Maa was here, if she was here then this wouldnt have happened, maa always stop me from doing mistakes. She looks at herself in mirror and says i have love for him as Devika but Ambika can never love Ravi, i have done mistake and i should get punished because it, i will finish touches of Ravi from my soul.
Ravi is not able to choose what breakfast he should have, he says after seeing Ambika’s new avatars, i have forgotten everything. Vikas comes there and sees him happily eating, he says wow.. you are not able to wipe your smile off, seems like last night was great, Ravi says i cant tell you what happened last night, Vikas says it means everything happened. Ravi says Ambika thinks everything happened and i am taking advantage of it, Vikas says Ambika is very nice girl, i have seen she cries on small things, she ash good upbringing, dont tease her like this.
Nivi thinks that i should talk to Ambika, she will tell me everything. She enters room and listens noise from washroom, she says i should wait here, i won get peace till i listen what happened last night. She finds Ravi’s coat and sees lipstick mark on it, she is shocked and says this means they became this close? this cant happen, she throws away coat.
Ravi says to Vikas that you are thinking wrong, till i dont tease her, how will love increase? Vikas says i pray to lord that you both have love for life, Manju comes and asks whose love we are talking about? i am happy to see you both happy, today is Diwali, i will celebrate it fully today, Vikas says diwali comes every year but you are shining today, i never saw you so dressed up? Manju says i have got such good daughter in law, i am so happy, God has given me everything, feels like i am on 7th sky, its her first function here so i will celebrate it fully, Vikas says you have many gifts from Ambika, Manju says its their duty to give gifts, we have much work to do, today Ambika will make something sweet in kitchen, dont disturb me you both, she leaves. Vikas says to Ravi that get ready to eat something cooked by your love, happy Diwali, Ravi smiles.

PRECAP- Nivi puts salt in sweetdish which Devika made. All family members are eating at dining table, Monty says this sweetdish is salty, Devika is confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. What is ekta trying to prove by dragging this series.

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