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Scene 1
Devika thinks why Dadi is thinking that Ravi is interested in me? just cause he brought me here from party or some other reason, she recalls how Saket used to misbehave with her, she says Sakshi was right, Ravi is alot better than Ravi, he thinks about everyone, he cares for everyone and otherside Saket is rude, Ravi has humanity, she recalls how Ravi helped her, she says girls do know what intention guy have when he come closer to girl, when Ravi comes closer to me, i never feel he has bad intention but when Saket comes closer to me, i get shivered, i cant discuss it with anyone, dadi will say that Saket is my fiance and can do anything, my life is fixed with Saket so i will not think about it, she prays to Ambe Maa to help her.
Ravi follows Saket and his girlfriend, he sees them in hotel,

he tries to listen their talk.
Sakshi says to DEvika that you said to Ravi that you will not talk to him just cause Dadi asked you say all this, he must be hurt, what was his fault? Devika says i know i did wrong but i had no way, i cant bear that anyone say a word to him, i cant bear if someone allege him, someone point on his character, Sakshi says great, she says do you really want Ravi to be away from you? dont you want your best friend to be with you on such special occasion,, call him and say sorry.

Scene 2
Saket hugs his girlfriend, Ravi tries to take their picture, security guard comes and says you cant take pictures, manager comes and says this is not allowed here, you cant take pictures, Ravi says i was just taking is casually, Saket and his gf leaves, Ravi says to manager that i work for Raskesh Luthara, we wanted to have meeting here but i will call him and tell about you, manager says sorry and leaves, Ravi gets call from Sakshi, Ravi says i am busy, he ends call when Deviak tries to talk to him, Sakshi says to Devika that you deserve it.
Navi is busy in work, she ask worker where is Ravi, she says he has not come till now, Navi says this is not park that he can come at any time, call him right now, Navi thinks that today i will teach him lesson, will scold him and throw him out.
Vikas comes to Devika’s house, Devika’s father tells him that Mehndi function will be simple so keep decoration minimal, Sanjay ask to call Ravi, Vikas calls Ravi but Ravi doesnt take it.
Rekha says to Tannu that Mehndi will be applied to Devika today, Sakshi and Pallavi will help her, they love her alot, Savitri comes and ask them to work, dont gossip, Tannu says when we talk to each other we feel good, you should do it, Savitri ask Rekha to call Mehndi applier, Rekha says i forgot it, Savitri says do it.
Savitri calls Saket’s mother Gayetri, she invites them for Mehndi, Gayetri says Saket has gone out, we will come after he comeback to home, he must have gone to Mandir, Savitri says we will wait for you, she ends call and says Saket is great person, never forget to go to Mandir.

Scene 3
Sanjay comes in kitchen, a fat girl is there, he ask for cold drink, he ask who are you? she says i am lovely, she says cold drink is finished but i have my glass remaining, she gives it to him, Sanjay thanks her, she says can you call my cousin? he says yes, she tells him number of her, he calls her and says no one is picking, he leaves, Lovely says he is cute, i got his number.
Sakshi ask Vikas about Ravi? Vikas says don know where is he, Sakshi says to Pallavi that Devika didnt do good with him, now Devika will apply Mehndi of Saket’s name, i am feeling bad for Ravi, Pallavi says we should write R instead of S in Devika’s hand with Mehndi, Sakshi says great idea, let Mehndi start.
Ravi is trying to find Saket and his gf, he sees Mandir, he recalls how Devika has immense trust on Ambe Maa, he says so you do this with your loyals, you have no problem with her life getting destroyed, he turns to find Saket and gf standing there, he is stunned and looks at Ambe Maa, Saket checks out of hotel, Ravi comes at reception, he tries to check register of entering, he says to receptionist that i want details of your hotel, she goes to bring magazine, Ravi checks register of check in and thinks Saket is very clever, he has booked room with girl and showed her as his wife, Saket puts hand on his shoulder, Ravi turns and is shocked to see him, he ask Ravi what are you doing here? Ravi says my boss is organizing party here so came here to find details, Saket says we have party meeting here with female staff so came here, Ravi leaves.

PRECAP- Saket says to Devika that you are so nice, i am so much happy, he hugs her, DEvika feels uncomfortable,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. ufff ravi lost this time to collect proof…………! well, mehandi idea was nice

  3. oh god I wish devika should realise ravi’s love!!!!! sakshi u rock, Ur d 1 who undrstood their love at first!! So do something k
    Gud mrng kalash

  4. kalash is going to impress everyone in future episodes.
    Keep watching kalash…… Ek vishwas

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