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Scene 1
Manju says to Ravi that nothing major has happened to Devika, i am seeing you are totally going crazy for Devika, Ravi says what if this accident has happened with me? what if Saket had killed me? would you be so clam then? Devika is your daughter in law and my wife, i have to take care of her, he says i am sorry and leaves with Devika, Devika thinks why Ravi took Saket’s name? how is Saket related to that accident?
Ravi brings Devika in room, Devika feels dizzy and falls in Ravi’s arms, Ravi lifts her in his arms, Devika looks at him, Sadqe tere plays, Ravi puts Devika on bed, they are close and share eyelock, Devika looks down, Devika’s mangalsutra gets stuck in Ravi’s shirt button, Ravi untangle it, he covers Devika with blanket and sit beside her, Devika smiles

at him little.
In middle of night, Devika wakes up and finds Ravi sleeping in sitting position only beside her, Devika gets up and covers Ravi with blanket, she looks at him and recalls how he defended her infront of his mother, she says you have won over me again, the way you saved me but.. she recalls how he said that Saket is not good man, she says you hide things from me, you cheat me, you broke my heart, dont know whats real side of yours, she recalls how Ravi said in hospital that his love is not lie, he is living life cause of her, she thinks that i feel like trusting your love again, when i was unconscious, you were so worried for me, you got so afraid to lose me and showed your love, that cant be lie, your eyes always speak that your love is not a lie, the way you saved me, protected me and took care of me cant be lie thats why i will not about your bad things, your love doesnt seem fake so why should i think about anything else? i will forget your mistakes, i have started loving you so much, your this side has awakened love in me again for you, i will always love you now, dont change Ravi, she cups Ravi’s face, she touches her face with Ravi’s, she hugs him and sleeps in his arms.
Saket comes to Savitri’s house with Gayetri, he says i wanted to talk something important, Savitri thinks if something wrong is .going to happen? she ask Saket if we did any mistake? Gayetri says no, we met pundit and he said that Girl’s kundli has bad omen in it, Saket agreed for this marriage and yesterday he had an accident, Savitri folds her hand and says dont break this marriage, we will do pooja, havan anything to remove it, but dont break this marriage, Saket says we have not come to break marriage, Pundit said that we get married in two days then there will not be any bad omen, i have brought things for Mehndi too, Savitri says how will we arrange things in two days? Saket says i will prepare for everything, dont worry, Shekhar says its too difficult to do marriage in two days, Dada and Rekha agrees, Savitri says we have got God like son in law then why cant this marriage happen in two days? she says to Saket that dont worry, marriage will happen in two days as our daughter has problem in her fate and you should not bear anything for that, Saket thinks that Ravi must be busy in taking care of Devika so he cant do much in two days and i will get married.
Ravi wakes up in morning and sees Devika in his arms and her hand on his heart, he smiles and says i got so worried when i saw your accident but thank you for putting hand on my heart, you have given me so much peace by doing this, he kisses her hand, he gets Rekha’s call, he attends call, Rekha ask Ravi why he is talking slowly? Ravi says Devika is sleeping so i dont want to disturb her, Rekha says okay, she says Saket and his mother came, they are asking to do marriage in two days, his pundit has asked to do marriage in two days, Ravi thinks that Saket has made this plan so that i am not able to do anything against him in such short time, Rekha ask Ravi to say something, Rekha says you know when Devika is with me, i feel more strong so bring it here soon, she ask if Devika is fine? i was feeling worried from last night, Ravi says its true mother feel about kids from far away too, Devika had accident last night, Rekha gets worried, Ravi says dont worry, she is fine, it was minor accident and i am taking care of her, i will be with her, Rekha says i trust you, Ravi says i will come there on time, he ends call, Ravi looks at Devika and says now i understand why you have so much respect for Rekha, she loves you more than your real mother.

Scene 2
Gayetri and Saket comes to Sakshi, Gayetri gives her gifts and tells her that Pundit has asked to do marriage in two days to avoid any problem, you be prepared, she leaves, Saket sings Hum tum ek kamre main band hoon, he says you can be my dasi(servant) after marriage, he pulls her closer and says game has started now, you will get more shocks after marriage, today you will put Mehndi of my name, stop your drama of showing attitude else i wll break your hands and remember suhagraat raat(marriage night) is still remaining, Sakshi gets worried listening this. she says to Saket that i am not village, innocent kind of girl that will beg to you, i know how to protect myself, the one whose doesnt respect, i dont even bother to see them, Saket says then this game is going to be fun darling, he leaves, Sakshi is disgusted.
Devika wakes up and doesnt find Ravi beside her, she says he must be in washroom, Ravi brings breakfast, he says you were crazy but you have become lazy too, did you get good sleep? she says yes, he ask her to close eyes, she does, Ravi brings red rose for Devika, he ask Devika to open her eyes, she does, Ravi this rose is for Devika Garewal, Devika smiles at Ravi, he gives it to her and ask if she will have juice? Devika says you want me to get ill by making me drink juice in winters? Ravi says thats why i havent made it, i knew you would deny it thats why i have made aloo parathas, he offers her but she says i will eat it myself, she tries to eat but her hand has pain, Ravi says i told you to let me make you eat, he feeds aloo parathas to her, she looks at him lovingly, Koi mujhko aise mila hai jaise Banjare ko ghar, Ravi drinks tea first and blows air in to make it cool then he makes Devika drink that tea, Devika keep looking at him in love.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Saket that you have reduced your life days by making this marriage happen in two days, now get ready for your bad days. Addy calls Ravi and says good news, we have got drug dealer from whom Charan had bought drugs on Saket insistence to frame Monty and Sakshi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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