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Scene 1
Navi thinks that Saket was telling big lies that he has sent big goons, his men are useless, i asked Ravi to meet Devika, what if he comes here before kidnapping, Ravi comes there and sees Navi in car, he says you here? Navi comes out of car and says i actually.. Ravi asks where is your driver? Navi says my driver is on vacation, Ravi asks did you come to buy something? Navi says tonight is my friend’s birthday party, i came to buy bouquet, Ravi says no issues, i will bring it for you, Navi thinks that Ravi has seen me near kidnapping site and also i pushed him to meet Devika today, if Devika gets kidnapped then he will link it to me for sure and what Saket tells him anything then i am fiished, Ravi brings bouquet, Navi thanks him,, Ravi asks if she needs anything else? she says no,

she says you were to meet Devika, what are you doing here? Ravi says Devika called me here, i will meet her, Navi says i will leave now, she drives away from there.
Navi parks her car in corner, she says Ravi is here so tis kidnapping cant happen, i should stop it, she call goons but its switched off. Saket says to himself that after one phone, my life will change, i will get Devika. He gets Navi’s call, Navi says your goons are idiots, we are in problem, Ravi is here and worst part is that Ravi has seen me here, we have to stop this kidnapping, Saket says then then call my goons, Navi says their phone is switched off, if you have any other number then call them stop this kidnapping, Saket says okay, he ends call, he tries to call them but cant get through, he calls Navi again and says goons are not picking up call, let this kidnapping happen now, Navi says but Ravi has seen me, he will hate me for this, Saket says then make plan to stop Ravi, this is your chance, if Devika says i love you to Ravi then you will be gone, Navi says you are making me afraid, Saket says i am telling you truth, now its upto you, he ends call, Navi thinks what to do now, she sees a glass piece and gets idea. Navi calls Ravi and says my tire is punctured, can you help me? Ravi says you call your driver, i am waiting for Devika, Navi says no, there are weird people around here and i cant wait for driver, please come for 2minutes. DEvika sees Ravi outside shop on call and gets happy, she is about to go out of shop but security guard(he is with goons) stops her and says i have to check your bag as alarm s ringing, Devika gives him bag. Navi says to Ravi that my car is in middle of road, please come for sometime, Ravi leaves from there. Security guard checks her bag and lets her go out of shop, Devika sees Ravi gne and comes in shop again, she sees goons looking at her and thinks that i dont need to be afraid now, i should call Ravi, she calls Ravi, Ravi asks her where is she? Ravi bangs into someone and his phone falls down, it breaks, Devika calls him again but its switched off.
Ravi comes to Navi, Navi says i asked people so they brought my car in corner, she says i was calling you but you didnt pick up, Ravi says my phone broke, he checks his tire, Navi thinks that its good, Devika will not be able to call Ravi now, Ravi takes Navi’s phone, Navi says he will call Devika now, Ravi calls mechanic and asks him to come to market, he says i have to go, mechanic is coming, Devika is waiting for me, he leaves, Navi thinks that till now kidnappers have not called till now, what if Ravi reaches there before kidnapping.
In shop, Devika thinks to check out Ravi outside shop, she comes out of shop and tries to call Ravi, its off, she tries to find him. Otherside Navi says i am in tension, i cant stay here, i have to see where is Ravi, Devika’s kidnapping should not happen infront of Ravi.
Ravi is finding Devika and says DEvika must be waiting for me. Devika says should i go to his office? maybe he went there. She sees goons following her. She says this means they are following me, she thinks to message Ravi, she messages Ravi. Devika tries to hire a rickshaw, she is afraid of goons. A man comes to Devika and says i know Ravi, he has planned surprise for you, he has called you there in red van, Devika thinks that maybe Ravi wants to surprise me too, now i will meet Ravi and will be free from these goons too, she leaves, man points to goons.

Scene 2
Ravi is going on street, he says Navi following her, he says you here? Navi says i have extra phone, i thought you would need it, you can call Devika, Ravi says you think about me so much, thanks. Navi thinks that i didnt want them to talk but made wrong excuse in tension. Devika thinks that Ravi seems more excited about this friendship anniversary, it must be big surprise as he loves me alot and i love him too, this love feeling is so good, i just want so say i love you to him. Devika gets Sakshi’s call and asks where is she? DEvika says i am fine, Devika says to Sakshi that i am not able to listen your voice, she ends call. Ravi says to Navi that her phone is engaged, he says i will go and check her, i will take your phone too, he leaves, Navi says dont know if goons kidnapped her or not.
Devika is going to street where goons are waiting for her. Ambe Maa’s picture falls from Devika’s hands, she gets tensed and puts it in her clutch. Ravi is standing on otherside of street, Navi sees Devika there. Goons come out of car and kidnaps Devika before Ravi could see them, Ravi sees red van, she starts going towards it but doesnt see Devika in car, Devika sees him from car, goon says car is not starting. Devika calls out to Ravi, Ravi listens her voice but is not able to locate her, goons makes Devika fall unconscious. Ravi thinks to call Devika. he calls her, phone rings in car but goons cut the call, goons car start, they leave from there, Ravi tries to call her but its switched off now.

PRECAP- Ravi sees Ambe Maa’s photo on road, he says it means Devika was here. Saket and Navi are in car, Saket says if Ravi sees us together then he will doubt us. Ravi comes infront of Saket’s car by mistake and is shocked to see them together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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