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Scene 1
Monty’s mother is calling Monty’s friends to know about him, Devvika comes and ask if she got to know about Monty? she says no even if i get to know about him, you would be last person whom i would tell it, Devika ask what has she done? she did what she wanted, Monty’s mother you took so much time in signing papers that Monty ranaway in all this, someone must have told Monty that you are taking time in signing papers thats why he left marriage at halt, you are responsible for this breaking this marriage, she leaves, Devika if its true that i am responsible for this marriage breaking as i signed papers late? she cries.
Vikas says to Shweta that one more marriage got broken, now from whom i will get money of catering? Shweta says there is something wrong with your fate,

whenever you take catering contract for any marriage, that marriage gets broken, now ask your mother about catering money.
Saket comes to Monty. Monty ask if everything is well in house? Saket says dont worry, all were tensed, they cried little but i made them understand that Monty has done it for Sakshi’s life, Monty ask what did Ravi? Saket says Ravi felt bad but then all made understand and he agreed, Monty says he must be miffed with me, Saket says give him time, wounds will heal then you go back to home, they will forgive you and then you can marry Pallavi, Monty says thanks God there wasnt any big scene because of me leaving marriage, Saket gives him wine bottle and ask him to enjoy.

Scene 2
Manju looks at property papers and says thank God this marriage didnt happen else i wil have to give share to Monty’s mother Parmindar too, now whole property is mine, she check papers, it has Devika’s sign. Devika comes and says i am sorry on Savitri’s behalf, she said so many ill words to you, i am sorry, Manju says i did feel bad about her words but i cant tell you how bad i am feeling that this marriage got broken, Devika says i feel Sakshi’s marriage got broken because of me, i signed papers late so this marriage didnt happen, she cries, Manju says no its not your fault, we cant do anything against Ambe maa’s will, Devika hugs Manju and cries, her tears on property papers and Devika’s sign on it gets destroyed, Manju ask Devika to control herself, she has to take care of everyone, Devika leave from there, Manju finds Devika’s sign destroyed on papers, she is shocked. Manju comes to Devika and says one problem has happened, she shows her sign being destroyed on property papers, Devika says its good that they are destroyed, i signed on papers so i could give happiness to Sakshi but now these papers can return happiness of my sister and family so these papers doesnt matter to me, i signed on it thinking that by this sacrifice, i will save future of Sakshi but it didnt happen, you said that we cant go against Ambe Maa’s will, maybe Ambe Maa wants me to not sign on papers and fulfill dream of deceased mother, i wont sign them, she leaves. Manju says it would have been better if this marriage had happened then Devika would have signed again too easily, this is all happening because of Monty, you left marriage and destroyed, i wont leave you Monty, he tears property papers.

Scene 2
Devika comes in her room and thinks how Parmindar said that Devika is responsible for breaking this marriage, she took too much time to sign papers, she thinks that no i cant be responsible for Sakshi’s this state, i should talk to Sakshi. Devika calls Sakshi and cries, Sakshi ask her to not cry, Devika says whatever happened shouldnt have happened, i am really sorry, i am responsible for all this, Sakshi says no you cant to anything bad with me, if my fate has something good then i wouldnt be in this situation, i couldnt give happiness to anyone, i am responsible for everyone’s situation, she ends. DEvika says Sakshi was consoling me but i being elder sister couldnt save her marriage, i have bad with her unintentionally, i cant breakdown, i have to take care of Rekha, Pallavi and Sakshi. Ravi must be broken hearted too and i cant let him break.
Ravi thinks that if Saket has not done all this then who could have provoked Monty to leave marriage venue? i have to find out who provoked Monty. he finds flower petals on his bed and says i did all the preparations happily, i thought after Monty’s marriage, i would tell Devika about my feeling to her but marriage didnt happen, dont know how will i tell Devika how much i love her, i have hurt Devika alot, i am responsible for her tears, i am guilty for destroying her family’s happiness, Monty didnt even thin once that what will happen to families with his act, he didnt think that his brother will breakdown with his act, if he had something to tell then he could have told me, he has made me ashamed infront of all, Ravi cries but wipes his tears and says i cant lost hope, i have to set everything right, i have to bring Monty back, i have to give respect back to Devika’s family and i have to do this for Devika. He calls Monty’s friends and ask about Monty, they dont know about Monty. Devika comes there and find Ravi inquiring about Monty, she is impressed, she finds rose petals on bed and thinks that Ravi must have prepared all this so that we can celebrate Monty and Sakshi’s marriage this means Ravi wanted from heart that this marriage happens but he had to listen so much from Savitri, she alleged him so much, he must be hurt with her words, Ravi does so much for me and my family, i should say sorry on Savitri’s behalf, i should make him believe that i completely trust him, she starts lighting candles in room, Maine khud ko song plays, Ravi ends call and turns back to find candles lighted in room, he finds Devika lovingly looking at him, he comes to her and ask whats all this? Devika says i am sorry Ravi, whatever Savitri said, she shouldnt have said it, i am sorry, Ravi says but why are you being sorry? Devika hugs him tightly and cries, she says Ravi please console and handle me, i need your support, Ravi hugs her back emotionally, Sadqe tere plays.

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika are holding hands, Devika says i dont know about anyone but i completely trust you, Ravi stops her from further saying anything and says i understood what you are trying to say as you said a small feeling is enough tell about heart thing. Saket drinks wine and says to his mother Gayetri that i got successful in separating Devika and Ravi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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