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Scene 1
Nivi says to her manager Anuj that who freed Monty from jail? Anuj says dont know if you believe me or not but ambika freed him from jail, Nivi says she wont do anything without telling me, Anuj says i have bail papers, its signed by Ambika, Nivi says okay, she ends call and says i have to talk to Ambika, she calls Ambika but her phone is not reachable, she says what is happening here behind my back? Shweta comes and says Monty has come.
Monty and Ravi comes home, Manju hugs her and says i didnt even eat anything without, Shweta whispers to her that dont do overacting. Gurvindar hugs him and says dont do anything again to leave me, he says i wont leave you, i promise. Nivi comes there, Monty says thanks for doing all this for me ma’am, Nivi shouts how dare you come out of jail without

my permission? there is so much negative publicity around me, my company is in danger and you got out of jail in this time? she slaps him, everyone is shocked, she says why you did it? she tries to slap him again but Ravi comes inbetween and says enough, how dare you slap him? Nivi says he is going to enemy’s side, i dont understand why Ambika is doing this, Ambika is luring him, Monty is betrayer, she is cheater, Ravi shouts shut up, what you think you are? that you are clever, i asked Ambika to do this, you couldnt do anything so i went to her and requested her to help me, i couldnt see my brother in pain and my chachi crying for him so i went to her and asked for help, Monty is surprised to listen all this, Ravi says you wont understand as relations mean nothing to you but for me my family matters to me alot so if you try to do anything against my family again then i wont spare you, Monty thinks what is all this happening? the Ravi whom i hate so much, is taking my side, fighting for me, putting his career on stake for me, i was slave of Nivi, i went to jail for her but she slapped me, she called me betrayer, Nivi stops Ravi and says i didnt know all this, i am sorry, she asks Monty to slap her, i am sorry, she cries and says to Ravi that forgive me, my family should be priority, i will remember it, i will think of family first from now on, i will take problems of everyone, i will take Monty’s problems on myself, Monty thinks she changed in a blink? Press people comes inside house and comes to Nivi. Nivi says its good that you all came here, i freed Monty Garewal from jail, some enemy is is publishing things against me, media person says tell us if your house is getting auctioned? all are shocked listening this, Nivi says this is utter rubbish, its a lie, media person says that bank is taking action against you for not paying back loan, they didnt even send you notice? whats your reaction on bank’s action? where will you go now? you will come in roads now, i am sure you dont have money to rent hotel, Nivi says shut up you scoundrels, you people just make things sensational. Courier boy comes there and gives auction notice to Nivi, Nivi is shocked to read auction notice of her house, media person says what will you do now? how will you save your company now? Vikas thinks i want to dance today, Nivi shouts shut up to media, she tries to throw them out. Media says that Nivi is in shock, she has lost her mind, she is pushing media out of her house, acting all crazy. Nivi pushes them out of house and closes door. Media say that she raised hand on us, broke our cameras, what made her goon? we came to take interview but what made her violent on us? we wont be silent now, we are part of this nation, we wont sit quiet.
Manju says to Shweta that what we will do now? where will go now? Shweta says they were saying that she doesnt have money, Gurvindar says i knew something like this will happen. Monty says i wont have my job now, where will i take mother? Nivi says what is wrong with everyone? nobody can take my house from me, she tears notice and says no one can take my house from me, no storm can take my house from me, i wont let it happen, she leaves.
Devika is in her room and recalls how Ravi was requesting her and hugged her, she smiles and says i liked seeing him like this after so many days, i used to love him for this, he used to care of his family so much, he couldnt see anyone in pain, she recalls how Ravi used to respect her family, she says he did same today, it means he has goodness, he did bad with me but atleast he thought about someone else other than him. Janki comes and says you will be surprised to see news, she opens Tv and shows her how Nivi behaved with media, media person says she disrespected us, she raised hand on us, can she stoop any lower? she doesnt seem like businesswomen, these things prove that she has lost her mind, we wont sit quiet, we will file case on her, her house is getting auctioned, her company is going to be destroyed, DEvika says what she is doing? Janki says she is on verge of going mad, one push and she will drown so down that she wont be able to come out of it, she saved herself from going to jail but she got punished, your small trying is working, now one more push and says she will be gone, no status, no wealth, she will go mad completely. Devika says what push? have you planned anything? what is our next step? Janki says i have an idea, she will get shocked when she will lose her house, she is behaving like this just by getting auction notice, she is going to lose her palace, her mansion and in that situation if we buy her house in auction then her life, her family’s life will be in our hands and then we will play with Nivi as we likfe, Devika is tensed, Janki says she doesnt deserve your pity, i got to know that she burnt Ravi’s old house, Devika is shocked to hear it, Janki says she wanted to wipe your memories and you know what she did with your sister, we cant lose any chance to punish her, Devika nods.

Scene 2
Ravi shows news to Nivi and says see what your anger did, i always ask you to be calm. Sakshi is brought there by Jyoti, she looks at Nivi and says she is mad, Nivi shouts Jyoti i told you to not bring this mad woman out, take her out else i will not spare you, Jyoti takes Sakshi from there, Manju asks Nivi to not be so angry, Nivi shouts that now you will pass judgement on me as if i am mad? i am not mad, you are mad, Ravi shouts i have told many times to not behave like this with my family, come with me.
Ravi brings Nivi to room and shouts what was this behavior? what was the need to do drama infront of media? they like to provoke people to see that behavior but you were intelligent, people used to trust our company but you showed them how mad your mind is, nobody will trust us, we are stuck because of your madness, Nivi says i am not mad, where will we get money from? Ravi says dont shout, if you talked to media then investors would have thought that our company still has strength, let alone world but even innocent Sakshi called you mad too, she said right, just see what people are saying about you on social media, i am not worried about others, i am worried about you, take control of yourself, Nivi is in tears and says i did mistake again, i am so sorry, i feel like i am going mad, you will leave me if i go mad? i always stood by yourself, i used to feel bad when you were with Devika but i never left you, i was always there for you, will you be there for me? will you leave me? Ravi thinks what to do? she is broken, i should calm her, he says i wont leave your side but we have to think about auction, we have to bid higher to get house back, Nivi hugs him and says dont leave me, Ravi says relax, i will be with you, Nivi smiles and wipes her tears.
Devika says to Janki that your idea is good, its good, if we buy her house then she will be broken completely and wont be able to do anything against us even if she wants to, once we get her property then she and her family will bow to us, Janki says yes but there is two side of a coin, if we do mistake then our secret will come out, when we place a bid in auction, Nivi will understand that you are not her well wisher or friend, now you decide if you want to take that risk? Devika thinks and says we should take this risk, we will play safe, we wont do mistake, we wont get this chance again, even if our secret comes out then let it be, Janki says no this is not right time to come out, our secret is what made us do things against Nivi, our secret is our shield, we cant compromise it, Devika says we will think about saving our secret later, we have golden chance rightnow, Janki says you are right, we should take chance, lets take this risk, she smiles.

PRECAP- Devika says to Janki that i have got my property back from her earlier and now i will get her house too, i am just waiting for auction tomorrow where Nivi’s house which is very close to her heart will become mine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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