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Scene 1
Devika is hurt that Savitri denied for her job, Dada says to Rekha that same happened what we thought, now we have to do something weird. Savitri is sleeping when someone calls her, she wakes up, she finds Ambe Maa there (rekha dons Ambe Maa’s avatar), she says i am angry on you, you know i want Devika to do something good but you keep stopping her, let Devika do job, when she starts fighting then good will happen to your house, Savitri says dont get angry, i will do what you want, Rekha leaves from there, SAvitri wakes DAda, she says Devi Maa came, she finds Ambe Maa again, Dada says i am not finding anyone, Savitri thinks that Ambe Maa came in my dreams only, wow.
In morning, Savitri comes to Devika and says you will do job, she says you will do job and brothers will do it, Dada

comes and says you are taking dream seriously, Savitri says Devi Maa wants girls to work hard and do something good, she leaves, Devika hugs Dada and thanks him.
DEvika is leaving for job, Ravi is leaving for job too. they stop rickshaw, they both sit from other sides in rickshaw and their head strikes, Ravi makes head strike again, Devika ask what are you doing? he says we will fight so have to strike again, Ravi says i dont have car, i will drop you by rickshaw, Devika says this auto was stopped by me, Ravi says it was stopped by me, Devika says i will find other auto, Ravi leaves in auto. Devika takes other auto and leaves. the politician guy comes behind her, he ask his man who was she? he says she is Devika deol.

Scene 2
Ravi comes in company, one girl mistakenly throws coffee on him, Ravi goes in washroom to wash it, he takes off his shirt, girl comes there, he ask what you do here, she says i am receptionist here, Ravi says everyone meets you first who come here, girl says you are charming. Devika comes in company too. she finds Ambe Ma’s idol and goes to pray, she prays to get her this job, i have never given any interview, dont know what i will say inside, Ravi comes there and thinks what she is doing here? Sadqe tere plays. receptionist ask Ravi what i can do for you? Ravi says find out who is better than me for this job and we will date tonight. receptionist goes and takes CV of everyone, she comes to Ravi and says one gilr has good marks then you, she can beat you, he sees her CV, its Devika’s, he says marks are good but she cant beat me when it is about my dream job, Devika recalls how Dada said to Devika that there is one plot of her mother, she is architect so she can make school building on it, this job will help you to make it.
Savitri is buying veggies, RAvi’s mother comes there too, they both angrily looks at each other.
Ravi thinks how to remove Devika from way, he wears court and says hi to Devika, Devika ask what are you doing here, he says i am senior design manager here, Devika greets him, he says i saw your marksheet, its impressive but with regret i wanna say that i cant appoint you as my assistant, my MD’s relative has come so i am forced to appoint him, i know this is wrong but i cant do anything, you will get next job, Devika says no problem, she leaves, she thinks how nice person he is, he was feeling bad for me, i was wrong about him.

Scene 3
the receptionist says to Ravi that you are gamer, Ravi smirks, he goes for interview. Devika is stopping car, she finds Mandir of Ambe Maa, she prays that i didnt get chance to work with such a nice boss, give me one more chance to work with him, the wind blows and file gets opened, she finds documents missing and goes in company again to get them. Veggie seller says to both ladies that there is only one pumpkin, Savitri and Anshu(RAvis mother) both fight for it, Anshu calls her old lady, they both try to snatch pumpkin and it breaks, Savitri says you break my pumpkin, now see my fighting powers, both start throwing veggies on each other, lady police comes there and take them both with her.
Peon calls Devika for interview, receptionist says she is gone, Ravi will go for interview, Devika comes there, Ravi is shocked to see her, she says my documents are missing, are they with you? peon comes and says Ravi next interview call is for you, that girl is gone so you come to give interview, DEvika ask which girl? he says Devika Deol, Devika says i am Devika, i will come for interview, DEvika says to Ravi that you are liar and cheater man, all guys are same, you break trust, this is all game for you, your first impression was nice that you are cheap flirt, Ravi says i am charming, Devika says why you wanted me to not work? now i will get this job and will take my right, Rav says this is my dream job and i will get it, Devika says this is challenge for me and i will win it.
DEvika goes for interview, interviewer ask why you wanna do this job? Devika says i want to make homes for families, a home should be one that when one enters house, he should feel good, peace in house, interviewers are impressed with her. Devika comes out of cabin and strikes with Ravi, he bangs heads again, DEvika ask him to concentrate on your interview, she leaves.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Vikas that Maa is not wrong about them, Savitri is influential person, i should have power that i could have saved my mother but i wll work hard and will achieve something in life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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