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Scene 1
Devika wakes up and says thank God i took pain killers last night, she says it seems like Maa came here last night, she was asking me but i cut her off last night, dont know what happens to me when i meet Ravi, Maa has always given me strength but when Ravi comes, i become weak, i did last night too but what happened to Ravi last night? she recalls how he begged her then how he challenged her, she says i never expected him to behave like that, if this continues then i wont be able to see Ravi and Nivi’s wedding tomorrow, i cant become weak else i will lose this fight, i will follow my mother’s words. Servant comes and says someone has come to meet you, she says i will come, she thinks if Ravi has come to meet me? what he did last night, after that he must be regretting it, she

recalls how he said that he will marry Nivi now, she says i knew it, he said to break relation with me for life, he must be feeling bad and must have come to say sorry.
Devika comes in lounge and thinks where is Ravi? i want to hear that he said everything in anger last night. Saket comes and sits on his knees, she is shocked. Saket shows her ring and says I love you Ambika, i want to marry you, Devika is shocked. Janki comes there and sees Saket on knees proposing ambika too.
Nivi says to Manju that this day is best, we were stressing that Ravi might have met Ambika and if he will marry me or not but everything has changed, Ravi wants to do this marriage, he has changed, i am so relieved, Manju is tensed, Nivi asks why you are tensed? Manju says i was thinking how Ravi changed? if it happened after meeting Ambika? Nivi says it doesnt matter, matter is that he is happy marrying me, if you think change came after meeting Ambika then let me tell you what would have happened, she must have insulted him and must have slapped him thats why he got drunk and had accident, it all happened for good, Ravi is marrying me, thats good, Manju says so Ambika is behind all this? Nivi says i respect her more now, after you only Ambika wants to see me with Ravi, i am excited to marry Ravi, she leaves. Manju thinks that in debt daughter in law will come to my house, my heart is sinking.
Devika asks Saket to leave. janki says how dare you come here again? Saket says not today, Janki says dont go near Ambika, he says i just want to talk. Saket says Ambika why so rude? i know i have hurt you, i did mistake, i just want to tell you that i wanna marry you, i love you, hope you will accept my proposal? if you dont like this ring then i will bring another one, i will give you my life, you accept this relation? Devika says not at all as i hate you, Saket says but i love you and will love you for life, Devika says i hate your face, go away, Saket says its reasonable that you hate me as my deeds were wrong but i am repenting for my deeds, i am not that bad, give me one chance, Devika says even if you are last person on planet even then i would hate you, Saket says the love i have for you, nobody can have that much love for you, this relation will be good for world too, business queen and politics queen, Janki says you mean to deal? Saket says i dont like interruption but you are my wouldbe mother in law, i am giving you time till one day, we will meet in wedding, we will talk and know each other, he keeps ring there, she says take it, he doesnt and leaves. Devika thinks that Ravi will go away from my life yesterday and Saket is trying to enter my life from now only, dont know why problems keep coming in my life.

Scene 2
Ravi thinks that i should get busy in wedding preparations so that i dont remember love and its pain. He asks monty to make sure food is top class, Monty says we can increase continental dishes as our guests like it, Ravi says take Vikas’s help, he is good at this, Monty goes. Vikas comes there and says what are you doing Ravi? Ravi says tomorrow is my wedding, you should help me, Vikas says look at me, why you are dodging question? you know what i am asking, why you are hurting your feelings? i know your pain, i know what is wrong and what is right for you, not this marriage, Ravi says i know what to do, tomorrow is my wedding and i will do it, Vikas says you are doing mistake, you wont be able to live, Ravi says i will get married thats it, you dont think what will happen to me, i will handle what will happen to me, Vikas says what about feelings for Devika? Ravi grabs his collar and says dont take her name, he pushes him away, Vikas falls down. Shweta comes and says Ravi you should be ashamed to behave like this with your brother, he always take your side and you are doing this? Ravi says i am sorry, Vikas says its not his fault, he is hurt, Shweta says Ravi if you want to take out frustration then go to Nivi, she takes Vikas from there.
Shweta is bandaging Vikas’s wound, he says you shouldnt have talked to Ravi like that, she says he was misbehaving with you, Vikas says he is hurt, he is marrying Nivi, he is in pain, Shweta says when someone misbehaves with you, i cant take it, vikas says you used to not behave like that, why this change? Shweta says you are my husband so i will take care of you, Vikas says for first time i am feeling like we have some relation, Shweta says you fought for me infront of all so why wont we have anything? vikas hugs her and says maybe you have started loving me, Shweta blushes and runs from there.
Devika says today Saket gave me ring, dont know what he will do in wedding. Janki comes there and says i want to talk to you, Devika says i know, what happened today, after that you are thinking what Saket will do? i am sure, he will do something, Janki says we have ways to control Saket but i want to talk about something, Devika asks what is stressing her? she says you and Ravi. Devika looks away, Janki says you brokedown after meeting Ravi last night, i dont know what happened but you fought with yourself, you had tears even after sleeping, Devika says i shouldnt have behaved that way with you, i always control myself but dont know why i couldnt control myself last night, what Ravi said, it hit me hard, when heart breaks people break too, its good that i felt pain yesterday otherwise i wont be able to see Nivi and Ravi getting married but i wont become again now, Janki says you are not saying truth, i know you are in pain and it will remain there, true love never dies but i dont want you feel anymore pain, if Ravi and Nivi gets married then you will be broken completely and i will be responsible for that, Devika says what? Janki says you have to make plan to take revenge, you snatched wealth and house from Nivi but now you have to snatch her love and husband from her like she did with you, Devika says you are saying that i should make plan to Ravi and Nivi’s wedding? Janki says yes but most important that you have to marry your husband again, Devika is shocked.

PRECAP- Janki says just thinking by marrying Ravi, Nivi will be shocked to see you as Ravi’s wife and Saket will get shock of his life, Devika says this plan looks good to listen but what we are thinking can happen? Janki thinks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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