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Scene 1
Janki says to Nivi that tonight is reception party and to keep you part of it, i have kept it in house so you have to be part of it. She says to Manju that all responsibility is on you, Manju says what about money? Janki shows her briefcase and says it has 10lacs, Manju sees money with wide eyes, Janki says make sure it will be great party, Manju says dont worry, i will make it great, Janki says there should not compromise in anything, Shweta says i will help her, we will make everything perfect, Janki says then start work. Janki says Ravi i hope you dont have problem with all this, Nivi angrily stares him and leaves.
Saket is driving car and says what i can do, nobody can do it, Ambika made fun of me infront of media, i will destroy her life, nobody can stop me, first i will set your

mother right, she is egoistic, i will bring you both on roads.
Manju has spread notes on table and is going crazy seeing money, Shweta says so much money? Manju says this is must br reality, i havent seen 10lacs in dreams, pinch me, Shweta pinches her, Manju says this is not dream, it smells so good, Janki keep walking with 10lacs in her pocket, Shweta says this is not our money, remember Janki asked us to do great arrangements, Manju says i am thinking that we will use 8las for party and keep 2lacs to ourselvs, soon we will saving 50lacs, i am going mad seeing so much money, Shweta hug her.
Rekha says on call that we will reach, she ends call. Pallavi asks who called? Rekha says Janki called me, its Ravi and Ambika’s reception tonight, Janki was insisting so i couldnt say no to her, Pallavi says they have confusing thinking, so much happened and now they are giving reception? i am scared to go to their parties, dont know what will happen.
Nivi thinks that my plan of them getting divorce failed and now Janki is giving reception, Ravi is going away from me, i cant bear it, Ravi’s love is my biggest need, i cant let him go but Janki has trapped me, my house, my wealth everything is in her hands, i havent felt so much helplessness. Shweta comes and asks if you are in tension then tell me i will help you, you did so much for us and you are sad now, i will bring juice for you, Nivi says i know what you are thinking, i know you and your mummy is happy with this marriage, leave from here, Shweta says i am on your side, i dont know about mummy but i was always on your side, i am so worried for you, my tears are dried too, Nivi says i know you are liking to see me in this state, go to Ambika now, she is your new owner, butter her like you used to do to me, if Ravi was not in my life then i wouldnt have kept relation with greedy people like you, soon you will know power of Nivi and then you and your mummy will regret messing with me, she leaves, Shweta says as if i got scared, make plans, it will only fail. Devika has listened everything, she smiles and thinks that i am liking seeing this state of Nivi, she will know what frustration is, i should tell Maa.
Devika comes to Janki and sees her thinking, Devika says why you are serious, everything is going per plan, you seem tensed, Janki says i was thinking what we should do next, Devika says i am sure you will find solution of every problem, you know it, Janki says you seem so excited, DEvika says yes, i am happy too, it feels like i have won, i saw state of Nivi and i felt so happy, you have not left any space for her, i feel pity for her, Janki says she should be punished more, you have broken her ego, Devika says i have broken her whole personality, i feel so good, Janki says thats why i told you to not tell your truth to anyone, you have blown away your secret then this wouldnt have happened, Ravi and Nivi are trapped now, they must be thinking what they can do, their blood must be boiling, we could have finished them in one go but i wanted to see them dying slowly, see them getting tortured and curse their fates, see this is happening, Devika says yes this is happening, she hugs her and says you are great mother, all think this is my plan but they dont know you have done this for your mother, thank you, Janki says i want my daughter to look best for reception, Devika nods.

Ravi says what should i wear? today is my reception and i have married my Devika, whom i loved always, she calls herself as Ambika but i know she is Devika, i know she will look perfect so i should match with her after all we are made for each other, we are husband and wife, what should i wear? Devika used to help me choose clothes. Flashback shows Ravi saying what he should wear? Devika comes and says i am ready, we have to go to your friend’s wedding today only, we will be late, Ravi says you are ready but didnt care what your husband will wear, Devika says why you buy so many clothes that you get confused, its your friend’s wedding, wear anything, Ravi says there will be so many girls there to see me, Devika says only i will check you out, no one else, he says promise me that you will check me out? she says i didnt mean it, Ravi says okay i will check out other girls, Devika says fine, i am leaving, Ravi hugs her from behind and says i will have eyes on you only, fb ends. Manju comes there and says i have brought suit for you, Ravi says man with her and asks who is he? he says i am here for hair spa, Ravi says its not needed, i am fine, Manju says why you are acting like you are sad, you have married a nice girl, you should look good beside her, she asks stylist to make him handsome, Ravi says why you are so happy with this reception? Manju says you have married such beautiful girl and she is rich too, Ravi looks away, Manju says i mean Devika was beautiful and she is beautiful too, she asks stylist to make him look good and leaves.

Scene 3
Devika comes to store room and says where is Sakshi? this room is so dark, how Sakshi lives her? She sees Sakshi sitting in corner and thinks that they dont even change her clothes daily, she has become so slim, what have done to her? she says Sakshi? Sakshi sees chocolates in her hands and says these are for me? why did you come so late? Devika says you like chocolates so i have bought it for you, Sakshi says i like it when you come here, i dont feel scared too, Devika makes her eat chocolates, Sakshi sees bangles and says wedding bangles and mehndi? your mangalsutra is beautiful, you got married? she says yes, i married Ravi, i am so sorry, you couldnt be part of it this time but i will live in this house and will take care of you, wont let anyone hurt you, i know you must be suffocated here, i will bring you out of here soon, trust me, the Sakshi used to be always smiling and smart, i will make you that again, Sakshi says will you bring chocolates for me? Devika says yes, i will take revenge from everyone who made you like this, Sakshi says i have eaten enough chocolates for now, i will hide them now, DEvika says keep them, i will come later to meet you, she kisses her forehead and says take care, she cries and thinks that i cant see you like this, i feel like taking you out but i have waited so much time, will wait some more. Devika comes out of Sakshi’s room, Vikas says Ambika ji.. he says sorry to call you out but can i ask why did you go to this room? Devika says i Umm.. i lost my dupatta so i was finding it in all rooms but lights were switched off so i didnt go inside, Vikas says its weird that you are finding dupatta, you could have asked servant, DEvika says this room was just in my way so i checked it, Vikas says this room is away from all rooms in this so your excuse is not valid, Devika says excuse? you mean to say that i am lying? what is in this room that you are investigating? Vikas says people think i am fool but i am not, you know Devika’s sister Sakshi lives in that room, same Sakshi whom you met just now.

PRECAP- Nivi says to Ravi that why should i stay away from you? she hugs him, Ravi gently pushes her away, Nivi says i cant keep distance from you, Ravi says listen to me, she tries to hug again, Ravi says please, she hugs him tightly, Devika comes in room and sees them hugging, Ravi is shocked, Nivi moves away from him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I want to see normal sakshi again


    Tooo much… Navi, Saket or Manju ka sach bahar to aata hai nhi upper se ab show me pati, patni or vo ka drama suru kr denge…

  3. is ravi the main lead if so he does not have many dialogues to say , apart from looking at ambika all the time with silly background song. if saket , nivi , manju, shweta baby, gurvinder , monty go unpunished it will be a farce. shows one can get away with murder and the others for knowing what happened to devika. so much for the indian justice system says it all then. the only good person is Vikas i hope he tells ambika what ravi went through when devika died and how he still loves her a lot.

    1. Will tell truth to Vikas and he is innocent he wasn’t even involved in the murder

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