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Scene 1
Shweta is cleaning house and says they are acting like king is getting married, my mother in law keep scolding me, Manju comes back home and thinks Savitri was thinking, she is very clever but i made her pay way more for a suite, she comes to Shweta and ask her to heat water, she has to take bath, Shweta angrily leaves, Navi comes to Ravi’s house, Manju says you have come little early, Navi says i will wait, Manju says i am going to take bath, you sit here easily, she leaves. Navi is checking lounge, Ravi comes there and says Miss. Luthra you here? Navi says your mom insisted me that i should come in Sangeet so i came here, Ravi says you are most welcome, Ravi starts checking files, Navi thinks if he going away from me deliberately? she check books from shelf and ask who read it? Ravi

says i read them, Navi recalls how DEvika fell in Ravi’s arms, she thinks if Ravi has feelings for Devika? she thinks Ravi saves me from falling then it means he does it for everyone, he takes care of everyone and doesnt have any feelings for Devika, She deliberately loses balance, Ravi holds her in meantime and saves her, Devika comes there and sees it, Navi thanks him for saving her, Navi finds Devika there and says Ravi was just saving me only, Ravi says yes.. Devika angrily leaves from there, Navi says to Ravi that i am sorry, she got angry, Ravi says i will pacify her, he goes behind Devika, Navi thinks that i will create misunderstandings between Ravi and Devika like this, Ravi will be fed of her doubting habit then he will come to me and i will give him support, he will be mine only.
Devika angrily comes in her room, Ravi comes and says i was just saving her, Devika says i am not asking you anything, you saved her like you saved me, you must be doing it for all girls, you are superman to save every girl, Ravi jokes that have you seen me wearing underwear over pant? i am not superman, did you see helping every girl on street, DEvika says you dont get chance else you would go on date daily, Ravi says i was like this earlier, i was a free bird but biggest tragedy happened with me when i tried to save you and married you, DEvika gets sad listening this and says you think our marriage is tragedy, Ravi says i was joking, Devika says today i my sister’s sangeet, i dont want to discuss anything, you can save anyone you want, i dont care, she leaves, Ravi says i said wrong words, i will try again.
Savitri says to herself that i will see what Manju will wear, i will destroy her clothes, sia comes in house in mini skirt, Savitri meets her and says you dont seem a nice girl, what are you doing here? Pallavi comes there and greets her, Pallavi says to Savitri that she is my friend, Savitri says she seems from a poor family as she isnt wearing full clothes, Pallavi takes Sia to her room, Pallavi says she was my grandmother, dont take her words to heart, she makes her meet Sakshi, she ask Pallavi what will you wear in sangeet? Sia says i will wear this only, Pallavi says this indian wedding,, boys will think that you are so chill that wearing miniskirt in sangeet, they will try to get free with you, she says to Sia that take my dress which i bought for wedding, wear it in Sangeet, i will buy another one, Sia thanks her.
Ravi is getting ready in his room, Navi comes there and says your room is changed a little, Ravi says yes when a girl is in room then things change, Devika comes there and is miffed to see Navi with Ravi, Navi says i came in room after asking Ravi, Devika starts leaving but Navi stops her and says lets have some talk, she finds blanket on couch and says dont tell me you both sleep separately, DEvika thinks why Navi is getting so personal? she says i think you both didnt like it, i was just joking, she says to Devika you know i have come in this room earlier too, Navi ask Ravi you didnt tell Devika about night when you brought me to your room when i was drunk, Ravi thinks she will destroy me, he says we should leave, Navi says to Devika that when i am drunk, i lose control, i dont know what i am doing, Manju comes there too, Navi says i scolded Ravi thinking that he changed my clothes, Manju says then i cleared to her that i changed her clothes not Ravi, Devika stares Ravi and leaves, Ravi leaves too, Navi smirks.

Scene 2
Ravi and family are leaving for Sangeet, Devika pinches Ravi, he says i know i am looking handsome but control yourself, Devika says i will not dance with anyone, Ravi says then with whom, i will dance? DEvika says you will find anyone to flirt and dance with, Navi thinks that i have to be with Ravi and Devika so that i will know what they are talking and how is their mood, she ask Manju to not go by taxi, you and groom should go in my car, i will come with Ravi and Devika, Manju takes Monty and leaves in Navi’s car, Ravi sit in backseat of taxi, Devika is about to sit beside him but Navi crosses her and tries to sit beside Ravi, she sit beside Ravi, Ravi looks at Devika, navi says i am sorry Devika, i cant sit beside driver, i am used to sit in backseat in my car, Ravi comes out and says i am mad, i sat in backseat, he ask Devika to sit in back while he will sit beside driver, Devika sit beside Navi, Ravi sit beside driver.
Rekha and Shekhar are discussing arrangements of Sangeet, she says you should have called Ravi, he would have done all arrangements, Atal says he is son in law so he is best according to Rekha, Rekha says he is best, they laugh, Rekha ask what if Savitri creates some problem like she did in Mahndi.
Navi thinks Devika is fuming in anger when i have done small thing, if i do something big then she will erupt like volcano, she says to Ravi that why are you so silent? you used to be jolly before marriage but now you are silent, she says i will start talk, Navi ask Devika and Ravi how was your honeymoon? where did you both go and how was it? Ravi is irritated with her talks and thinks what has happened to Navi? she will bring destruction to me.

PRECAP- Navi says to Ravi that you have danced with me earlier too, will you become my dance partner? Ravi says why not, i dont have any problem, Devika stares him angrily.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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