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Scene 1
Ravi comes to Devika and says your wait is finished, now you can fulfill dream of your mother and i will help you and support you in this, you dont have to worry, whatever is needed to open school and mandir, i have checked that, we will do paper work, Devika is surprised and hugs him, she thinks that if RAvi is with me then i dont need anything, she says thank You so much for supporting me, you dont know how much it means to me, Maine khud ko plays, Devika becomes conscious, and ask Ravi to leave her, Ravi says why? you wanted to hug me so you did and now i want to keep you in my arms so i wont leave you, Devika says i hugged you as i was happy, leave me now, Ravi says i wont, Pallavi calls Devika out, DEvika is about to leave but Ravi holds her hand, she looks at him, he leaves her hand,

she leaves.
Saket says to Monty that Pallavi is very beautiful, Monty says be away from my Pallavi, Saket says i am just saying that she is beautiful and she is not your Pallavi, i have never seen such a pretty girl, i am thinking to marry her, you are marrying Sakshi so i can think about Pallavi, i was forcing you to not marry Sakshi but now i want you to mary Sakshi so i can marry Pallavi, Monty says be away from my Pallavi, Saket says she slipped into my arms and i fell in love with her, Monty says what kind of man are you? you made a girl pregnant, you killed her to get DEvika then Devika got married to girl so you want Pallavi now? Saket says i loved Devika but now i will love Pallavi, i am not human, i am devil, i accept that, i didnt get devika so i am thinking to get her sister, Monty says leave from here right now, Saket says why? i am your relative, i will dance with Pallavi in your wedding, i will meet you later, he leaves.
Manju is tensed, Monty’s mother says i know if you had got that property of Devika then all problems would have solved, Manju says i never let anyone take my dreams, i will get what i want but i have to think about different idea to get it, she takes Monty’s mother with her.
Monty calls Sakshi and ask did she read his letter? Sakshi is not getting his voice, she ask what are you saying? Monty says i cant marry you, i love Pallavi, Sakshi says i am not able to listen to you, Monty says i am just saying that i wont come in mandap, Sakshi says i have to get ready, we will talk in mandap, i am not getting your voice, she ends call.
Savitri ask Rekha to end this making of garland, Rekha says i am making garlands for Ravi and devika, i have done making for Sakshi and Monty, Savitri says whats the need for jayamala of Devika and Ravi? Rekha says i have seen their relation is not so strong, with these rituals, they will come closer and their relation will become more strong, Shekhar says if you have so much faith in rituals then i wont stop you, Savitri says nobody listen to elders in this house, she leaves.

Scene 2
Devika is getting ready, she recalls how Ravi said he will fulfill her mother’s dream, she thinks that Ravi had so much truth in his eyes, iw as so wrong about him, i thought he married me for property but he changed my thoughts and i am very happy to be wrong about him, he also promised me that he will help me in fulfilling my dream, i am so lucky to have got friend and life partner like him, she recalls how she hugged him, she says Ravi has touched my soul today, is this love? i am so happy that i feel like shouting to world that i love him. otherside Ravi thinks that Devika hugged me for first time, is this hint that i should confess my love to her? does she have started feeling for me too? she doesnt say anything but her eyes says it all, he recalls how they got close so many times, he thinks that all these moments are proof that Devika loves me too, i should confess my feelings, i will tell her today that i love her so much, i love her like cray. otherside Devika also confess to herself that i love you Ravi, both are smiling to themselves.
Devika comes to Monty’s mother, and Manju and ask if they have some work from her? they look tensed, Monty’s mother says that all are taunting us that we are making a shameless girl our daughter in law, there is only one way to close mouth of these relatives, only money can close their mouth, our respect will be saved only when Sakshi will being lots of money, dowry etc as then they will say that girl is powerful thats why we married her, Devika says my family is not that rich, you know, Monty’s mother says but you are rich, you have got property, cant you do this much for your sister? think how much hurt they will be when they will know wedding broke at last minute, we have to live here and people will keep taunting me that Sakshi was found having drugs but i can close their mouths by saying that Sakshi brought so much with her, Devika says i am sorry but what you want, i cant do that, Ravi comes there, Manju ask him to leave, he leaves, Devika ask Manju to clear things to Monty’s mother, Manju says i know you are right but Monty’s mother is not wrong too. Vikas is going to see Manju but Ravi stops him and says women talk is going on inside. Devika says to Monty’s mother that this property is not mine, if it was mine then i would have give it to you, why Sakshi has come in all this? we were doing Sakshi’s wedding with Monty happily, you were happy too but from where this property has come between all this? please think about my helplessness, Monty’s mother sys think what will happen to Sakshi when she will know that her wedding called off because of her sister Devika only, she leaves, Devika is tensed and cries.

PRECAP- Saket calls Navi and says i know your secrets, dont waste time and just attend wedding, you will get to see what you wanted to see.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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