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Scene 1
Devika says in heart ravi doesn’t even remember old days? He must be thinking about his engagement. He can do anything for money.
Ravi and devika sit in police station. Ravi says she is taking her case back. Devika says there was some misunderstanding. BNAvi is mentally not normal so I am taking my case back.
Inspector says is this some joke. First your mother registered the case at night. Devika says we have cleared the misunderstanding and her finacee has apologized me. So i withdrew from my case. You can release her. He says think once again. It was a murder attempt. She should be punished for what she did.

Constable says to Navi madam comes out. Navi wonders why has she agreed? what has ravi done? navi comes out. She holds ravi’s hand and says thank you so

much. DEvika leaves.

Ravi says will you do me a favor? Navi says yes. He says I promisewd ambika that you will trust her that she is ambika. So she will forgive you. Ravi says that was the deal. Navi says how could your promise her. What does she think of herself? Navi says I will never apologize her. Ravi says all you care about is your status. don’t say that you can do anything for me. Ravi says ambika was right about me. Navi says what did she say? Ravi says that you are mental. She throws stuff in anger and says she is devika.She is lying to everyone. I will never apologize her. Monty comes in. Monty says are you okay? You look worried. Navi says get out of here. Monty says I can’t see you upset. you can share it with me and count on me, Navi says that woman. That blo*dy devika. She wants to throw me down. Monty says she is trapping her own game. Navi says how? Monty says if she is devika and she is trying to get ravi form us. she wants you to stoop low in ravi’s eyes. She is asking for something you cant do. you will reject ravi’s ego. He bent down for you and if you don’t listen to him his ego will be hurt. Dont make this mistake. you can lose ravi. You Navi. You are cleverer and smarter than her. Navi says you are right. I have to listen to ravio. She wants ravi mad at me. I don’t let her do this. I will defeat her in her own game. I will apologize her.

Rekha is doing grocery. She meets a neighbor. Devika sees her. Driver asks where are you going madam? Devika says in heart I am sorry chachi I can’t meet you. I am dying to meet you. I want cry in your lap. i want to say you everything I have been through. She buys vegetables. Rekha says how is tomatoes? He says 40 Rs/kg. She says please lessen it. You know everything is not like it used to be. Devika sees her.
Rekha says do you have old tomatoes? He says I will give you in half rates. Devika says what is happaneing with my chachi. They are suffering so much. I should help them some way. she did so much for me. She raised me like a mother.

Precap-navi says I came here to challenge you. deivka says what challenge? Navi says I will prove that you are devika and what you are here for.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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