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Scene 1
Ravi takes off his shirt and starts changing clothes. Devika comes in his room and sees him without shirt, they both turn away, Devika says i forgot my clutch her,e Ravi says you should have knocked, Devika says you should closed door, Ravi says dont look here, DEvika says i wont look at you, i dont like seeing you like that, she thinks that he still has habit of changing clothes with door not closed, Ravi wears shirt and says i should have locked door, she says i should have knocked, she starts leaving but slips, Ravi holds her in time, they are closer, Devika is lost in him, Monty sees them close and coughs, they moves away, Monty says tonight is your engagement, i have brought suite for you, he keeps it there and leaves, Devika looks at Ravi and leaves from there.
Saket is in his office

and says i am getting good money these days, i should congratulate Nivi. He calls Nivi but mobile is switched off, he calls on landline. Nivi is washroom, she asks Ambika to pick it up. Devika picks call and says hello, Saket is shocked to see listen her voice, he asks who are you? she says i am ambika, Nivi’s friend, who are you? Saket says i am Saket kapoor, Devika is shocked to listen it, she throws phone away, she recalls how Saket used to mad and psycho man, she drinks water to calm herself down, Saket ends call. Nivi comes there and asks are you pkay Ambika? whose call it was? why you are so tensed? what happened? Devika thinks that i have to control myself, i cant tell her truth, if she know that i got terrified listening his voice, i cant do this, she says it was my mom’s call, Nivi says why so tensed then? Devika says her health is not fine, i have to leave, Nivi says my engagement is about to start, Devika says she needs me, i will come when your engagement starts, she leaves. Devika is going out of house, Ravi stops her and asks why you are so tensed? she says my mother’s ill, Ravi says i will help you, Devika says she has dental problem, she leaves, Ravi thinks why she is so tensed about dental problem? i think there is something wrong with her.
Saket says Ambika’s voice is like Devika, two people can have same voice but this voice was too similar, he replays voice recording and says its Devika’s voice, i cant forget her voice, how can Devika be alive? i had seen her dying then who is she?
Shweta says i dont have clothes to wear in party, i cant repeat clothes. Saket calls Shweta and says i called Nivi, someone took her call, Shweta says it must be Ambika, she is always around Nivi, Saket says he is same girl whom you thought i will be happy to see? she says yes, why you are asking? Saket says his voice is like Devika, Shweta says when you will see her, you will go mad, Saket says send her picture rightnow, Shweta says i will find her and will click her picture.
Devika comes to porch and says what if Saket recognized my voice, what if he is coming here? he cant come here, i cant face him, he will recognize me, what will i say to him? i wont act like Ambika infront of him, i wont be able to fool him, he is devil, i cant do this infront of him, he can kidnap me, he can kill me again, no i have to tell all this to Maa, only she can save me from Saket, why did i take his call? i have to tell everything to Maa.

Scene 2
Devika says to Janki that you dont know how dangerous Saket is, Ravi Nivi are nothing infront of him, he can stoop so low, i shivered listening his voice, i will loose my fight seeing him, i wont be able to fight him, Janki asks her to calm down, why did you get tensed listening his voice? one day you had to face him, he can be devil but he is your enemy, you have to take revenge, is your fear is bigger than your revenge? now game has just started, you have to become storm to break your enemies, you cant lose hope like this, you have to win this fight, just accept that you are Ambika not Devika, you are my daughter, you loved Ravi even then you faced him then what is this Saket? you hate him, i trust you, you will face him. Devika says i know how cheap he is, he will prove somehow that i am Devika and i wont be able to do anything, i will loose my fight, i think he will come in engagement so i wont go there, Janki says you dont wanna go there just because of Saket? no, you have to go there, you have to face him to give punishment to him, you are running away from Ambe Maa’s mission, i think this day is good to stand against all enemies, take this challenge, Devkka says i i will go there but you have to come with me, you are my strength, i will go only if you come with me, Janki says okay i will come with you, wear your best dress, i want you to look best, all should see your confidence level, just think that you have to shock everyone, Janki goes to choose her dress.
Manju says to Shweta that i should have worn good clothes, Shweta says even i want to enjoy but what has happened to Nivi? she has started not giving us money, Manju says Ambika has filled her ear. Shweta asks where is Ambika? Manju says she left to see her mom, i thank God, otherwise she could have broken engagement, she can do anything, Shweta says she is Nivi’s best friend, if she break engagement then what will happen? Manju says Nivi is already so filled with anger, if engagement is called off today then Nivi will bring hell here.
Nivi and Ravi are meeting guests in engagement party. Nivi is introducing guests to Ravi. One guest says to Nivi that you and Ravi are like made for each other, Nivi says where is your husband? guest says my husband left me, he married someone else, some couples are made by devil, Nivi says i am sorry to hear that, enjoy party, she goes from there. Ravi thinks that i am doing this engagement only to prove her identity, what if she doesnt come? what should i do? i should call Ambika, this will be right, he calls Ambika.
Nivi thinks why Ambika is not picking call? where is she? she told me that she will come soon, i want to see Ravi’s reaction, i want to see if it affects Ravi, if he has forgotten Devika, i want to see if Ravi will make me wear ring even when Devika’s lookalike will be infront of him, if Ravi is able to do it then i will think that Ravi has become mine, but Ambika needs t be here for that.

PRECAP- Ravi sits on his knees in party and says to Nivi that your place is really important for me, you stood by my side when i was completely broke and that is really special to me, Devika is hurt seeing all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why can’t she control her blo*dy emotion’s. Its pathetic. She not strong to take revenge

  2. Devika pls ur like ahhhhh pls stop ur crying act like you really want to give them back pls watch khoon bhari maang u need a good acting tips

    1. Exactly. She hears saket”s voice and goes into overdrive . she needs to put a cap on her stupid emotions specially as she knows who did what to her. Please stop whining and do what you came to blo*dy do and that’s revenge

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