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Scene 1
Ravi gets Navi’s call, she says you have done so much for me that you have won my heart, Ravi thinks what happened to her? Ravi says i think you have called wrong number, Navi says no, i know you are Ravi, you are so loyal employ, you have crossed all limits of loyalty, you remember about my dream project? which you handled? Ravi says yes, Navi says we have got that project only because of you, i am blessed to have employ like you, you have stood upto my expectations, you come to office soon, i have surprise for you, she ends call. Navi thinks that Ravi and Devika’s relation is on verge of breaking and i have perfect timing, i will enter Ravi’s life soon.
Ravi says one side is Navi who thinks and praise me so much and otherside Devika thinks that i am biggest jerk,

its better to go to office instead of listening Devika’s taunts here.
Devika brings Sakshi in kitchen, she says this is your first day in house so you should make something good for all then all will be happy with you, Monty says this is great idea, Sakshi sys i dont know how to cook food, Devika says i will help you, we will make parathas, Sakshi and Monty are surprised with her behavior, Sakshi says you should make something for Ravi too, he hasnt eaten anything, it will be good that you should cook something for him, why dont make Halwa for him? Devika thinks that she is right, a new start should be with sweets and Rekha always say, husband’s way to heart is from his belly.
Monty comes in lounge and says morning to Parmindar and Manju, the ignore him, Vikas asks him to sit down, Parmindar asks Shweta why she didnt make breakfast? Shweta says new daughter in law and Devika is making breakfast. Devika and Sakshi brings breakfast, Devika says this is first day of Sakshi so she has prepared everything. she asks Sakshi to serve, Sakshi serves everyone, Shweta shows her attitude, everyone eats parathas, Parmindar starts coughing and goes from there, Devika gets tensed, Manju says this is not good at all, Parmindar says there is too much salt in it, Manju asks Shweta to cook something, Shweta goes. Ravi comes there and says Sakshi you made breakfast? when did you learn? i will have double breakfast today, let me taste, he tastes Manju’s paratha and says this is mind blowing, Devika smiles, Ravi eats Halwa and says its very tasty, i havent eaten halwa like this, he says to Monty that if Sakshi was not your wife then i would have kissed her hands, this is so tasty, he eats more, Devika smiles at him.
Parmindar says to herself that this Sakshi has started controlling house, didnt even ask us before going in kitchen, she asks Manju what she thinks? Manju says we have to set her right but i am thinking to set Devika right too, Ravi did such big act because of her, Parmindar says i wont let Sakshi stay here for much time, she will leave herself, Manju says if Devika doesnt give her property then i will make Ravi get married again, now they will know what mother in law is.

Scene 2
Sakshi comes to Ravi, Ravi asks her to be happy and dont think about anyone. Sakshi says you said you would kiss hands who made halwa for you, she brings Devika and says she made it for you, Ravi doesnt look at her, Sakshi says Devika cooked halwa for you, now you should kiss her hands, Ravi says i am getting late for office, we will talk later. Sakshi asks Ravi if there is some problem? Ravi says no, time is wasted, i dont want to waste more time, he leaves, Devika gets sad.
Saket have hangover, Navi offers him tea, Navi says i can see your loss on your face, look at me, i am always cool and as i said Ravi is already in my hands, my next plan is in action, Ravi is coming to meet me, Saket says he is coming in office, these things take time, you have only 2days remaining, you cant do anything, Navi says you are depressing me too, leave from here, Saket says you will lose too then i will see, he leaves, Navi says i have to tell this Saket what i am, i will get Ravi for sure in 2days.
Ravi is going, Monty stops him and says i wanted to buy some clothes for Sakshi, Ravi offers him money, Monty says no actually i need your help, i dont know much about girls clothes but you shop for Devika so if you could, Ravi says what did i get by doing all this? just insults, blames and nothing else, Monty says i am not asking you buy things for Devika but Sakshi, you call her sister, for her? Ravi says okay i will call office and will change then we will go, Monty giggles and leaves, Ravi calls office and says i will be late.
Sakshi is shopping with Devika, she leaves Devika alone, Devika thinks that Ravi is so much miffed with me, how will i pacify him? he is not even looking at me, he should be angry on me as i said i dont want anything from our relation, infact i dont want our relation, dont know if he will ever talk to me.
Ravi and Monty comes in same shopping center, Monty leaves Ravi, Ravi looks at dress and thinks Devika will look good in it, Ravi thinks that i keep thinking about her and she doesnt even know what i am feeling, how much i am hurt. DEvika thinks that i have hurt Ravi so much, i will say sorry to him the moment i see him, they both bang into each other, Ravi asks what she is doing here? Devika says you were getting late for office then what you are doing here? Ravi says i came with Monty, DEvika says i came with Sakshi, Ravi says so atleast walk with open eyes, DEvika says what? your eyes have gone bad, you are banging into people, Ravi says i dont know why i am even standing here, he tries to leave but they bang into each other, Ravi leaves, Devika thinks that i could have said sorry to him, dont know why i couldnt say sorry to him when he was infront of me. Ravi says i am so much angry on her but dont know when she comes infront of me, i get silent, i am fool, dont know where is Monty, he looks at Devka and says dnt know why i am even looking at her.
A salesgirl stops Ravi and sys i will help you, she starts showing him shirts, Ravi says i dont wanna buy it, she flirts with him, Devika sees it, Ravi tries to leave but she keep showing him shirts and says you are looking very handsome, Ravi sees Devika and says to salesgirl that your choice is good, girl holds his hand and says i will show you more shirts, she is called by someone, she says i will be back, Ravi says i am waiting for you, i will not wear shirts chosen by someone else. Salesgirl says to other girl that he is so hot, i was about to get hooked to him but you called me, he is handsome, DEvika comes to her and says he is handsome, his body is hot too right? she says yes, Devika says you must have seen his six packs abs, she says no, he is looking for girls dresses, i think he has girlfriend, DEvika says not girlfriend but wife and i am his wife, salesgirl is shocked.

PRECAP- Devika is in changing room, she is trying to zip a dress, Ravi comes there, Devik deosnt see him and says Sakshi its good that you came, my dress’s back zip is not closing, help me, Ravi comes forward, puts her hair aside and closes her dress’s zip.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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