Kalash 19th January 2016 Analysis


Ravi gets call from her boss.She talks likes sultry with ravi..Ravi thinks why she is talking like that while she discloses about the business deal.Ravi tells he is coming to office.
Sakshi and Devika enter kitchen where Devika is so happy which is been noticed by Monty and Sakshi.
To please Ravi,she decides to make his favourite recipe.
In the Dining table,after serving Gobi paratha all rant in sakshi esp. Her rwo saas.
Ravi comes to Rescue where he tells That food is awesome and want to kiss the hands who made such delicious halwa.

Sakshi later enter ravi room with devika where she tells That devika made that and tell him to kiss her hands
Feeling shock and sad for devika rant for him,ravi leaves room for office

Monty stuck ravi with work as to purchase clothes for sakshi where he plans to let devika and ravi come closer.

In mall,ravi and devika meet under mischievous circumstances.Again the mistake of bla and bla.
There the customer associate flirts with ravi making devika jealous.

With tomorrow preview of devika looking stunning in her blue dress which is beeen zipped by ravi making the viewers hook on the show after quite some time.

Credit to: Sunny

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