Kalash 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi says to Navi that Devika is alive and i am sure about it, Navi says what you are thinking is just hope but truth is that Devika is dead, Ravi says this is lie, i dont believe this, he cries, Navi says you can shout, you can throw out your anger but you have to accept that Devika is no more, she wont return, i cant see you like this, she hugs him and says Devika wont return ever, Ravi cries.
Goons are finding Devika in jungle. Devika is hiding, they dont see her and leave. Devika says i will meet Ravi soon and will tell him how much i love him.
Saket is waiting for Navi, he says dont know what she is doing with Ravi, i should go home and sleep, tomorrow i will get Devika too, he looks at bangle and says it would look good in DEvika’s hand. Saket gets call from goon

kallu, Kallu says Devika ranaway by mistake, Saket is shocked, Kallu says we are finding her, Saket says if you dont find her then i will kill you, he ends call, goons start finding her. saket calls navi. Navi is with Ravi and ends call. Navi says to Ravi that i know you cant stay alone, you will keep crying so i wont leave you alone, Saket calls her again, she ends it, Ravi says dont worry about me, you can take call, i am fine, Navi says i wont leave you alone, i am your friend, its my duty to take care of you, i wont go anywhere. Saket calls her again, Ravi says pick it, i am fine, Navi thinks Saket call me every wrong time, Navi says i will comeback, she leaves.
Navi comes in corner and takes Saket’s call, she says why did you disturb me? Saket says your enjoyment will end soon, Devika has runaway from godown, Navi is stunned.
Devika hides behind tree. She calls Ravi, Ravi picks call and says hello, Devika cries listening his voice, Ravi is shocked, he says Devika? they both cry, sadqe tere plays, Ravi is happy, both smile, Devika says Ravi.. Ravi says Devika are you fine? Devika says i am fine, Ravi says what about those note and clothes? Devika says its all lie, i dont know who are they and why they are doing this, i dont know why they lied but i am alive, Ravi says i knew you were alive, i knew you cant die, DEvika says i know you must in pain, i have runaway from godown, Ravi asks where is she?
Navi says to Saket how Devika can run from there? Saket says it was all your plan now bear it, Navi says your goons couldnt kidnap one girl, if Ravi gets to know that Devika is alive then i will kill you, tell your goons to catch Devika again, Devika should not reach here, i will try to keep Ravi stay at home.
Devika says to Ravi that i dont know i am in some jungle, kidnappers were talking about Jaipur, Ravi says i am reaching there, Navi comes there, Ravi says to Navi that Devika is alive, he says to Devika that i am coming there, DEvika says come soon, Navi thinks that how can Devika run from there? what should i do now. Goons come there, Devika says to Ravi that goons have reached to me, Kallu looks at Devika, he takes phone from her, Ravi says to call that if anything happens to my Devika then i will kill you, i will kill you, Kallu ends call. He grabs Devika by hairs, goons take her from there, she cries.
Ravi cries and says Devika is in pain, he says to Navi that they have kidnapped her again. Ravi comes in lounge, he says to Manju that Devika is alive, nothing happened to her, Devika called me and said she is fine. Sakshi asks if he is saying truth? Ravi says yes, she ranaway from godown, Vikas says your love had to win, Monty says you have taken all tension, this all happened because of your love, Ravi says your prayers have kept Devika safe, Ravi says to Vikas that i am going to bring Devika back, Manju says you will not go anywhere, i wont allow you to go, its danger there, Ravi says what are you saying? Devika is in trouble, Manju says police will handle it, Ravi says Devika is my wife, you want me to wait here? Manju says they are goons, they can kill you, Ravi says i know you are caring for me but i have to protect Devika, Manju says so take police’s help but i wont allow you to go, she asks Addy to inform police, Ravi says no i cant wait, i will go there, Manju says she loves property more than you and you are dying for her? her dadi Savitri will go to save her, you dont need to go, Ravi says this is no time to fight, cant you understand that Devika’s life is in trouble, Manju says if you go out of this house then you will see my dead face, Ravi is shocked, if you dont listen to me then i will do suicide, Ravi says i know why you are doing this, you dont like Devika, you never liked her because she didnt give you property, i got to know about it later, Devika didnt tell me all this, she respects you so much and you are not allowing me to save her? she doesnt have any greed for property, she just wants to fulfill her mother’s dream, your greed made our relation weak, dont know what happened that she started trusting me again, if my relation with her would have broken then i would have killed myself then what would have you done? would you be crying fro property or for me? truth is that i love you alot but i cant live without Devika, he says why dont you understand that i love her, Manju says i dont want to understand, Ravi says nobody can stop me today, not even you.

PRECAP- Devika is unconscious, Saket holds her hand and says we will go away from here. navi calls Saket and says you have to kill Devika right now, we dont any other chance, Raiv can reach there any moment.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi ! Woooooooow fantastic it had to happen !! Paaaf Ravi did a good thing by telling His mom her true colors ^^
    But … Now it’s Saket’s turn 🙁 🙁 🙁 anything can go well in this serial … Always cooking something cheap …

  2. Oh God! End this kidnapping thing naa! We want to c ravika more 🙁

    1. Hi, yees absolutely and please, allow me to add : a good slap on Navi’s face too !

      1. hii yes ur right. her character became irritating. alwys kabab main haddi types

  3. i feel saket and nivedita can make a awsome jodi lol cauz they r made for each other!
    Just imagine their love track 😉

    1. yessss that can mke cn amazing ekta wala track lol

  4. This kidnapping is becoming to monotonous, plse bring Ravi and Devika together. Where is Ambe ma in all this, shud she not be protecting Devika… Really tired of this track and also, a huge slap to Nai and Saket for being such total idiots…

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