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Scene 1
Ravi comes to his room and is tensed, Devika looks at him and asks what happened? everything fine? you look worried, Ravi says its work stress, Devika says this party is for you, you got award, dont frown today, Ravi says i will get ready, you are looking beautiful, this black saree is suiting you a lot, Devika says thanks, tell me what will you wear? i will bring out your clothes, Ravi says you? she says cant i? he says bring any clothes, i will wear clothes of your choice, Devika says dont fuss about my choice then, Ravi says your choice cant be wrong as you chose me. Devika opens closet to choose his clothes, Ravi starts taking off shirt. Devika thinks that dont know what happened to Ravi, he always tease me, i thought i would tease him today but he seems worried, dont know what happened.

She turns and sees him fumbling with his shirt’s button, she says i will help. She starts unbuttoning his shirt, he holds her hand, Devika is about to slip but Ravi pulls her closer, they share eyelock, Devika moves away but her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt and breaks, Devika is shocked and says its very bad omen for mangalsutra to break, Ravi says you are educated, dont believe these blind faiths, Devika says its really bad omen for it to break. Ravi says i will try to repair it.
Vikas brings tea for Janki, Janki says why did you bring it? i would have brought it, Vikas says i made tea for myself so made it for you too, i will relax you, Janki thanks him and asks how is everything? Vikas says you know everything, the person who has wife like Shweta and mother like Manju, you know what he must be going through, first wife broke trust and now my mother, i have no hope now, Janki says life is strange but tell me everything is arranged for party? why didnt you get ready? Devika comes there and says maa i want to talk to you, come with me, Vikas says do you need help? Devika says nothing i just want to talk to maa, she leaves with Janki.
Saket comes to nivi, she says i was waiting for you, he says i was arranging everything, you looking good, Nivi asks everything set? Saket says nobody can save person today, Nivi says i should get ready, ravi would need shoulder to cry on after Ambika’s death. Saket thinks that i would use my both shoulders after murder, one shoulder will be for Ambika and other for Nivi, i can book one shoulder for Nivi atleast.
Devika brings Janki to corner and says i feel like something major might happen with Ravi, something tragic, Janki says why you think like that? Devika says i dont know but i cant loose Ravi again, maybe Nivi planned something against me and Ravi might get hurt saving me, you have to save Ravi, Janki says why you think it will happen? Devika says my mangalsutra broke and you know how bad this is, i wont let anything happen to Ravi, Janki says nothing like that will happen, Devika says help me to save Ravi, Janki says i will help you but nothing like that will happen, Devika says what if anything happens to Ravi? Janki says i am seeing this side of you for first time, i feel like you have become Devika again from Ambika, you know why you changed? because you are falling in Ravi’s love even if you dont try, you are behaving like Devika, Devika would behave like this if her mangalsutra broke, infact any wife loving her husband would behave like this, Devika says nothing like that, i am not becoming Devika, i just got tensed, Janki says dont need to hide from me, i know you, its not wrong, the one who you love, you care about them, like you think about Sakshi and Rekha, same with Ravi, you love him a lot and i just wish it remains true, i was worried that you might get alone because of this revenge but now you will be with family who is close to your heart, Devika says you will always be my mother, you were my mother in all this difficult situation, i might get my family back but i wont let my relation break without you, Janki says you are part me my existence, we can never break our bond, Devika hugs her.
Saket brings hitman Raghav in party as waiter. Saket says to Raghav that kill him soon, Raghav says i wont take much time, as soon as party starts, i will shoot him, Saket says good, do it soon, Raghav says how will i leave after murdering? Saket says try anything. Nivi comes there and says where is shooter? Saket says i have already done it, Nivi looks at waiter and sees that its Raghav, Nivi says impressive, nobody can recognize him, did you bring your gun? Saket says you are asking this question? he says sharp shooter, Nivi says sorry i am stressed, Saket leaves with Raghav. Nivi thinks that i should meet Ravi, he doesnt know that he will loose Ambika today.
Ravi is trying to rejoin mangalsutra. Nivi comes there and asks why you are fixing it? jeweler can do it, Ravi says Ambika got worried seeing it broken so i wont get peace till i repair it, she thinks that i am in danger and its bad omen, Nivi says why would you be in danger? i thought Ambika is modern but she is orthodox, Ravi says i thought so too but she old fashioned like Devika, she believe in old traditions and it makes her soft hearted, i will repair it so Ambika’s mood will lift up, Nivi thinks that i wont let anything happen to Ravi, Ambika doesnt know that she is going to die. Devika comes there and sees nivi sitting with Ravi, she asks what are you doing here? Nivi says i came to see if you people got ready for party. Ravi says i repaired your mangalsutra Ambika, Devika gets elated and thanks him, Ravi says no need for thanks, you said this is bad omen for me so i thought to save my life by repairing it, i will make you wear it, Ravi comes closer to Devika and makes her wear it, Devika gets emotional, Ravi smiles at Devika, she smiles back, Nivi leaves being jealous. Nivi comes Raghav and asks what he is doing? Raghav says i am finding place to hide after murdering, Nivi says i thought you are bigshot contract killer and are not scared of anyone, you gave that impression in your house, person is in room, go and kill her. Raghav says i will kill her in party so i can runaway in mob. Nivi says look in room and see face, dont make mistake, she leaves. Raghav looks in room and sees Ravi, he thinks that his photo was given by Saket, i will kill him in party.
Party starts, Monty is welcoming everyone. Vikas recalls his fallout with Shweta, he thinks so much bad is happening in this house, first my marriage broke then Janki got kidnapped and now Maa is in jail, why did Nivi arrange party in this situation? she doesnt even understand how we will enjoy party in this condition, i dont feel good here. Janki thinks that i have to keep eye on everyone, dont know what Nivi and Saket planned. Janki comes to Monty and asks if he is checking all guests? Monty says yes i am checking everyone, i couldnt find anyone to be doubted. Rekha and Pallavi comes there, Monty and Janki greets them. Rekha asks where is Ambika and Ravi? Janki says they will come down soon. Devika comes there and greets Rekha and Pallavi, she hugs them, Rekha asks everything fine? she says yes, Rekha asks where is Ravi? Devika says he is coming, Rekha says i brought gift for you, Devika says this party if for Ravi, why gift for me? Rekha says take it first, you both have same happiness and we brought flowers for Ravi but this gift is for you, i am happy that you accepted it, Devika says your all gifts are priceless for me, i have surprise for you both too, dont ask me because it will not be surprise then, you will know it soon, lets come inside. they go in. Monty is looking for arrangements, he sees Raghav standing in corner and says why you are not working in party? you are waiter so serve guests, Raghav says i am here to check on all waiters, Monty says okay keep eye on everyone. Monty sees tray covered by cloth, he asks what is inside? Raghav gets tensed.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Rekha that i will work hard and will make my name and my family’s name too, and if my wife is with me then i will get successful, Devika blushes. Nivi is jealous seeing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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