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Scene 1
Someone knocks Saket’s door. Saket says if its Shweta then what will i say to her? Ravi and Janki comes there, Ravi holds Saket’s collar and says how dare you? inspector asks Ravi to calm down, Saket shouts inspector that i will take your job away, Janki tries to slap Saket but he holds her hand and asks her to think before raising hand, Janki points gun at Saket and says i will break your ego by blowing away your mind, inspector says law will punish him, Sakt says i i didnt do anything, Janki says he is king of crime, he will understand his language, she asks about her daughter, Saket says i dont know anything, Janki says dont play with me, i will shoot you. Saket recalls how Devika said that when my mother knows about you then she will not spare you, Saket says i dont know your

daughter, Ravi says you know me, i know you are devil, i know you have kidnapped Ambika, tell me, he grabs his collar, Janki asks Ravi and inspector to stop, she says to Saket that you tried to play with Raichands, she says i am asking you last time then i wont give you chance, he says i dont know about your daughter, Janki says i wont spare you, my daughter is my world and he tried to snatch my world, i will bear any punishment for my daughter, she points gun at him and says i will count till 5 then i wont think anything, she points gun at him and counts 4..3..2.. inspector takes gun from Janki, Saket says why you always show gun to me? i am telling you i dont know about your daughter, he scolds inspector that she is showing gun and you are stopping her, inspector says you have to come with us, you have kidnapped Ambika, one witness saw Ambika getting kidnapped, the van which took Ambika is registered on your name, Saket says which van? inspector shows him van papers, Saket looks at Janki and says this van was stolen, Ravi says he is lying, inspector says you have any proof that this van was stolen? Saket says i filed FIR for it, i will show you, he leaves. Janki says i am sure he is lying, Saket shows FIR to inspector and says i would have told you earlier, Janki says he must have arranged all this from before, he has kidnapped my daughter, inspector says we cant arrest him now, Janki says i will see you Saket, she leaves.
Devika is tied to chair, she cries and says i know Saket will marry me, if i dont runaway then he will marry me, maa where are you? save me maa, please take me away. She recalls Janki’s words to never bow to your enemy, even if you have to take weapon to protect yourself then do it. Devika says i tried to fight with everyone, but my strength is breaking, Ravi where are you? please save me, you can, i know. I always said that i hate you but truth is that i always loved you and love you and will always love you till my last breath, last time you saved me when i was kidnapped, you married me to save me from Saket, wont you come this time? please come and take me away Ravi.
Ravi is in his room, Nivi comes and asks you didnt sleep till now? Ravi says i couldnt sleep, Nivi says you are upset because i talked to you rudely? i am sorry, i am worried for Ambika too, did you find anything Ambika. Ravi says inspector told me that the van which kidnapped Ambika, that van is registered on Saket’s name, Nivi is shocked, Ravi tells her how they went to Saket’s house and how Saket said that van was stolen, Ravi says i am sure, Saket has done, he is devil, i wont spare him. He leaves. Nivi thinks.
Rekha wakes up from sleep, Pallavi asks what happened? why you are tensed? Rekha says i feel my Devika is in danger, i am tensed. Pallavi says you Devika is no more, it cant happen, sleep, Rekha says i cant sleep, where is Devika? she is in danger, Pallavi says you know one year back Devika died, Rekha says no when i saw her getting kidnapped, i couldnt do anything, Pallavi says what? Rekha tells her everything, how she saw Ambika getting kidnapped, then how she told everything to Janki. Pallavi says who can kidnap Ambika? Rekha says Saket, i am sure, he must have kidnapped her, when Devika got kidnapped first, i was sure Saket did it, he is devil, he is always behind Devika, he is in Ambala and he kidnapped her, i couldnt do anything, Pallavi says dont worry, Ravi will save her, even if its Devika or Ambika.
Saket comes to godown and slap goons. He says you people couldnt do one work nicely, now throw that van away, goons leave. Saket says they are fools. He says Devika.. Saket comes to Devika’s room and sees her sleeping on chair. He comes closer to her face and says Devika.. are you sleeping? she wakes up and says you came again? i am not Devika, you are doing mistake, let me go else it will be bad for you, i am Ambika, Saket says i wont leave you ever, i will always be around you because you are mine Devika.. he holds her face and says i want to listen you say that you are my Devika, tell me you are my Devika, Devika recalls how he used to torture her earlier too, how he almost killed her saying that he couldnt let her be of someone else. Saket says your fear is telling me that you are my Devika, accept it yourself, its just one day, tomorrow we will get married, we will become one, you will apply mehndi of my name, you will be called Mrs. Saket Kapoor, my Devika will be with me, tell me where you want to go after marriage? london, paris, switzerland? we will discss after marriage, let me og, we will leave from here tomorrow after marriage. Devika asks him to leave her hand, he leaves her hand, and says i know you are mannered, i am mannered too, i had many chances i could have done anything with you but i didnt because i love you, i dont have any other choice but we will get married then you will be mine, Devika says i am not Devika, i am Ambika, what you think that you will get me? you can never get me, you will regret doing all this, you will always get hate from me, Saket asks her to calm dow, he cups her face and says keep this power and anger for tomorrow, Devika says you will be destroyed, remember it. Saket says i never changed so i will never change, you think that i will leave you? i love you and will never leave you, Devika says to hell with your love, you wont get me, i will leave from here, Saket says i will try till end to get you, till then i wont leave you, i am going for now love, lets meet tomorrow, he leaves. Devika thinks that i cringe seeing this man, what he marries me for real? Amba Maa save me.
Saket asks goons about van, goon says we have taken care of it, tomorrow is biggest day of your life, go and rest. Devika shouts. Goon asks if we should tape her mouth? Saket says no, let her scream. Keep an eye on her, he leaves.
Saket comes to his house and sees it all dark. He switches on lights and sees Nivi there.

PRECAP- Nivi says to Saket that what was so important that you had to leave at middle of night? whom did you meet? Ambika or Devika? Saket gets tensed listening this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Dear Atiba

    Thanks for the updates.

    What a wonderful show!! People who missed this show have nothing to worry, if you watch now it will be repeated of previous story. Very nice, I will tell all my friends.

    1. Moinul you must be one of the writers who love this crap so much.

  2. Thanks Atiba

  3. We dont know why devika is so weak in everything. when she came out she starting to ask address why dont she moved on. And why she is everytime weak in everything. When her mother is telling not to do this or that like small kid she is behaving.

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