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Scene 1
Saket is drinking wine and looking at DEvika, he says she is not happy, he comes to her and ask how are you? i am seeing you are wearing the jewelry which i gifted you, its looking nice on you, they were for you only, i understand what you are feeling for this marriage, you are bearing so much, Ravi ask him to be in limits, Saket says you married her by cheating, dont worry i will not ask this jewelry back as then your greedy family will torture Devika, he says to Devika that DEvi maa is with you, he tries to come closer but Ravi stops, Manju comes to insult him but SAvitri comes and ask what happened? Saket says i was just wishing her, Ravi ask Saket to be in limits, dont forget DEvika is my wife now, leave from here, Rekha comes there, Devika gets tensed seeing her and says i wanna talk

to Saket alone, Ravi is stunned and looks at her, Saket says come DEvika, she goes with him. Devika comes in corner and says to Saket that dont feel bad but dont come here again and again, now my marriage has happened, even if you come here with nice intention, people will think wrong, Rekha got heart attack, doctor has said that she should not get hurt, Saket says i respect your family, Rekha loves you alot and i have loved you too, i can sacrifice your life, one man has cheated you and destroyed your life, i want to solve your life, i can see sadness in you, i am your friend, he married you for money and i understand how much you are bearing with him, i come here again and again to support you, you can share your sorrow with me, i want to be your friend whom you can share your problems with, i will help you in everything and i dont need anything in return, DEvika says thanks, i have got strength with your words, Saket sys if you say then i will leave, she says no you dont need to go anywhere but i have one request, dont say anything to Ravi, he is short tempered person, he can do anything, he says ok, she leaves.

Scene 2
Ravi’s friends joke to Ravi and Devika that after marriage its all about roaming around wife, they leave, Ravi says to DEvika that dont feel about their words, they are like this from childhood, he is about to leave but some girl holds his hand and hugs him, DEvika looks on, he says you here? she says hi handsome, this is not fair, you had affair with me and married someone and you didnt even tell me, i should marry too then we will have extra marital affair, tell me how is the plan, DEvika feels bad, Ravi looks at her, girl says you have magic that attract me, something happen when i see you, Ravi keep looking at Devika, Saket sees all this and says wow this girl did my half work, DEvika leaves from there, Ravi tries to go behind her but girl stops him and says what it matters to you, Ravi says it matters to me, she is my wife, girl says we are having fun, Ravi says this is fun? dont you have any sense, you have no idea what you have done, he ask her to be away, she get in tears, Ravi leaves from there, Saket says seems like Devika is in my fate, she will be mine today.
DEvika comes in corner, she recalls how girl hugged Ravi, how she said that they had affair, she cries and says why i am feeling so bad, its not like that i dont know his reality that he is big time flirt, he woo girls like that and then leaves them, i knew about him from before then why i am feeling bad, she recalls how he closed her zip, she says why did i allow him to come close to me? if Rekha sees me crying then she will be hurt, i cant think about person who doesnt matter to me.
Addy enters reception, Ravi’s ex falls in his arms, Addy thinks this is my lucky day, she is about to leave but he ask what happened to you? why you are crying? she says Ravi insulted me, he says i am Ravi’s younger brother, she sys you must like him too, he says exactly, i am like him in something but i respect girl’s emotion, i cant see a girl crying so shall we leave?
Saket ask waiter how many rooms are there? he says 6, Saket ask which is last room? book it for me, waiter says all are booked already, Saket gives money to waiter and says book it for me now, Sakshi sees all this and thinks what he is upto, Saket says now everything will happen, DEvika doesnt know where t go and i will show her way, if she comes in my arms then it will be good else i know how to handle her, Sakshi thinks to tell Ravi, Rekha comes to her and says i forgot my medicines, can you come with me to medical store, Sakshi ask her to go with Pallavi, Rekha says she is with Devika, Sakshi says ok i will bring it, Sakshi thinks i have to meet Ravi but medicines are important too.
Manju is talking with guest, guest says your daughter in law have much property, how you will get it? Manju says i am being nice to her, she will herself give her property to me, guest ask fi she say no to it? Manju says my DILs cant say no to me, i have faith in Ravi, he is magician, he can woo any girl, he will do such a thing that DEvika will not be able to say no to him, DEvika listens this and gets hurt, she leaves, Saket also sees all this and thinks that everything is working in my favor, now i have to do my work, he goes behind her.
DEvika comes in corner, she cries and recalls how Ravi said that he is innocent and how Manju said that Ravi will do magic on her, DEvika says what sin i have done that i have to bear all this, i cant be with people who are just using me, Saket comes there adn stares her bare back, he puts hand on her shoulder and ask what happened? she looks at him, he ask why you are crying? did anyone say anything to you? tell me, i am your friend, i want you to be happy, did Ravi said anything? DEvika says dont say his name, nobody said anything to me, its all my fault, my fate’s fault, i have started feeling that only sadness is in my life, i am so helpless that i cant do anything, i can see everyone cheating me but i cant do anything, i am lost, i want to run from here, i am suffocated but i cant run, i dont know what to do, how to come out of all this, Saket ask her to be strong, every problem has solution, keep your eyes open, you will find way, take care of yourself, i am with you, he hugs her, Ravi comes from behind and is shocked to see DEvika in his arms.

PRECAP- Saket says to Ravi that i told you she will come to me and she came, soon she will break her relation with you and come to me, Ravi holds him from collar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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