Kalash 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Everyone goes. Ravi holds Devika’s hand and says you saved my and my family’s name today. I will do anything for you. She says I could do that easily. She leaves.
Nivi is crying in her room. Saket is there as well. Ravi comes and says control yourself. Nivi says get out of here. I hate you. Why are you here? What you want? Want to kill me? kill me for once. You are playing with me? You like this? I am hurt. I want to burn everything. This is all because of you. Why you do this. She grasps his shoulder. Nivi says you know I love you. You accepted this wedding in deceit. You have no value for me. For how long should I try? I cant do this anymore. He hugs her and says I can’t do this anymore I am tired. Ravi says I did this because our family’s name was at stake.

Everything was ruined because of this saket. Because he misbehaved with media. SAket says wow you will play this on me now? RAvi says shut up. nivi says you both shut up. Ravi says I will fix everything. Nivi says you care for me? Right? Then go get divorce papers ready with ambika. You can’t do that. You care for me right? Then go and prove it that your relation with ambika means nothing to you. You have to prove you have no feelings for her and you fulfill your promises. If you don’t do that I will know you were part of this plan. You have done all this you wanted to marry ambika. saket says no he loves you and would divorce her.

Devika asks janki how you planned all this? Janki says I didn’t call media. they got this news for lawyer. DEvika says ma you think I won’t know you did this? I know what they said wasn’t truth. When all this happened the lawyer offices weren’t closed. Now tell me. Janki says you are smarter than me. Yes I informeed media. Devika says thank you ma. Nivi almost ended my marriage. How you got to know? Janki says ravi came to your room. He covered you with blanket. I gave you hint imagine the rest. Devika says ma please tell me na how you got to know what was going in nivi’s mind. I don’t want to guess. I want to know.
Janki says then I heard something that was really important for us. She overheard nivi saying I know you are a great lawyer and you can do this. Do this as soon as possible. I want those papers ready. Lawyer said divorce papers take time. It is not possible. Nivi says make it happen you dont have to do much. Take one divorce papers from your office and rename it for ravi and ambika. This is really important for me. Janki says then I called my agent. Nivi calls saket and asked him to come. She ruined her own plan. Nivi called Saket and said you can’t do anything I called to tell you be here at 9. you will see what nivi can do. DEvika says saket is a problem in nivi’s life. What you have done today, she wont ever forget it. Janki says media is so insulted and his imagine is ruined along with his career. Credit goes to you because you told them about Saket. Devika says saket will do something against me. They would plan how can they harm me. We are talking here and they must be planning there. Janki says their plan won’t work. I have not only asked media to insult them. The real result is yet left. Devika says what are you talking about? Janki says come with me I will tell you with everyone else.

Janki and Ambika come in hall. Nivi says ambika ravi wants to talk to you. Janki says enough of this drama. I have been hearing from you so much. You have talked as much as you could. Its about time I show everyone my will, so I will speak and you will listen. Whatever happened here has left our name at stake and I won’t tolerate that. Since media left I have gotten so many calls and they said how is divorce possible after marriage. My and my daughter’s name is at stake. Now this marriage is done in eyes of world. I can’t defame my daughter anymore by divorcing it. I don’t care what is going on in your mind. You people have nothing to do with good name. I don’t care I have accepted this marriage. There won’t be any divorce and thats final. I have decided to do their reception tonight. I will invite all my well wisher, clients, and media I will see who dares going against me. Also saket this is a warning for you as well because I know you were part of the plan. Tonight is reception in the house so you all have to be part of it.

Precap-Saket is driving he says they don’t know what can I do. I will teach your ma a lesson. Janki says before they do something we have to do something in reception that breaks their strength.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kuldeep yadav

    What they want to show ?

  2. That in I is really desparate person she has no love for Ravi . And how long will this track go on for.

  3. I meant nivi

  4. I love saket, he is ? but he has no confidence, he can’t over come his fear small things he can be so nervous, his dialogue always nice.

  5. XKinuMinux

    why do they keep stretching this show out? This show is taking so long and Ambika is just being emotional like all the time and I hate when they just look at each other for like couple of mins and then they end the show. This is making me so mad! Can they just end the show already? ? I hope Saket and Nivi don’t kill Janki Devi or I’m going to be so mad

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