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Scene 1
Saket thinks that i have less time, i have to meet Monty and wil have to instigate him to not do this marriage then Devika will hate Ravi and will become mine.
Sakshi and Pallavi are seeing dresses and jewelry, Sakshi says why you are giving your things to me? Pallavi says it doesnt matter, you should look good as its your marriage, i am sad that you will leave this house, i am habituated to you, dont know how i will live here but i will manage, Sakshi hugs her and ask why are you crying? Pallavi says i am not crying, Rekha comes there and says i pray that you both keep loving each other, she says to Pallavi that yoi have always thought about Sakshi’s happiness, Rekha hugs Pallavi and Sakshi, she says soon this mischievous Sakshi will leave us, she hugs her and cries, Savitri

comes there and brings papers, she ask what is this? Savitri says that property is on Devika’s name now, all this drama happened because of this property, Ravi married her for this property only, Rekha says everything good is happening with Devika, Rekha ask Pallavi to give these papers to Devika, Savitri says wrong happened with Atal.
Shweta says to Vikas that you took my side infront of Manju, thanks, Pallavi comes there and says i have urgent work from DEvika, i have to give papers to Devika, Shweta ask what papers? Pallavi says property is transferred to Devika’s name, Shweta thinks that now manju will pamper Devika more, Pallavi goes to Devika.
Navi brings tea for Manju, Manju says why did you make it? Manju drinks tea and coughs, Navi ask if its not good? Manju says no its great, she thinks that its so bad tea but i have to drink it infront of her, thank God Ravi didnt marry her, Vikas comes there and says Pallavi came her, Manju ask why? Vikas says she have brought papers of property, you know Devika has got property of 10crores, Manju gets happy and says thank God, Navi leaves from there.
Saket comes to Monty’s room, Monty ask why did you come here? Saket says that doesnt matter, Monty says i have written letter to Sakshi and even after reading that she gets ready for marriage then i will marry her, Saket ask what about Pallavi and your happiness? Monty says my happiness doesnt matter, atleast Ravi and DEvika will be happy with this marriage, Ravi comes there and ask what Saket is asking you Monty? Monty says i was discussing about sherwani color, Ravi says to Saket that if i get to know that you are doing something to break this marriage then i will not leave you, Saket thinks that this Ravi will not allow me to break this marriage, i wil not get Devika if this marriage happens. Saket finds Pallavi there and thinks that wow she is here, my work will be done, he throws pebbles in Pallavi’s way, Pallavi is about to fall but Saket holds her, Pallavi screams, Monty looks at her and gets tensed, Saket thinks seeing Pallavi like this, Monty may react.
Pallavi gives papers to Devika and says property is on your name now, Devika cries, Manju makes her eat sweets, and says your happiness is our happiness now, Shweta thinks i know why Manju is so sweet to Devika, Shweta says its good now devika will make bungalow on that property for us, Devika gets tensed listening this, Vikas says we have our house, Devika will make bungalow for herself and Ravi, Devika says no, i will not make bungalow there, this is my mother’s property and she had dream from this property, i always wanted to fulfill my mother’s dream and now time has come to fulfill that dream, Manju thinks that what about our dreams, i have seen so many dreams regarding this property, Shweta says but your mother is dead, Devika says so what? i love my mother and i wil fulfill my dreams at any cost, relative says that dream is of childhood and after marriage, girl have to think about her in laws, Devika says if it was my dream then i would have left it but it is my mother’s dream so i have to fulfill it, she looks at Manju who is tensed, Devika thinks that i will fulfill this dream at any cost even if nobody takes my side, Manju thinks that i will change Devika’s mind, she cant fulfill this dream.
Devika comes in her room and thinks that the mother who gave me birth by risking her life, i will fulfill her last dream, i will fight for it, Ravi comes there, Devika thinks what Ravi must be thinking? maybe he has some dream regarding my property that he will get bungalow and car by this money, this shouldnt happen, i have started feeling for Ravi now, i have hope from him and that shouldnt break, Ravi says to Devika that i got to know you got property papers, devika says yes, Ravi says let me see it if everything is fine, Devika is reluctant to give it to him, she gives it to him, Ravi reads it.
relatives are talking infront of Manju that Devika got property and she started talking infront of us, Manju thinks that DEvika didnt ask me about my dreams infront of her mother’s dream, i married Ravi to that Devika for this property only, infront of that property nothing matters, not Devika and Ravi’s relation nor Sakshi-Monty’s relation, i wont let Devika do what she wants.
Devika thinks i have started feeling for Ravi now, i dont want Ravi to take my property, my move story will end before starting only, she has tears in her eyes, Ravi check papers and says everything is fine, your name address etc, DEvika thinks i wont be able to listen what he will say next, Ravi comes to her, Devika gets tensed.

PRECAP- Monty’s mother says to Devika that Sakshi should bring gold(dowry) with her to save this marriage, think what will happen to Sakshi when she will know that because of her sister(Devika) her marriage called off at last minute.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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