Kalash 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Goon says to other goon that bring drink for him, goon says that you keep ordering me, he leaves. Goon asks other goon to bring beer, he comes near table underneath Devika is hiding, she prays that goon should not see her, goon looks under table but doesnt find anyone there, Devika is hiding beside table, he leaves.
Rekha calls Manju, she asks how are you? Manju says fine, Rekha says i am trying to call Sakshi but she is not picking up thats why i called you, can i talk to Sakshi? Manju says i will make you talk to her, i want to tell you something, thing is big so control yourself, Rekha says tell me, Manju says Ravi lied to you so that you dont get shocked, someone sent Devika’s clothes which had blood stains on it, Rekha is shocked, manju says there was note with it in which

it was written that Devika is dead, REkha shivers, Manju says control yourself, Sakshi tried to tell you but Ravi denied it, accept it that Devika will never return, be strong, it happened, you can tell Savitri too, Sakshi takes phone from her and says nothing like that, Rekha throws away phone, she cries for Devika, she says this cant happen, she cant leave like this. Sakshi hugs Monty and cries, Monty says to Manju what you did? Ravi told you to not do this, Monty says she was like mother of Devika and it was wrong to not tell her, what if she got to know from someone else? i did right, she leaves, Monty consoles Sakshi.
Goon comes godown and doesnt find Devika there. Goon says she must be somewhere here, he starts finding her, Devika gets tensed. Goon sees ropes there, he call other goons. Devika thinks that i will be caught again, what should i do? Devika runs from there. Goons comes in godown. Devika locks them in room, she takes phone and leaves. Goons see door locked, he says she must be near, we have to catch her, goon says to other goon that this all happened because of you.
Devika comes out of godown, she sees its jungle, she says i should call Ravi, there is no network in phone, she says i have to run before they catch me, Devika runs from there.
Shweta calls Saket, he asks whats happening there? Shweta says Sakshi took your call but i handled her, Saket says how your phone went in her hand? i can get caught, dont do this again, he ends call. Shweta says this all is happening because of Sakshi, from the time, these sisters have come here, its all bad happening, earlier it was Devika and now this Sakshi, i wont spare her.
Rekha comes to Pallavi, she cries, Savitri comes and asks whats new problem? Shekhar asks what happened? Rekha says Manju called and told that the people who kidnapped devika, they sent Devika’s blood stained clothes and also note in which it was written that Devika is dead, Rekha breakdowns, Savitri is stunned. Sakshi and Monty comes there, Sakshi says nothing like that, Rekha says you knew everything then why didnt you tell me? Sakshi says she is fine, its all their game so that we stop finding her, Rekhe asks if she is saying truth? Sakshi says yes, Manju told you as she didnt like the idea of hiding it from you, Savitri says i will beat Manju alot, even if she found it truth then why did she want to make us cry? she should remain in jail for years, i wont spare her, Sakshi says Ravi has told me that he will bring Devika to you first, let him find her, Rekha says i will pray to Mata rani, Devika will be fine, Monty says to Sakshi that i just hope Ravi is right else they wont forgive us, Sakshi says i feel Ravi is right, Monty says even i feel Devika is right.

Scene 2
Manju says to Parmindar that teach your monty, he was telling me that Devika is alive, Ravi has gone mad and now Monty has started too, they think that Devika is alive, i have to do something for Ravi. Navi comes there and says i will make Ravi understand, i will make him realize that Devika is no more, Manju says i am sure he will listen to you, go and talk to him, she leaves.
Ravi is sitting in room in tears, Navi comes there, Navi hugs him and says i understand what you are feeling, dont feel tensed, you are not alone, i will share your pain, i will do everything for you so that you feel peace, Ravi thanks her for understanding him, Navi says i dont only understand you but i will take away all your pain, i promise, Ravi looks at Devika’s picture and cries, Navi thinks that soon Ravi’s heart will say that i am his first love then he will forget Devika and will come to me.
Devika is running in jungle, she hides behind tree and calls Ravi, she says just once Ravi listens my voice. Ravi’s phone rings, Navi thinks who must be calling Ravi? Ravi is in thoughts. Devika says please pick my call once, Ravi sees number, Navi says it must be some marketer, she ends call and says talk to me. Devika says Ravi must be fine, she calls him again but network goes away, Devika says goons must be finding me, i have to run from here, she leaves.
Goon breaks door, they run to find Devika. Devika is running in jungle, her clothes gt stuck in tree, she tears it, she listen goons’ voice and runs. Goons come in jungle, they say she must be around, goon finds her cloth piece on tree, he says this means she must be here, they run to find her.
Devika is running in jungle, goons are behind her, Devika hides behind bushes, goons look for her.

PRECAP- Saket calls Navi and tells her that Devika has runaway from godown. Devika calls Ravi, he takes call, Devika cries on phone, Ravi is shocked and says Devika? he breakdowns too, Navi comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    I hope ravi and devika unite soon… and all the evils of the show just go to hell…

  2. Hi, yes they’ll ne reunited sooon.. It has to !! But Navi … What to say 🙁 She just didn’t get YET that a married man IS A MARRIED MAN … Missing Ravika scenes … Run Devika ruun! You can do it 😀

  3. Why Navi has to reach there while Ravi takes Devika’s call. To pull this longer days.

  4. Hope ravi find devika this time and slap navi s face

  5. I hope Navi dies. I don’t care how cruel that sounds. Going after a married person is plain evil.

  6. This is just a bad show which is waste of time. Useless and most idiotic hero.

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