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Scene 1
Devika wakes up on a chair. Saket caresses her face. Devika stands up in shock. Saket says I am seeing you after so long. You still run, I didn’t want to hit you. Are you okay? Devika says what the hell are you saying. How dare you kidnap me? You don’t know who I am. Saket laughs and says I know you better than you know yourself. Because I love you. The moment I saw you I knew you are devika. Your rented mom wasn’t letting me see you so I had to kidnap you. Devika says I have never seen you before. And my mom is so powerful she won’t leave you. Saket says you can fool the world but you can’t fool me. Devika says I have never seen you before. Saket says I have risked my career and money just to kidnap you because I love you. Accept that you are devika and be in

my arms. Thug says bhabi please say yes, he really loves you. Saket says you are my first love. Devika says you can’t love anyone. I don’t know who Devika is but she might have rejected you as well. If you loved me you wouldn’t have kidnapped me. You are an animal. He says you made me animal. You never understood me. Devika slaps him and says don’t dare touching me.

Servant comes to Janki and says ma’am please eat something. Ambika ji will be mad at me for not taking care of me. Janki says says I hope she is fine. I hope she comes back, Servant says she is your daughter. she will fight this. She is brave. She will come back.

Devika picks a knife and says I will stab you so many times that your love will go will the blood. Thug comes and holds her hand, saket slaps him and says only I can touch her. DEvika is about to stab him. SAket hold her hand and kisses it. He says you are my first love. I won’t let you run this time. You slap proved you are devika. Rememeber you slapped me like this before. How can you slap the same. I forget nothing about you. You are my devika. God took you from me but you are now back. Accept that you are devika. Devika says truth is that I am Ambika. I am Janki’s daughter and she would ruin. Saket says I won’t believe you because I know you are devika. Accept or I have other ways. He says tie her.

Ravi recalls his moments with Devika. He says my love was taken back from me again. I hope she is fine. I wish I can save her. We have spent days and nights together. I hope she trusts and loves me again and she believes that I only love her. And she takes off this ambika mast from her face.
He gets a call. Officer says come to police station we have inquired about the van and is owner. Ravi says did you inform Janki? He says yes she is coming as well.

Saket says say that you are devika. You can’t lie to me. Thug says marry her before someone stops it again. Saket says you want me to marry her forcefully? I love her. I don’t want to force her. Saket says to devika they are right. I will love you even if you don’t love me. When you married Ravi you hated but then you fell in love and you forgot me. We will get married and you will love me. Like I love you. He says take care of her tomorrow I will come with baraat.

Navi says where is Ravi. He was here. She calls ravi and says where are you? He says I am at police station. He said they got to know about devika. Navi says she is ambika. Why are you worried for her? She is my friend. I should be doing this. Stop playing this game. We are engaged I don’t want any troubles in our wedding. Ravi says my thoughts say that I should help her. You can discuss this later. She looks like my devika and this is reason enough for me to help her and I will take her home I don’t care if you like it or not.

Saket says I won the lost game. thank you fate you gave me devika back. Devika saket kapoor. So many hours are left.
Saket calls pandit and says I am sending you an adress be there at 8. Pandit says havan? SAket says I am getting married. Don’t tell anyone. Pandit ji says I thought you would celebrate. Don’t tell anyone. Pandit says have you abducted someone? Saket says she will love me too. Be on time tomorrow.

Inspector ssees the file. Jankit says why are you so worried? He says how is this possible. He is a well famed man why would he kidnap her. Ravi says its saket. Janki says I knew he would do this. He would use his power. I won’t leave him.We have proofs as well. Inspector says whole police force is with you. Ravi says I am sure Saket did this. I know him very well. He is evil. Janki says how dare he kidnap my daughter.

Precap-RAvi says to Navi the van that abducted Devika is Saket’s. I won’t leave him this time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    OMG…. will ravi say truth to Navi??????????
    And saket is really a true lover (though he is evil), who recognised devika just by her voice and ravi who claim her to love her did not recognize till saw birth mark and even not confirmed…..

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