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Scene 1
Ravi comes to a girl and says you are new here? girl says i am Malhotra’s son, i have come from US, Ravi says can i borrow your stole, my wife is getting cold, she needs it, she gives her stole and says you are very good husband who take care of your wife, Ravi says my wife doesnt think so, he leaves.
Ravi comes to DEvika and tries to cover her with stole but she says disgusting, he ask her to listen, she says whats your problem? i told you to be stay away from me, why you are touching me? i would slap you if my family was not here, Ravi says shut up, i am saving you from all, your dress’s zip is opened and was following you to save you but you always think that i wanna touch you and all, you think i do cheap things, you always keep taunting me about things, your talks hurt

me more than your slap but you dont care so why should i care, i brought stole from a girl to help you but you dont deserve my help, he gives her stole and says i will not help you now, DEvika stands against pillar and calls Ravi who sit on table near her.
Savitri calls Saket and says i have come to Ravi and DEvika’s reception, i cant see their happiness, Saket ask what you are doing here? Savitri says Manju came to our house and invited us so i had to come, Saket says dont worry we will play game there together, i am coming there only.
Devika throws stole at Ravi, she says whom to ask help for? Ravi says there is no value of me, you always keep doing kach kach kach, you never believe my truth but now you are cornered, till you dont smile to me and ask me to help, i will not help you, DEvika says he is cheap man, he can see i am in problem but instead of helping, he is taking advantage of situation, Monty comes and ask DEvika to come with him, Manju is calling her, DEvika gets tensed, she says i will come later, Monty sys it seems like you are standing in punishment near wall, Ravi laughs, Monty ask Devika to come, she says no, my sandal has broken, i have called another one, i will come, he says ok, if you need help then call me, he leaves, Ravi laughs, DEvika gets in tears and looks at Ravi, he gets serious, Devika waits for someone, Ravi comes to her and says dont cry please, i cant see you crying, it hurt me, you dont look good while crying, you look good only when you bicker, i know what you think about me, you will never change your thoughts but atleast we can stop fighting every single time, if you want then i can help you, DEvika comes forward, Ravi takes her permission with eyes, comes close to her and closes her zip, both look at each other, Ravi says its done, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Ravi says now you can roam in whole reception and you wont be embarrassed and your stupid husband will not follow you, promise, she starts leaving but looks at Ravi who ask her to smile, she smiles and leaves, Ravi looks at red rose and at her.

Scene 2
Ravi comes in reception and finds DEvika talking with a girl, he looks at rose in his hands, Saket comes there and sees him, Ravi sees him and gets angry, he says this jerk came here too, DEvika sees him too and thinks if Rekha sees Saket then she will get tensed, Manju, Rekha everyone sees Saket, RAvi goes to insult Saket but Manju stops him and says not now, Shweta comes to Saket and hugs him, Saket stares DEvika, Manju how dare he come here, i told him to now come, i warned him, i have to do something with him.
Ravi comes in corridor and says i warned him to not come here then why did he? Sakshi comes and ask him to be calm, Ravi says i warned him to not interfere in our lives, i cant bear him for a second, Sakshi says i also hate him, i am angry too but this is not time to do all this, this is your reception, he can do anything to insult you, all think he is innocent, you know Rekha wont be able to do anything, Ravi says i have self respect too, i cant sit quitely, you know why i married DEvika, i thought he will leave Devika after marriage but he is behind her now too, Sakshi says be calm and let us find out what he is upto, why he is here, whats his mission, Ravi says his mission is to get Devika, how can i stay quit, Sakshi says Rekha cant bear any shock now, if anything happens to her then will you be able to forgive yourself? Ravi thinks comes in party.
Manju comes to Saket, Saket says its good reception but the person’s whose hall you are using, i know him, does he know you are using it? Manju says you can call him, can put fire in things, you have come here to destroy things so use this opportunity, Saket sys i have come to enjoy, Manju says i know how much you can stoop, leave before i throw you away, Savitri comes there and says sorry, he came here on my invitation, i wanted to talk to him so called him, he is my guest, his insult will be my insult, if you ask him to leave then i will leave too with my family, Manju thinks seems like Savitri is in Saket’s party, Saket taunts Manju and leaves, Manju says i dont understand why she is with Saket, what will she get from him? whats the matter.
RAvi comes in reception, Saket comes to him and ask why you are tensed? did you fight with DEvika? tell me, you should respect your guests, Ravi says i respect thats why i am not saying anything to you, be in limits, Saket ask him to chill, i will not do any cheap thing like you, i wanted to see how much sad you are, i get happy when i see you tensed, i also think that i am wasting time on DEvika, she is not mine now, Ravi says good, Saket says i will not follow her, she will follow me now, Ravi stares him, Saket sys she will come in my arms, Ravi ask him to come out of dreams, you dont know DEvika, she can hate me, she can fight with me but she will never do anything wrong, she respect relations and rituals and till she is in marriage, she will not cross my limits, this is my trust on Devika, Saket says lets wait to see your trust breaking, let me show you trailer, i will not do anything, Ravi leaves, Saket says why trailer? it will be good if i get DEvika today only.

PRECAP- Devika is crying in a corner, Saket comes there, puts hand on her shoulder and ask what happened?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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