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Scene 1
Devika says to Navi that i will thank person who did my kidnapping, thank you Navi, Navi is shocked, Devika says you helped us so much thats why thanking you, i wont spare the kidnapper, if i know that person then i will punish him or her so badly that he will remember it, Devika says i have to go, Devika thinks i didnt show my doubt to Navi now, i dont have any proof against her, she has something in her mind, she wanted to know what happened between me and Ravi in jungle, i have to know who did my kidnapping, did Navi was in that plan too? i have to know truth of my kidnapping now.
Family arrives in city Gujrat. Manju and Navi sits in chair lift, Ravi holds Devika’s hand, she smiles at him. Ravi and Devika sit in chair lift, Navi tries to give her hand to Ravi but he ignores her

and sits with Devika in lift, Saket sees this and thinks he is enjoying with my Devika. Ravi and Devika keep enjoying in lift while Navi eyes them, Devika says to Ravi that i am scared of lift, Ravi says dont worry, we are going to Mata Rani only, Manju sees them and thinks this guy is going crazy for his wife. Family arrives at Mandir, Devika bows down and prays to Ambe Maa. All pray to Ambe Maa. Ravi and all bow to her while Saket just looks on. Ravi says to Devika that you said we have same heartbeats so i am sure we have same wishes too, pray to your wishes that will be my wishes too, Devika says yes and i am sure Ambe Maa will listen to our wishes. Devika prays to Ambe Maa that if we have baby boy then it should be like Ravi, honest and loyal whom i can trust blindly and he should be handsome like him, Ravi prays that fulfill Devika’s wishes thats are my wishes too, if we have baby in life then our relation will become more stronger, if we have baby girl then she should be like Devika innocent and honest and if we have baby boy then he should go on me in looks but should go on devika in nature honest and clean hearted, Saket prays that please give my devika back to me Ambe Maa and throw this Ravi out of her life, his prayers are interrupted by a kid who strikes with him, all leave mandir.
Family comes out of mandir, Manju says i am tired, we should stay here for one night, she asks Monty to call agent and make arrangements, Devika says i am so happy to stay here, we will leave tomorrow after praying to Ambe Maa here again, all leave to have lunch, Ravi asks Navi where are devika’s property papers, Navi says they are in car, Ravi says i want to bring them in Mata Rani’s feet, dont tell this to Devika, i want to surprise Devika, when i see her smile, i get so happy and i want to see that smile, i will bring those papers, he goes.
Rekha is praying to Ambe Maa in her home, Diya is about to blow off but she saves it, she says i am getting worried, Devika is in danger? keep my kids away from danger, she is coming to you, dont let anything happen to you, i am sorry to stop your aarti in middle, i just pray for my kids safety, dont let anything happen to them.

Scene 2
Navi and Devika are going to mandir, Devika thinks that i just hope to find proof against Navi, i know my kidnapping have connection with Navi. Devika goes to pray in mandir while Navi stands outside. Navi gets call, she goes from there. Navi comes in corner of mandir, she says to caller that why are you calling me again and again? i will cancel your license, she ends call, she turns to find detective who trapped Sakshi and Monty standing there, she says you came here for amount 5lacs? detective says i as mad to work for you, you are cheap women, you dont want to give money, i made fake proofs to save you from kidnapping scene, what you thought that you have done great work by kidnapping Devika? i have done bigger things than that, i am a big jerk, Navi says shut up, you have no value infront of me, detective says you maybe rich but dont talk about value, i have sources too, navi says i can kill you too by giving 5lacs to some other goon, detective laughs and you will kill me? you will dig your grave then, you wanted to trap Devika, i saved you and trapped Sakshi and Monty, if i can send innocent people like them to jail then think what i can do with you as you are real culprit, you had kidnapped Devika. Devika is standing behind them and listens all this, she is shocked, Detective says you are so egoistic but i will break it, you made me make fake proofs against Sakshi and Monty but i have real proofs against you, Devika is shocked listening all this and thinks it was Navi who did my kidnapping, the was hers only, Sakshi kept telling me that she is behind all this, i had seen her in veil too when i was kidnapped but i didnt believe my eyes, why she wants to kill me? why she did all that? Ravi came there too, she didnt try to kill him but why me? Navi says to detective Vyas that you think i am afraid of you? Vyas says you are doing all this to save 5lacs? i will get them from your dad and also i will trap you, Navi says you think that i was alone in this kidnapping? MLA Saket was with me in this, he will not leave you, you know his contacts, he will destroy you, Vyas says i know everything that Saket is with you, i know goons were his, he was all along helping in kidnapping, i am in this field for many so i do my research nicely, Devika is shocked and thinks it means Saket was involved in kidnapping too, thats why goons kept calling him as boss, he must have made me wear bangle when i was unconscious in abduction, oh Lord how much they can stoop, why they have all this? Vyas says to Navi that i also know you tried to kill Devika two times before kidnapping too but you failed, Devika listens this and recalls how she was attacked earlier too,

Ravi sees property papers and says Devika will be so happy to see these papers, i will keep it in Mata Rani’s feet, i know Devika will give credit to Mata Rani but all i want is DEvika to be happy, Mata Rani have solved all problems by sending Navi so i have to thank Mata Rani.
Navi says to Vyas that this is last time i am giving you money, if you had patience, you would have earned much more, you want money right? she calls her manager and asks him send money to Vyas’s account, she asks Vyas to get lost now, his money will reach him, Vyas leaves, Navi thinks that he came here too, thank God he didnt tell anything to Devika, she turns to find Devika standing there in shock and disgust, Devika comes to Navi and slaps her hard, Navi is stunned.

PRECAP- Navi beats Devika, Devika is heavily injured, Navi says to Devika that you will inbetween me and Ravi? Ravi is mine only, she injures Devika, Devika falls infront of Mata Rani in mandir and becomes unconscious.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Yes please end this track. Hope Ravi saves devika and she tells him everything.

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