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Scene 1
Reporter says this person Ravi is ready to break his marriage in 1hours only, he asks Saket what he is doing here? is it true that you wanted to marry Ambika? and you tried assault yesterday too? Saket attacks reporter and says get lost, reporter says you cant do this, we ask you question only but you cant beat us like that. Nivi says to Ravi that do something, our reputation is at stake. Reporter sees divorce papers, he takes it from Janki, Janki takes it from him and tear papers, she says nothing like that, you have misunderstanding, reporter says people are watching everything on TV, you people are not answering, we will not let you go, Saket says i wont spare you, Nivi stops him, Janki says this wedding is smooth, we are not going for divorce, Nivi says she is right, we are not breaking

marriage, you have wrong information, reporter says Ravi and Nivi were engaged, Ravi says yes we were getting married but Ambika and I met and we thought we love each other and married each other and all agreed with it, reporter says we dont believe you, we want to hear it from Ambika. Ravi says one minute, he asks Ambika to come to side, he holds her hand and brings her to corner. He says i know you are disturbed with all this, i am sorry but i want to request you, i want your help, its small favor, with your one answer, our families respect will be saved, she says what will i say? he says that you love me, Devika looks at him and is little emotional, she says me and love you? Ravi says i know you hate me but its about families respect and you know media, i will give you divorce and if you want this marriage then i will do that too, i will do anything you say but its about family honor rightnow, she nods.
Saket says to Nivi that Ravi is fooling you, Nivi says he is saving my reputation, Saket says tell truth to media, i will tell them. Nivi says dont you dare, you have destroyed everything already, we could have told truth to media but you had to show power, you cant do anything right and cant let Ravi make it right, be silent now. Ravi and Ambika comes back to media, Media asks Devika to talk, we all want to listen you. Devika recalls her moments with Ravi, Ae dil hai mushkil plays, Ravi holds Devika’s hand tightly, she says yes, i love Ravi a lot, i love him so much that i can give my life for him, she looks at him, all are relieved to hear it, Janki thinks that she is getting emotional now, its truth of her, what if she says some history, reporter asks how she fell in love with him? Devika recalls how Ravi saved her from Saket, how danced with her, how he came closer to her, how they got married again. Ravi whispers that we met at my engagement party first, Devika nods, Devika thinks that what was i about to do, i was about to tell how i fell in love with him and deepened only, Devika says we met at his engagement party and fell in love at first sight, we started liking each other and it felt like we cant live without each other thats why we married, right Ravi? he looks at her and is lost in her, Devika says thats all, reporter says Nivi is your best friend and you snatched her would be husband, are you guilty about it? Devika says not at all, i dont have guilt, everything is fair in love and war, Nivi stares her, Devika says and this is love, Ravi and Devika shares eyelock, Devika says i love Ravi and Ravi loves me, we like each other and if Ravi married someone else then it would have destroyed three lives, Nivi will understand, even if she doesnt understand even then i keep my love above my friendship, i will give up my friendship, we should always listen our heart and my heart told me to marry Ravi which i did, reporter says i listened Saket wanted to marry you, he tried to assault us too, Devika says Saket is very interesting person, infact you listen his stories then you will like it, he must have many stories to show his attitude, reporter asks Saket to tell, Saket says i will break your face. Devika says let me tell you, he is cheap person, he can do anything to achieve what he wants, all know he is MLA but how he became MLA? he buttered his politicians, Saket says i will stop this, Nivi says dont you know power of media? you will rot in jail if you do anything. DEvika says he has work to kidnap people, to threaten them and he is not scared of killing people too but i like one thing about him, he maybe he cheap but he feels proud about himself, he threatened me and my mother too, he even kidnapped me, tried to marry me forcefully, right mother? Janki says yes, i have never seen politician like him, he is openly proud about his cheapness, if you asked him more questions then he would have kidnapped you and tortured you, DEvika says he tortured me too, tell me the person who can torture anyone, can kill anyone, how can any girl like him? i hate seeing his face and about my husband Ravi, i love him a lot and will love him till death, always, and now we are together for seven births and nobody can break it now, she holds Ravi’s arm and hooks her arm around his, Ravi holds her hand and emotionally looks at her, Devika says this is our love story, if you more questions then you can ask my mother in law Manju, she likes me a lot and is very happy with our marriage, Manju says yes, i am so happy, this marriage was in fate, i always wanted them to marry, reporter says then why you are making Ravi marry Nivi? Manju says what to tell, i was having wrong days, i was insane then i saw Ravi’s love for Ambika, i didnt want my son to compromise, reporter says what? Manju says my son used to be sad after his wife Devika died, loneliness is very bad illness, then we got Ambika and we made them marry, i will bless them infront of you people. She says to Devika that be happy, be blessed, Nivi leaves. Ravi says i hope confusion is cleared, reporter says yes but we will take action against Saket, Ravi says he deserve it, reporter says sorry to disturb you, they leave.
Nivi comes to her room and says why my plans are failing? i cant lose Ravi. She gets call from lawyer and says bring divorce papers to office, Nivi says shut up, you are celebrating my destruction, information got leaked from your office and media came here, Lawyer says no information can be leaked from my office, Nivi ends call, Saket comes there, Nivi says leave me alone, get out, Saket and Nivi both are angry.

PRECAP- Devika is leaving but Ravi holds her hand. Nivi says to Ravi that if you dont divorce her then i will be sure that whatever this cheating that has happened with me, you were part of it too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Is this track ever going to end? When will devilka/ambika know the truth?

  2. Why the right person always in trouble

  3. Devinder.singh uk

    Still same shitty track. Are these mother daughter team bit thick don’t they see all negative comments they get about this track. Ouf !!!!!!!

  4. Meant ekta and her mother .maybe this someone’s dream lol!!!!bthey give to many flssbacks as well .

  5. Meant ekta and her mother .maybe this is someone’s dream lol!!!! To many useless flashback’s as well ..
    Long never ending dream lol!!!!

  6. that Nivi is one desperate woman she killed devika to get ravi , now doppleganger has got ravi LOL!!!! Desparation showed when she was all clingy with ravi what goes round comes round nivi dear. and ravi he has no say in all this he just stans there looking at ambika has flashbacks no dialogues like others. poor show for main male lead even saket has more dialogues then ravi

  7. meant stands

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