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Scene 1
Janki says to Devika that i told him but he is stubborn and wants to meet you, Devika says i wont be able to face him, Janki says just be confident like you were in engagement, Devika says what if he asks me anything? when he will come face to face with me, i will become weak, in engagement you all were with me so i was strong but here alone, i wont be able to handle him, Ravi might have cheated me but i have love dhim dearly. i wont be able to hide my emotions for him, Janki says you cant become weak like this, you remember your love but you dont remember that it was Ravi only who played with your feelings, it was Ravi who tried to kill you, he has hurt you so much so you dont need to become weak infront of him, you have to face him, Devika says i promised him to love him for life then how can

i behave like strangers with him? I love him so much, i cant hurt him, she starts to leave but Janki stops he and says justie wont be served this way, you have to fight with your own people, Ambe Maa have given you this birth to fight for yourself, Devika says what if i start crying seeing him? i can say bitter words to him but what about my eyes? they will tell truth to Ravi, Janki says you have to meet him as Ambika, Devika says tell Ravi that i am busy, Janki says you cant avoid this meeting, you can keep servants in your room, they will be around you so you will feel comfortable, avoid eye contact with him, i will send him to your room, she leaves, Devika wipes her tears.
Manju and shweta comes to jail. Nivi says you left your party for me today? so much sacrifice for me? i thought you would not remember me even after living on my money but i was wrong, you people came after so much time, Manju says i was so sad about you, i couldnt come earlier as i cant see you behind bars, Shweta says dont lie so much Manju, she was afraid that she will get arrested too with you, what if police find out that you and Manju killed Devika, Nivi says shut up you both, what are you people doing to free me from jail? Manju says Ravi has gone to meet Ambika, he will request her to take case back, Shweta says it was my plan, Nivi slaps her and says you are so fool how can you be so stupid? you have taken action against me, the women who broke my engagement, you have sent Ravi to that women? you both have done blunder, what you both want? that i get destroyed, you just your gain, you know Ravi loves her so much, they will meet and talk, what if she is DEvika? our truth will come out too, she asks them to get lost, they leave. Manju says to Shweta that what was the need to tell everything to her? was it good to get slapped? Shweta says dont know when she gets happy and when she gets angry, they see goon getting beaten up by police, Shweta says if your truth comes out then you will get beaten up like this, Manju say i have done wrong deed but now i have to think how to be safe from all this, Shweta says you are stuck as you wanted to get all this, Manju says you want to make me afraid, i will not leave you, Shweta says i am sorry, they leave.
Ravi comes to Ambika’s room and thinks that she got ready to meet me, she cancelled her appointments as she didnt want me to wait for her, this means she has some feelings for me, she is my Devika only. He comes in room to find Devika getting services from beauticians, Ravi looks at her, Devika scolds beautician and asks her to bring new makeup kit. Ravi recalls how he used to help DEvika to get ready. Ravi thinks that this cant be my Devika, he knocks door. Devika looks at him and gets lost in him, she looks away and says whats your name? Agarwal or Garewal? what you want say? i dont have much time, Ravi says actually.. Devika is busy in her makeup more, she is not listening to Ravi, Ravi tries to talk but she avoids him, Ravi starts to leave but she holds his hand, Boldo na zara plays, Ravi turns and looks at her, they recalls their old memories, their marriage, their confession, every moment, they share eyelock, Ravi looks at her holding his hand, Devika is hurt to see him hurt, she leaves hand and looks away, she ask beauticians to leave. they leave, she says to Ravi that you dont have patience, Ravi thinks that they way she touched me, the way she held my hand, i felt like she is Devika, i used to feel same when Devika used to hold my hand. Ravi sits down, devika asks Ravi what you wanna talk? Ravi says i came to request you to take case back, it was not Nivi’s fault, its all my fault, Devika asks how? Ravi says after you went from party, i broke off my engagement in drunk state, Devika is stunned to listen this, Ravi tells her everything what happened after she left function, Ravi says Nivi is in jail because of me so i am feeling guilty thats why i am requesting you to take case back, Devika says you feel so much for Nivi, you must feel something for me too, i mean you broke your engagement for me so i must be most important for you, nobody loved me that much, you are first one, Ravi says i didnt break this engagement for you but i broke it for my wife Devika and you are not Devika, you came there on wrong time and seeing you i remembered my wife and broke my engagement, Devika says if you love your first wife Devika or your would be wife Nivi? Ravi is silent, she asks him to answer her if he wants her help, it can be termed as deal, Ravi says my love is not deal that i will share with anyone, my love is my breaths and it remain with me in my heart, i dont share my breaths with some stranger, DEvika says so now i am stranger for you? you were showing right on me in party. Janki listens their conversation, Devika says to Ravi that you said i am your wife and not Ambika, you didnt feel that i am stranger that time, was it all drama? she looks away, Ravi thinks what is she saying? why she is not looking in my eyes, why her eyes are shivering and why her eyes are numb? Janki thinks that Ambika is getting weak, he will understand that she is Devika, she has to control herself, she should prove him that she is not Devika. Devika thinks what is happening with her? why i am asking personal questions with Ravi? why did i hold his hand? i have to control my emotions else everything wil be finished here. Devika turns to Ravi and says okay i will help you but what will i get inreturn of it? Ravi says i will give you shares in Nivi’s company, Devika says it seems like you and Nivi just run behind money, you think you can buy anything with money, for your information, me and my mom have invested in 78companies, my mom have put Luthra’s shares on sale but no one is ready to buy your company’s shares, this is dead investment for me, she has no humanity, she tried to kill me in middle f night, can you believe that? if you can do anything for me then tell Nivi that she has to bow down to me and say sorry to me, Ravi is stunned, Devika says this is not big demand, someone tried to kill me, she deserves to be in jail, its my right to asks forgiveness, Ravi says i am saying sorry, Devika says no she ahs to say sorry, Ravi says okay she will say sorry to you, can you do one more favor? Devika asks what? Ravi come with me to police station and free Nivi from there, she is getting worse there, if you come with me then police will leave her, Devika says as much as i have seen Nivi, i think she should remain n jail but you are requesting so much so i being generous and feeling pity for you, will come with you but you will have to wait for me, i will get ready then i will come, you wait downstairs, Ravi thanks her and starts to leave but Devika stops him and says one more question, why did you break your engagement? because i spoiled your function or because or realized that you cant spend your life with that Nivi? Ravi looks at her.

PRECAP- Devika says to Janki that he asked favor from me and i couldnt say no to him, he was so tensed thats why i said yes, Janki says its okay, even i wanted this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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