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Scene 1
Devika calls janki, Janki asks if she is alright? i am worried for you, Devika says i am fine. When i saw goons in bank, i called police, goons caught me and wanted to kill me, they said that nobody should help me, only Ravi was there to save me, he didnt think about his life and risked his life to save me, why would he do so? why he did it? Janki says i will come there, Devika says no i will come home, Janki says come soon, i am worried for you, Devika ends call.
Ravi comes to Nivi and says everything is fine, Ambika will leave soon, she is fine. Nivi asks Ravi if he loves her? Ravi says what? Nivi says i want to know this question, Ravi says you have done alot for my family, nivi says i know what i have done for your family, do you have feelings for me? Ravi says why you asking this?

Nivi says you had choice, we both were in danger but you tried to save Ambika, you left in dangerous situation to save her? she is not even Devika then why so much concern for her? she wasnt doing favor on us, she went there to destroy our company, you saved her, you risked your life to save our enemy? why you did it? Ravi says i thought it was right, i saved Ambika to save our company, what you did with her, after that she would have destroyed your company but now my favor of saving her life will make her think twice, she was fool to call police and got herself in trouble, i thought everything and thought that it was best to save her, it was in our favor, it was for our good, he leaves. DEvika has listened all this, she thinks that Ravi fooled me again, he did all this to get benfit for his company, he didnt do anything for me but for his profit, she wipes her tears. Nivi thinks Ravi maybe right or maybe fooling me. Devika starts leaving house. She sits in car and says Ravi just run behind money, he broke my heart again for money, he married me for my property, i am so fool that i got fooled by him again, i thought he wanted to save his DEvika but he wanted to save his company, he wanted to save Nivi’s company, he has greed for money, Maa told me many times but i always loose control, i always fall for my emotions, why do i do it?
Janki says how to make Ambika understand, she knows Ravi’s reality but always get attracted to him, i just wish that she doesnt fall for him and controls her emotions. Devika comes there, Janki asks what happened? Devika hugs her and cries, Janki makes her sit, Devika says why did you save me? you should have let me die, all are double faced here, even today i feel like Ravi has feelings for his DEvika, i feel like going to him and telling him truth and accept him, i know his real face, i know his intentions even then i keep getting attracted to him, why it is happening with me? Janki says dont let your feelings come to forth again for Ravi, dont forget that Ravi tried to kill you for money, he never loved you, once you accept this truth then everything will be fine, there will be no confusion left, not me but ambe Maa saved you, i know your enemy is close to your heart but in war field its always about winning, Arjun got tensed seeing his family in battle but Krishanji made him realize his mission, he got to know the path of victory, Arjun won that war then, you have to wake your self consciousness, this cheating and all is not in your fate but its part of your weakness, you have to win this war and you have to realize what you mission is, dont think about what they did with you but think about what you have to do with them now, Ambe Maa has given you this mission so just focus on it, Devika thinks.

Scene 2
Nivi is in her room, Manju comes there and says you didnt come for dinner? you dont care about your health, i know you are tensed but please eat food, Nivi says okay, keep food there, Manju says eat now, its heated, Nivi says okay i will eat, thanks for caring about me, Manju says you are our own person, Nivi starts eating. Manju says i wanted to say that dont do anything which will bring us in trouble, dont try to kill Ambika, dont try it, Devika was different, we killed her in isolated place but Ambika’s mother is very dangerous, she wont spare us, she has power, i am saying this for your good, Nivi says Ambika is not my problem, your son is my problem, he keeps trying to make her Devika, i have made plan, i will kill Ambika in such a way that no one will be able to blame me, Manju asks her plan, Nivi tells her plan which is muted, Manju says to Nivi that its great plan, you have awesome mind, Ravi is passingby Nivi’s room and eyes them. Manju says Ambika wont be saved this time, this party.. They see Ravi there and are stunned. Nivi thinks what if he listened our talk? Manju says we were talking about party.
Its morning, Devika is working in kitchen, she says to Janki that you like my food so i am cooking for you. Janki gets invitation card, she says its Rakesh Luthra’s company’s annual party, Devika says Nivi knows her company is in loss and i am behind it then why did she invite me? Janki says there must be some mission behind it, maybe they will announce their engagement again, are you fine seeing them close? Devika says i have stopped tensing myself for them, i have only mission that is to take revenge from them, other than that i dont care about anything else, Janki smiles and says this is like my daughter, keep us this strength, i will go with you in party, devika says i will make sure that Nivi remembers this party for life.

PRECAP- Nivi says Devika on call that you are important to us, you are our client so i am cordially inviting you for party, Devika is confused listening Nivi talking sweetly with her. Later Janki says to Devika that we have to do something tonight only, Devika says i will go in party as Ambika then how will i scare Nivi as Devika? Janki says you wont do anything, Devika will do everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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