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Scene 1
Shweta says to Gayetri that i saw Ananya in ceremony, Gayerti calls Saket and tells him that Ananya has come to break your marriage, Saket ask how you know? Shweta says i saw her, Savitri comes there and ask you all seem tensed, Gayetri says its happening what shouldnt have happened, she ask what? Saket says i mean its getting late, Savitri says we are punjabis so we dance whole night, its just start, Saket says she is getting sleep, Savitri says to Gayetri lets dance, your sleep will be gone, Gayetri says but me dance? Saket ask her to go, she leaves, Saket thinks what if anyone else see Ananya here. otherside Ananya is not able to go to room because of alot of people.
Devika is in lobby area, she finds some shadow and thinks its Ravi, she ask did you call me? what you wrote in message,

is it true? do you love me? she is not able to see his face because of darkness and ask him to tell if its all true? speak up, light turns on and its Sakshi not Ravi, DEvika ask what are you doing here? Sakshi sys you are caught, what were you saying? Devika says Ravi called me, Sakshi says you got his message and came here, you both dont accept your feelings but you reacted to his proposal.. Devika confused looks at her and ask how you know what Ravi messaged me? Sakshi says actually i messaged you from his phone not him, i wanted to see your reaction and my guess was right, you came here to clear things, Devika says its all joke for you, how can you do this, i always ignore your mischievous acts thinking that you are young but what you did today, i cant forgive for that, you have crossed all the limits, i got so worried seeing that message, i thought how Ravi can do this, if i met him before you then i would have scolded him badly, i have only one good friend and what is special between us, that we dont have such feelings for us, how can you do this, Sakshi says this was mirror to show you your feelings, dont know why you dont wanna accept all this, and Ravi is doing all this, Devika says enough, i have told you many times but you dont understand, you are my sister but why you hurt me so much, why dont you understand that it cant happen, you dont know what i am going through right now, in somedays i will get married, i will leave to other house, my future is not defined and you should be encouraging me and all you do is joke, Sakshi says but this is truth, Devika says this truth is like water bubble which will burst in a minute, my truth is what i am living rightnow, my truth is that today is my sangeet ceremony and if my family is happy in all this then i am happy too, i will live this truth only, i am giving you last warning that dont include me in your joke, understand that marriage with Saket is in my fate and we cant change it, it will happen, she leaves, Sakshi is sad.

Scene 2
Ravi says i dont understand this Navi, why she is helping me forcefully, i will tell her to be away from me, he is about to leave when Devika comes there, both look at each other, Ravi recalls how Sakshi said that DEvika was jealous seeing him dance with other girl, both look down then look at each other, Ravi ask you seem tensed? everything fine? any problem? Devika says no i am fine, you seem tensed? Ravi says nothing, i am fine, he ask you didnt like my dance? Devika says nothing like that, who said this? i liked it, Ravi says your expression showed you were uncomfortable, DEvika says i have listened that our boss is strict so i was thinking you were friendly with her, Ravi says whose dance you are talking about? DEvika says your dance with our boss, Ravi says i was talking about your dance with Saket, Devika says Savitri is calling me, she leaves and goes to Pallavi, Ravi drinks water, he turns to find Devika talking with Pallavi, both look at each other, sadqe tere plays, DEvika looks otherside, Ravi thinks why she is ignoring me? she must be feeling awkward, he leaves, Ananya is covering her face with dupatta, Ravi sees her going and thinks who is she? he sees her face and says she is Saket’s girlfriend, what she is doing here? he follows her bur Navi stops him and says you are complicated person, why you are running? your mom is calling you, come with me, Ravi says leave me alone, i have some work, he leaves, navi says i am helping him and he is showing attitude, Ravi is searching for girl, he comes upstairs, Saket is searching for her too, Ravi hides, Savitri comes to Saket and ask you here? you seem tensed, where are you going? Saket says i bought gift for Devika, i am finding it, Savitri takes Saket with her, Ravi says he is such a liar, he came here to find his gf, he will comeback to meet her again, i have got good chance but i have to bring DEvika here, she will see Saket with Ananya, i will prove it to all that Saket is jerk, all will know how big liar this Saket is.

Scene 3
manju says navi and Ravi are not seen anywhere, they must be spending time with each other, she sees Devika and says Savitri was hooking her with Ravi but my son got gold girl, what if this DEvika have feelings for RAvi too? i will find out, she calls manju, Devika greets her, Manju ask are you happy with marriage? Devika smiles and says yes, Manju saya all knows that SAvitri want this marriage to happen, it happens sometime that family want something else and girl have someone else in heart, Devika says you can anything directly, you are Ravi’s mother, i know what you wanna ask, there is nothing like what you are thinking, i know my dadi has chosen Saket for me and i am happy with it, you are a women too, tell me if you ask a women on her sangeet that if she has someone else in heart then how much hurt she will feel, you are Ravi’s mother and i respect you alot but i know what kind of person you are, what you think about me, i request you to not force me to say such thing which will hurt you, let respect remain in my heart for you, Ravi matters to me alot, he is very good friend and i dont want to hurt his mother, Manju says i will remember this what you said and whats in your heart, she leaves, Devika is tensed, and says dont know why all are linking me with Ravi, Devika gets message from Ravi to come in lobby area, she says Sakshi called me there earlier, this means she has messaged again from his phone, i will not leave her this time, she comes to Sakshi and says you dont understand once, you messaged me from Ravi’s phone again, you are hurting me, Sakshi says i didnt message you, i returned his phone, one second this means Ravi has messaged you, tell me is it romantic, Devika ask her to leave, Devika thinks that i have to end this matter, i will talk to him, she leaves.
Ravi is waiting for Devika, he calls her, she comes there, both look at each other.

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika are going from lobby when Savitri comes there, she says to Ravi that you will not leave your cheap tactics, she says to Devika how you got so much courage that you are with him here alone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. I love u sakshi and ravi

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